What Is It Like Owning A Boston Terrier? 200+ Owners Respond

This article is for anyone thinking about getting a Boston Terrier. But it can be helpful for current Boston owners who want to see if their dog is “normal.”

NOTE: The goal of this article is for Boston Terrier owners to leave a comment below to help add depth to this post and give deeper insights into owning a Boston. Thanks!

dad and son with boston terrier
Me (Donnie), Samuel (Son), Bella (The Boston Terrier)

Here is what it is like…

What Is It Like Owning A Boston Terrier?

I always joke that owning a Boston Terrier is like living with a 50-year-old man. Boston’s snore & fart and eat really fast.

What Other Boston Terrier Owners Say About What It Is Like To Own A Boston Terrier

I posed the question below on the Boston Terrier Society’s Facebook page to get an idea of what other Boston Terrier owners would say about owning a Boston.

Below you will find ten quotes from Boston owners.

If you would like to check out more feel free to click on the Boston Terrier Society Facebook page to get more answers.

Its never boring they have lots of energy they love to play and snuggle they love to play with children.

They try to make you feel better if you are crying they are just very good fur babies and I love them. ~Barbra

They’re hilarious and so smart it’s like having a mischievous, furry 4 -year-old. ~Charlotte

The best! Playful, loving, cuddly. Not always needing constant attention. I have a jack russell now…yikes!

Boston’s will always be my favorite, you will be glad and lucky to have one❤ ~Christina

It’s like waking up everyday and going to the circus. I love my little clown! ~David

They are easy to care for (little grooming, no clipping, rarely get cheesy ears, small stature) and so funny!

They love people (at least mine do) and cuddling! They are always stylin’ in their tuxedoes! ~Liz

Very fun…full of surprises.. new faces..new tricks. My boy is so sweet and funny I can sit with him for hours and never be bored. The constant affection is ❤❤ ~Surget

I love love my two crazies ! They are so silly , so much fun , lots of kisses and cuddles ! The. Best. Breed. ❤️❤️~Christi

My favorite thing about owning Bostons… their personalities. They never grow out of being puppies and their personalities are so unique to each. Loyalty and love. Cons: they fart!!!!

Alot!! Snoring can be obnoxious at times too. Wouldnt trade any of the Bostons I have had though. ~Jessie

What is it like? Hmmm. Like sunshine on a cloudy day, like spring in the middle of winter, the love and joy they bring is like no other . I have had many dogs in my life mixed and pure.

Loved them all but no breed has ever affected me like they do. I guess you could say I’m obsessed about them . I collect their history their images and themselves . ~Janet

Here Is What I Say About What It Will Be Like Owning A Boston Terrier

This video has had over 1,000 views on YouTube so I thought it would be great to turn into the article that will drive conversations in the comment section below.

Me (Donnie) explaining what it is like owning a Boston Terrier.

(00:15): Here is what being around a Boston Terrier is going to be like?

If you’re okay with farts, gas, snoring, having a little bit of a stage five clinger, plus having a dog that is kind and gentle. A Boston is perfect for you.

Boston’s are also great watchdogs and family-friendly. 

How bad is the gas?

My wife and I bought Bella, our Boston Terrier back in 2009, and we were amazed at how gassy these dogs are.

Boston Terriers are notorious for stinky farts. 

I mean, Bella can clear a room, that’s how bad it is.

(00:50): Is there a trick to stop Boston Terriers from being gassy?

One trick we tried to do was give her some yogurt, we were reading online that yogurt can potentially help lessen the amount of gas in dogs. 

That didn’t seem to work very much. 

We just laid off any type of human food. 

So gas as a new Boston Terrier mom or dad, Expect Gas. 

(01:26): Are Boston Terriers clingy?

Boston Terriers, whenever you’re home, they love to be right there by your side. 

When we get home, Bella will just get as close as possible, or on top of you while on the couch. 

If Emily and I were right next to each other, Bella would just squeeze right in between us. 

Boston’s love to burrow, so they’re going to be right there next to you, and if they can’t fit, they will scoot behind your back on the couch.

(01:54): Are Boston Terriers Affectionate?

Bostons are very loving dogs. They love to be around people, they love kids. They’ll lick everyone to death. 

(02:00): Do Boston Terrier make good watchdogs?

Bella makes an amazing watchdog. No, she’s not a good guard dog, meaning if anybody ever came into the house, I think she would run to us. But as far as barking, she will let us know if anybody’s coming up to the house. 

For example the UPS man with packages, she’ll bark before I even know anybody’s coming up the stairs. 

And on the barking front, Bostons barely bark, so that’s also a plus. So when your Boston does bark you know it is truly about something going on around them.

Donnie & Bella

Final thoughts…

Boston Terriers are one of a kind breed. If you are someone who loves cuddles and affection a Boston is for you. No matter if you live alone or have a family of ten a Boston Terrier will make a great pet.

Check out the comment section below.

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