Boston Terrier Puppy Academy

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Bella & Donnie

Welcome to the Boston Terrier Society Puppy Academy! Learn where to find a Boston Terrier, health issues, and how to avoid scams.

I’m excited to announce an alternative course to this free version of the course where we dive deeper. In this course, you’ll learn how to find a reputable breeder, health questions to ask the breeder, and get 30-day email support from me personally with all your Boston Terrier puppy search questions.

See my NEW COURSE DETAILS here…How To Find Your First Boston Terrier!

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Need helping naming your Boston? Check out these articles covering hundreds of Boston Terrier girl & boy names.

Everyone loves adorable Boston’s, however, having a road map helps make the experience so much more enjoyable.


Some have asked if they could give me a tip for creating this free puppy academy course, so here it is! If you would like to show your support by buying me a cup of coffee please send me $2.00 for a cup of Pike’s Place at Starbucks. Thank you for the support!

What topics would you like to see in future courses? Please leave a comment below.

27 thoughts on “Boston Terrier Puppy Academy

  1. I’d like to learn about Boston’s and their intense itching… my Lila is on flea prevention but something still just driving her skin crazy like they’re backing her butt around her butt area it’s so bad that she’ll whimper out and cry it as she’s trying to do scratch it I give her Benadryl I’ll give her an over-the-counter allergy medicine that was told about by longtime friend & breeder (not Boston’s but she still knows lots of stuff! Lol) I cant afford an allergy specific test for her to find out exactly what’s going on…. but I’ve noticed its fleas and apparently grass that affect her severely. What can I do?? I use an expensive shampoo formulated for allergy irritated itchy skin that I can use 2-3 times s day (so it says 🥴🥴) I use hydrocortisone spray on her… Please tell me there is something I can do that I can afford. I love her with all my heart and really want her to be having her absolute best life and I know this isnt it…. …
    Guess I’d like to see a video about the allergy tendencies, what to do about it, their separation anxiety, and what to do when they get sooo over the top happy and excited (like when I get home, or come back from getting the mail 15 feet from front door, when someone comes over, greeting anyone anywhere ever!) She just cant hide it!!! Its like she honestly cant help it…. she loses control over being able to calm down, or listen to what your are saying…. bless her heart she’s just so happy and excited and loves everyone so much she cant figure what to do with herself but wiggle and run and do whatever it takes to get you to feel how much she loves you… help
    Blessed with a Boston

  2. Hey Catherine,

    Sorry to hear about the itching issues. I’m not sure what that could be. I would always recommend health related questions be taken up with your vet. Or you can ask the Boston Terrier Society’s Facebook Group at large, someone might have the same issue as you. Bella, knock on wood, has not had that issue. If you ever want to talk to a vet via phone, text, or video check out the Boston Terrier Society’s vet tab. Thank you so much for these video ideas. I will look into bringing on some experts to help cover these topics.

    Boston Terrier Society Facebook Group:

    Boston Terrier Society’s Vet Tab:

  3. I would like to know how much are they supposed to sleep as a puppy. I got a new Boston Terrier and he is super sleepy. All he does is snuggle and go to sleep.

  4. Great site and thank you. I have a one year old Boston that I got and broke every rule in the book (although she is not from a pet store, thank goodness.) She is the love of my life and I want to get another one in a year or so. I look forward to following your site.

  5. hi how often do they fart? hehe . i heard they fart alot im about to get one, 6 weeks old .when i do but how do i prepare the house for the pup?

  6. I’m not sure about that. When we picked up Bella around the 8 week mark from her parents she had no issues leaving.

  7. Hi!
    Wondering if maybe you would be able to assist with some advice…

    We took our puppy (10 months) to the vet and he said that he has a Grade 3 luxiating patella – which is impossible as his knee cap only pops out of place and then instantly back into place 3 times a day.

    Could this be a injury from playing with the dogs at daycare a few weeks back, and
    Is it possible that this will heal itself or would surgery be necessary?

  8. Hey Jessica, wow sorry to hear that. I’m not sure with this question I would need to get some advice from a vet on this one. Luckily Bella has never had this issue. I would recommend talking to your vet to see what they say and please share once you do. sorry I couldn’t help.

  9. Thank you for your response – will get a second opinion. Don’t want to go through a invasive surgery if it isn’t necessary.

  10. I don’t know if this will work for you, but it worked for us. We limit Thor’s time on the grass. When he goes outside to potty or run around a bit, it’s on a sandy patch in our back yard. This has helped greatly on minimizing his itching. Apparently, he has a grass allergy.

  11. It took me a long time to find a breeder and I was very pleased with the one I found updated every week with videos and photos after 8 weeks I drove 2 hours to pick him up I don’t regret having to ride 2 hours to pick him up right now he is 7 months old he’s very smart 6 days lay down shake hands plays dead the only thing I have a hard time doing is when he’s doesn’t want to come he will not come I basically take him everywhere with me he sleeps with me he takes his naps on me

  12. Hey Glen, I don’t Emily and I tried this with Bella and it never worked for us and Bella just looked at me like, what are you doing to me lol. I would recommend taking your Boston to a vet to do this or a groomer.

  13. Hello. I would like to say thank you for all the information. We have just gotten an addition to our family. Dante, a Boston that is about 8 weeks old. He does have some separation anxiety and some loose stool. He is sleeping a lot and chewing on everything when a wake. Hope to see more from the site. Have a good one.

  14. Thank you so much for this Puppy Academy! The videos have been super helpful. We have our first Boston, Maizley. We have had her for 4 weeks now snd she’s learning so quickly but so are we!
    She is almost potty trained, we used the bell idea and she usually won’t take advantage of the bell to get outside…usually. We are working on managing the zoomies and she is learning not to bite our feet and hands. We had the suggestion for an elk antler bone and that has helped a ton. Our biggest struggle is the crate, she hates it. I teach so I’m off and my kids, who are teens, are home right now too but when we leave for shopping or church she has to be crated for now. When we put her in it, she cries, slams against the side of it, it’s horrible. Do you have any tips to help us with this?

  15. Hello,
    My 13 year old Boston Cooper passed away 3 weeks ago, and I am a bit lost without her. I have cancer, and she was the most amazing emotional support partner I could have ever had. I am currently grieving her loss, but eventually would like to adopt another of this very special breed. I’m not sure that I want to go the puppy route again, and am trying to find out if there are rescue societies for Boston’s. Any help is very much welcome and appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

  16. Interested in adopting a Boston terrier , for my mother in law, hers just passed at 14 from Cushings disease and she’s devastated, that was her life.

  17. Hi Donnie,

    Any pearls of wisdom on adopting a young adult Boston as opposed to a puppy? I’ve searched all the Humane Society’s near me, Petfinder, other local shelters for several months. Thank you for any tips you can provide.

  18. I’ve had Boston’s since I was a kid now I’m 80 my Isabella went to heaven 2yrs ago bit i had moses a pit he went to heaven 2wks ago I’ve been trying to find a Boston all this time even a rescues CV nothing been crying now for 2wks miss my babe😧

  19. Hoping praying God will send me a baby somebody that’s a good breeder it rescue that’s just not about the $i really do miss my babe they have been my favorite ab and my husband s too it’s good therapy for him ges100 percent disabled veteran hope to hear good news have a blessed day !

  20. We need your help. We’ve had Or Ginger yes a Boston terrier for less then a year now but she gets seriously aggressive towards our 2 other dogs . She attracts a gem when , I believer her space is invaded or food is involved . Are Boston terriers normally aggressive. What can we do to stop this

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