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Donnie Gardner

Donnie is the founder and owner of the Boston Terrier Society.


Thank you for checking out my author biography page. My goal for every article I write is to help future and current Boston owners learn something they didn’t know.

I personally research every article to the best of my ability. While I’m not perfect I try to ensure every piece is the most accurate you can find online.

Our Boston Journey

Emily and I have enjoyed Bella our Boston Terrier since 2010, 8 months after my wife and I got married. The funny story is that Emily wanted to get a Frenchie, while I wanted to get a bigger dog like a Lab. 

After some discussion and research we “settled” on a Boston.

I wanted a larger dog because they would be able to go on long runs of 6 to 10 miles at a time. So I talked Emily into getting a Boston because they are a bit taller than Frenchies and I could go on runs with her. 

However, I have only gone on a handful of runs with Bella.

Bella has been with Emily and throughout our entire marriage. We could not imagine our world without her.

There Was One Incident

When Sofia was around 9 months old our vet told us we might have to look into getting rid of Bella after she had nipped at Sofia’s head.

The nip was provoked by Sofia yanking on Bella’s skin, but never the less this was a serious incident.

Emily and I could not come to even consider getting rid of Bella so we did some self-training and Bella has been great ever since.

This Boston Terrier is with us for the long haul!

Who Am I

A little bit about myself. My wife and I with our two kids live in Kansas. While I have no professional training with dogs…and I’m actually afraid of dogs except for Boston’s lol, even though I have grown up with Rottweilers, a Bullmastiff, a Dalmation, a Lab, a Huskee, two Rat Terriers, and a number of other dogs [my mom loves all dogs].

While I don’t have the professional designations I’m a great researcher to find the answers that we Boston Terrier Owners need.

My Day Job

My wife and I have been blessed to be in a pretty good situation. After following Dave Ramsey for 7 years we were able to pay off all our debt including our mortgage. This has allowed Emily and I to both work part-time while we raise our children.

I work part-time as a realtor and I serve in the Army National Guard on part-time bases.

This part-time ability has allowed me to take the time to establish the Boston Terrier Society.

If you want to learn more about how Emily and became debt-free feel free to contact me about it. I would love to help you move down that path.

My Education

Bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

Master Degree In Business With A Focus In Finance from Rockhurst University

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