Connie’s Review Of Raising Sophie Her Boston Terrier

Hey everyone, in this special article Connie gives us her review of raising Sophie the Boston Terrier. Sophie is a 5-year-old, purebred Boston Terrier who lives with Connie in Arkansas.

If you are someone looking to get a Boston Terrier this article can help you get a better understanding of Boston Terriers in general.

Boston Terrier with its owner.
Connie and Sophie

Already have a Boston? Then this article might help with questions you have related to Bostons.

Some Topics Covered

How Big Is Your Boston?

Sophie is 20 pounds.

Cute Boston Terrier
Sophie being cute.

Buying Sophie from a breeder cost $750.00.

Did You Get Your Boston From A Breeder; Friend; Pet Store; Rescue?

From an American Kennel Club recommended breeder.

How Much Money Do You Spend Annually On Your Boston Terrier? Add up vet visits, medications, toys, food, pet sitter, etc…

The annual cost of raising Sophie is $3,500.00.

What Kind Of Food Did You Feed Sophie As A Puppy?

As a puppy, Sophie ate the Fromms puppy formula (kibble).

What Kind Of Food Do You Feed Sophie As An Adult?

Sophie now eats Primal Pronto Frozen Raw.

Cute Photo of a Boston Terrier
Sophie posing

Why Did You Decide To Get A Boston?

They are smart, funny with minimal grooming.

How Would You Describe Sophie’s Personality?

She is so kind and loving to everyone. She has a great sense of humor. She can be such a clown. 

What Is The Best Memory You Have Of Sophie?

Taking her to the farmer’s market. She was so friendly to everyone. You could just tell she loved it!

What Do You Do For Exercise? 

We occasionally go for walks. Mostly just playing with toys.

Was Sophie Easy To Train?

She was crate trained but it wasn’t easy. 

She uses pee pads

We live on a mountain with bears so it’s not always feasible for her to go outside to pee especially at night. 

How Long Do You Leave Sophie Alone For The Day?

I’m retired so I’m home with her a lot. 

When I do leave to run errands I make sure she has a Nylabone to keep her entertained.

How Does Sophie Do Around Other Adults And Kids?

She loves everyone! She has to greet everyone in the room. 

Would you say a Boston Terrier is a good pet? Why or Why Not?

Generally, I would say they are awesome pets. They are friendly and smart. Low maintenance. 

Is A Boston Terrier A Good Pet For A First Time Pet Owner? Why or Why Not?

Yes. They are friendly and smart. Good compact size and low maintenance. 

Boston Terrier and a cat
Sophie with her cat.

Do You Have Other Pets? If So Does Your Sophie Get Along With Them?

We have 3 cats. One cat hates Sophie. One cat tolerates her. One cat loves her. 

Sophie has been raised with cats. I think it makes a difference. I didn’t do anything special to get them to interact. 

Does Your Sophie Bark, If So When?

When Sophie sees any animal outside. (We have lots of wildlife) or if she hears anyone at the door. 

Who Do You Think Would Benefit From Owning A Boston Terrier? 

Everyone! My experience with Boston’s is that they want to do what you’re doing whether it’s lounging on the couch or hiking. 

Does Sophie Have Any Medical Conditions Or Allergies?

Fortunately not but my first Boston had skin allergies. 

How Would You Describe Your Boston’s Energy Levels?

Varies. Generally, Sophie’s pretty chill. 

What is one thing your Boston does that annoys you or upsets you? 

Sophie will steal small things like ink pens and chew them up. 

Cute Boston Terrier

Anything else you would like to say?…

I consider Sophie my child and my parents call her their “grand dog”. She never meets a stranger. She makes people happy wherever she goes! 

Final thoughts…

Boston Terriers are amazing dogs and they bring so much joy to their family members.

Learning what other Boston owners do with their Boston’s is helpful. It allows us to share tips and get a better insight into owning a Boston.

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Donnie Gardner

Donnie Gardner is the owner of the Boston Terrier Society. He has been raising Bella the Boston since 2010. He resides in Kansas with his wife, daughter, and Bella. His favorite activities are hanging out with family, traveling, running (but has bad knees), and reading non-fiction books.

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