Can Boston Terriers Eat Eggs? What You Need To Know!

As a veterinarian, many of my clients often ask me if it is safe for their Boston Terriers to eat eggs.

Eggs are highly nutritious for people, but have you ever wondered if these same health benefits carry over to your canine friend?

Can Boston Terriers Eat Eggs? What You Need To Know!

As a general rule of thumb, I always recommend talking with your veterinarian prior to feeding any people food to your Boston Terrier because certain health conditions may make eating eggs risky.

This article will discuss the risks and benefits of feeding eggs to your Boston.

Is It Safe For Boston Terriers To Eat Eggs?

In general, eggs are safe for most Boston Terriers to eat as an occasional treat. Eggs must be cooked prior to feeding as raw eggs may be dangerous for your dog.

Because eggs are a calorie-dense food, you should not feed too many eggs to your Boston too often. Boston Terriers who eat too many eggs are at risk of becoming obese.

It is also important to talk with your vet if you are thinking about incorporating eggs into your Boston’s daily diet.

The safest way to feed eggs is by boiling them and giving your Boston a small piece of egg with the shell removed. Alternatively, you could scramble the egg with a very small amount of olive oil and give your Boston a small bite.

If your Boston has a health condition or is on a veterinary prescription diet, you should talk with your vet before feeding them eggs.

Can Boston Terriers Eat Eggs? What You Need To Know!

Health Benefits Of Eggs For Boston Terriers

Feeding eggs to your Boston Terrier can have a few potential health benefits since eggs are highly nutritious. Here are two main benefits.

1) Good Source Of Protein

Eggs are packed full of protein.

A Purina Nutritionist stated that eggs, in terms of protein content, are very close to 100% complete.

Giving your Boston Terrier eggs may give them a boost of protein which may support muscle health.

2) High In Beneficial Nutrients

Eggs are high in B Vitamins, Vitamin A, and other essential nutrients. These vitamins may promote your Boston Terrier’s overall health.

If your dog is on a commercial dog diet, they are likely getting all the nutrients that they need, but an occasional egg snack may give your Boston a small boost in these beneficial nutrients.

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Dangers Of Feeding Eggs To Your Boston Terrier

You can have too much of a good thing. Feeding your Boston Terrier too many eggs too frequently can have adverse health effects. Here are four things to watch for when feeding your dog eggs.

1) High in Calories

Eggs are extremely high in calories! One large egg contains around 80 calories.

Also, if you scramble your egg in a teaspoon of olive oil, this adds another 40 calories to your Boston’s calorie count.

Considering, the daily calorie consumption of a Boston Terrier should be between 300 and 600 calories, this makes eggs a very high-calorie snack.

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2) Weight Gain

If your Boston Terrier eats too many eggs too often, they could gain weight. Eggs contain high amounts of calories so these excess calories may lead to weight gain and obesity.

As Boston Terriers may be prone to developing diabetes, it is vital to keep your dog at a healthy weight.

Overweight Bostons may be more prone to developing diabetes.

Here are a few low-calorie treats your Boston Terrier may love, Zuke’s, Blue Buffalo Bits, Hill’s Baked Biscuits, and Fruitables Baked Treats.

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3) Stomach Upset

If your Boston eats too many eggs, they may get an upset stomach. Also, uncooked eggs may contain Salmonella bacteria that can cause vomiting or diarrhea.

To avoid the risk of stomach upset, always cook eggs before giving them to your Boston and don’t feed more than half of an egg as an occasional treat.

4) Allergies

Some dogs are allergic to eggs. This can present as vomiting and diarrhea or itchy skin.

If you notice that your dog develops rashes or gets itchy after feeding eggs, stop feeding eggs, and consult with your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Feeding Your Boston Terrier Eggs Q&A

If you plan on giving your Boston Terrier eggs, you first will need to cook the egg. Raw eggs are unsafe for Boston Terriers because they may contain Salmonella bacteria.

