Amy’s Review Of Owning Her Boston Terrier Nickel

Are you thinking about getting a Boston Terrier and would like to know what it is like owning one?

If you already own a Boston Terrier this article can help you see how other owners are raising their Boston’s when it comes to diet, exercise, and more.

a girl with her Boston Terrier.
Amy & Nickel

In this article, our very own Amy Norton, from Northern Arizona shares her experience raising Nickel, her Boston Terrier.

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Without further ado let’s get into the article…

Boston Terrier Owner Review

a boston terrier puppy.
Nickel as a puppy.

What is your Boston’s name and how did you come up with her name?

My Boston Terrier’s name is Nickel like the coin! 

My childhood Boston Terriers were named Dollar and Penny. 

Dollar was named dollar after the Richie Rich show’s dog. 

When we got Penny, we decided to keep the money theme going with her name. 

We have a few nicknames for Nickel including Nickel Pickle, Nick, Nickel Butt, and simply puppy.

How old is Nickel?

Nickel is 5 years old.

Is Nickel a registered Boston?

Nickel is not registered with any organizations.

Is Nickel a purebred Boston?

Nickel is a purebred Boston Terrier.

How much does Nickel Weight?

Nickel weighs about 22 pounds and is very lean.

How much did you pay for your Boston?

We paid $2200 for Nickel.

A boston terrier puppy.

Where and how did you get your Boston Terrier?

We got Nickel from a breeder in San Diego (one state over from us). The breeder has a sister who lives close to us in Arizona, so she brought the Boston Terrier puppies for us to view when she was picking up her children at a nearby camp. 

Nickel was an obvious pick, despite all of the Boston Terrier puppies being incredibly adorable! 

How much do you spend on Nickel annually?

We spend as much as necessary to keep her healthy and happy.

What kind of food did you feed your Boston as a puppy? 

We fed Nickel a variety of dog food brands. She can be a picky eater at times, so we mix it up! 

We like to give her nonfat plain greek yogurt midday as a treat. 

It gives her lots of healthy probiotics. We call it her “ice cream.”

A boston terrier with her puppy.
Nickel with her ball.

What kind of food do you feed your boston as an adult?

We mix dog food brands constantly and change up the brand frequently to keep Nickel interested. We continue to give her “ice cream,” midday which she loves. 

Why did you decide to get a Boston?

I grew up with Boston Terriers and believe they are simply the best dogs! I love their energy and activeness. 

Boston Terriers are also the best bed buddies if you can handle some snoring!

How would you describe your Boston’s personality?

I would describe Nickel as feisty, energetic, and outgoing. She is very sporty and we play “soccer,” with her by kicking her ball down the hallways. 

Nickel is very empathetic too. 

If you are having a bad day, she will slow down to comfort you.

What is the best memory you have of your Boston?

Definitely our Sonic’s dates! I usually get a chocolate or oreo shake and mozzarella sticks. 

Nickel will have a few bites of a mozzarella stick – she definitely approves! I love watching Nickel people watch when we’re parked. 

She is enthralled with the lights and people around us. 

My best friend, Patricia, will sometimes meet us there and we’ve even celebrated Nickel’s birthday with some plain vanilla ice cream at Sonic’s too!

What do you do for exercise?

Nickel’s primary exercise is playing ball. We are constantly throwing the ball with her and playing tug or war with her toys. I’d estimate at least an hour a day of ball play.

boston terrier working from home.
Nickel hard at work.

Was your Boston easy to train? 

Nickel is a quick learner, but stubborn. When it’s cold or wet outside, she wants to avoid using her dog door and will relieve herself inside. It’s something we have to constantly keep on her for. 

How long do you leave your Boston slone for the day?

Nickel is rarely left alone. I work from home, so during the work week I am almost always there. 

When we do leave her, we keep her in her crate and she enjoys a nice snooze.

How does your Boston do around other adults and kids? 

She does very well and is friendly to all!

Would you say a Boston Terrier is a good pet?

Yes! Boston Terriers are excellent pets for people who enjoy constant companionship and want a high energy dog who needs attention and playtime daily. 

Is a Boston terrier a good pet for a first time pet owner?

Yes! Especially for a family or couple as they need a lot of attention, so having multiple people around is definitely helpful. If they want a relaxed, chill dog a Boston Terrier would not be for them.

Do you have other pets?

We have no other pets.

Does your Boston bark?

She only barks when a person or animal approaches our home, but is otherwise good about not barking.

Who do you think would benefit from owning a Boston Terrier?

A family to play with and entertain a Boston Terrier would be great! Anyone who wants a dog that will be active and present with them would love a Boston Terrier. 

Does your Boston have any medical conditions or allergies?


How would you describe your Boston’s energy levels? 

Very high! Unless she is sleeping, you can guarantee Nickel is playing.

A boston terrier licking her lips.

What is one thing your Boston does that annoys you or upsets you?

She loves to run off with anything you’ve dropped on the floor and chew on it. 

I have lost eyeliner, makeup brushes, shoes, and many pens to this. 

She thinks it’s a game.

Anything else you would like to say?

Spending a day with a Boston Terrier is a surefire way to put a smile on your face. 

If you haven’t experienced this, I highly recommend finding a Boston Terrier to play with.

Amy Norton And Her Boston Terrier Nickel
Amy and Nickel.

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Final thoughts…

Boston Terriers are amazing dogs and they bring so much joy to their family members. Learning what other Boston owners do with their Boston’s is helpful. 

It allows us to share tips and get a better insight into owning a Boston.

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