Recommended Books

Cesar’s Way

Cesar’s Way has literally changed Emily and I’s life when it comes to Bella. Before we had Sofia, we did very little in the way of training Bella. When Bella was about a year, Emily did a formal one week class, but that was it. 

However, when Sofia, our daughter, was born in 2017, we had a book choice to make. We had to decide to either get rid of Bella or try to train her. 

The Back Story

When Sofia was nine months old, Bella had nipped at Sofia’s forehead. We are pretty sure this happened because Sofia grabbed Bella really hard. While this is understandable, we didn’t want another situation like it. 

After discussing the incident with our veterinarian, he told us we had to do one of two things, get rid of Bella or train her.

The Cost Of Training

When we were given this choice, we really didn’t want to spend the money on dog training. Emily was only working one day a week after Sofia was born, and I was starting a new business. 

Emily came up with a genius idea. Emily found a book by Cesar Milan on how to train and raise dogs. She, not me, ended up reading the entire book some sections multiple times and we were able to train Bella to the point where Emily and I as well as our vet feel comfortable with Bella and Sofia hanging out. Once again, we do think this nip is an isolated incident, but we weren’t taking any chances.

Get This Book If…

No matter if you are a new owner or an owner of a dog for eight years like us. Cesar’s Way is a book that can transform the relations ship with you and your dog for years to come, and of course for the better.

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Also, this is a great book to read and apply even if your dog is not having behavioral issues. Learning some of these techniques can help you understand more ways to care for your dog as well as help keep them calm in certain situations.