It is best to either boil the eggs or scramble them with a small amount of olive oil. Be sure to remove any shells before feeding the egg to your dog.

Only give your Boston a small amount of the egg as a treat.

How Do You Cook Eggs For Boston Terriers?

You can either boil or scramble eggs for your Boston Terrier.

To boil the eggs, place the eggs in a pot of cold water and bring the pot of water to boil. Once the pot of water is boiling, turn the heat off, cover the pot, and let the eggs sit for around 10 to 12 minutes in the hot water. Finally, drain the hot water, rinse the eggs in cold water, and peel the eggs.

Alternatively, you can scramble the egg with about 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

How Many Eggs Can A Boston Terrier Eat?

A Boston should eat no more than one egg as an occasional treat. Generally, dogs should not eat more than 10 percent of their daily calorie intake from treats.

Start with feeding your Boston a small bite of cooked egg to make sure that they tolerate it well and it doesn’t give them any vomiting or diarrhea.

If they tolerate the egg well, feed no more than one-half of an egg as an occasional treat. I do not recommend giving an egg every day because they are very high in calories.

Also, I do not recommend giving more than 1 egg at a time because this can cause an upset stomach.

Can Boston Terriers Eat Eggs Every Day?

I do not recommend feeding eggs to your Boston Terrier every day. Eggs are very high in calories so adding an entire egg to your Boston’s daily meals will cause them to gain excessive amounts of weight.

Some Bostons have health conditions that may make it unsafe for them to eat eggs every day. If you are interested in feeding your Boston eggs regularly, it would be a good idea to talk with your veterinarian first.

raw egg

Can Boston Terriers Eat Raw Eggs?

I do not recommend giving your Boston Terrier raw eggs. Raw eggs can contain harmful bacteria such as Salmonella.

Salmonella in uncooked eggs can cause your Boston Terrier to get very sick including gastrointestinal upset, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Can Boston Terriers Eat Scrambled Eggs?

Most Boston Terriers can safely eat scrambled eggs. Don’t add too much oil, butter, or salt to the eggs when you are cooking them because this can cause your Boston to have stomach upset.

Use only a very small amount of olive oil when scrambling eggs for your Boston Terrier.

Can Boston Terriers Eat Boiled Eggs?

In general, Boston Terriers can eat a small amount of a boiled egg as an occasional treat.

It is important to remove the shells prior to feeding your Boston Terrier any hard-boiled eggs.

Can Boston Terriers Eat Eggshells?

It is not a good idea to feed your Boston Terrier eggshells because they can cause stomach upset in your Boston. 

If you are looking for a source of calcium and minerals, talk with your veterinarian about other sources for these things.

Can Boston Terriers Eat Egg Yolks?

You can safely feed most Boston Terriers egg yolks as long as they have been first cooked.

I do not recommend feeding raw egg yolks as these can contain Salmonella which can cause your Boston to have vomiting and diarrhea.

Can Boston Terrier Puppies Eat Eggs?

You may have wondered, at what age can Boston Terrier puppies eat eggs?

Boston Terrier puppies over two months of age can safely eat a very small bit of cooked eggs as an occasional treat. Don’t feed more than 1 – 2 tablespoons of cooked eggs to your Boston puppy.

Do not give an entire egg to your puppy because this may cause stomach upset.


Eggs can be safely consumed by the majority of Boston Terriers especially if cooked and fed in small amounts as an occasional treat. Never feed your Boston uncooked eggs or eggshells.

When cooking eggs for your Boston, either boil the eggs or scramble the egg in a small amount of olive oil. Don’t feed eggs with a lot of cheese, butter, or salt as this can cause stomach upset.

I do not recommend feeding your Boston any more than half an egg at a time. Too many eggs can cause stomach upset and weight gain since eggs are so high in calories.

If you are unsure if your Boston should eat eggs because of a medical condition or if they are on a special diet, you should talk with your vet before you give your Boston Terrier any eggs.

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