2 thoughts on “How To Avoid Boston Terrier Puppy Scams

  1. I am looking for a Boston Terrier (BT). I found some breeders on AKC’s website and I am in contact with them. I am a tall guy and my questions to them are about the BT sizes. Breeders go by weight and there are three categories: 10-15, 15-20, and 20-25 lbs. However, my question is. What is the height of the average of a BT? How tall is Bella? I see some of BTs look like a chihuahua size, others are more robust. How can I know it before I buy it?

    1. Boston’s are going to be around 15 – 17 inches tall. I’m not sure Bella’s height but I would say around 15 inches. The best way to go about this is to ask the breeder about the height of the parents. If the parents are tall chances are their offspring will be to. And you can ask the breeder what they expect the height of their Boston’s will be, they should have a better insight. I have seen some big chihuahuas but Bostons are taller than them.

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