First-Year With A Boston Terrier

Here is what to expect in the first year of living with a Boston Terrier.

Items Mentioned In The Video

  • Furbo – Here is a link to Amazon so you can see the reviews, pricing, and features of the Furbo Haleigh describes in the video. Click here, Furbo.
  • Kong Tennis Balls – Here is a link to Amazon for the Kong Tennis Balls Haleigh has for Bloom. Click here, Kong Tennis Balls.
  • Benebone – Benebone Chew Toy Haleigh has for Bloom. Click here to find it on Amazon, Benebone.
  • Dog Water Bottles – Haleigh recommends a dog water bottle for your Boston when going on walks. Here are some options on Amazon, Dog Water Bottles.

Connect With Haleigh

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