Health Questions To Ask The Boston Breeder

Here are some health questions you should ask your Boston Terrier breeder.

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3 thoughts on “Health Questions To Ask The Boston Breeder

  1. I am getting a Boston terrier/cockapoo mix puppy, it’s not born yet but it is expected to be any day. We have 4 indoor cats. Any advice you can give me?

  2. When it came to Bella with cats there wasn’t anything specific Emily and I did. We don’t personally have cats but when we take Bella to Emily’s parents they do have cats and Bella leaves them alone. I honestly think if you do nothing your Boston Terrier and cats will soon get to know one another on their terms and like one another. I would make sure your cats do have a safe place to run to if they need to escape from a little puppy. Does anyone else have experience with their Boston and cats?

  3. Could you recommend any pet travel companies? We may eventually move to Thailand and our Boston weighs 29 lbs., over the required 20 lbs. for in-cabin air travel. Boston’s are considered snub-faced dogs and aren’t allowed to travel cargo.

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