Can Boston Terriers Eat Cherries? What You Need To Know (2023)

Did you ever wonder if you could safely feed your Boston Terrier cherries?

As a veterinarian, owners often ask me what foods they can safely feed their dogs. There are many vegetables and fruits that are very healthy for Boston Terriers, but cherries are not one of them.

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Cherries contain high amounts of sugar, and the pits and stems contain cyanide which can cause toxicity in a small dog such as a Boston Terrier.

Boston Terriers And Cherrie Consumption

In this article, I will discuss the dangers of cherries, including what to do if your Boston Terrier eats a cherry.

Is It Safe For Boston Terriers To Eat Cherries?

It is not safe for Boston Terriers to eat cherries, and I do not recommend ever feeding your Boston Terrier cherries.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals lists cherries as toxic to dogs. They shared that cherry leaves, seeds, and stems may be particularly harmful, especially when wilting.

If ingested, cherries can cause a wide range of symptoms, from mild stomach upset to difficulty breathing and collapse.

If your Boston Terrier eats cherries, you should contact a veterinarian as soon as possible to get guidance as to what to do.

Can Boston Terriers Eat Cherries? What You Need To Know (2021)
Fresh Pitted Cherries

Why Are Cherries Bad For Dogs?

Cherries contain a toxic compound known as cyanide.

The cyanide is mostly concentrated in the stems, pits, and leaves of the cherry. Cyanide is a poisonous compound that can be potentially lethal if it is eaten in large amounts.

Cyanide causes toxicity by preventing normal oxygen transfer from occurring within the body. Oxygen is not able to be delivered well to the muscles and brain which can result in severe symptoms and even death.

What Part Of A Cherry Is Poisonous To Dogs?

I do not recommend feeding any part of a cherry to your dog.

The parts of the cherry with the highest concentrations of cyanide are the leaves, stems, and pits of the charry.

While there may be little to no cyanide in the fleshy part of the fruit, I still do not think it is a good idea to feed cherries to your dog even if you remove the pits and stems before feeding.

There are plenty of other wonderful options if you are interested in feeding your dog fruits and vegetables such as a small piece of mango, a little bite of apple, or baby carrots.

How Many Cherries Will Hurt A Boston Terrier?

Because of their small size, even a few cherries could cause symptoms in your Boston Terrier.

If your Boston only eats 1 or 2 cherries, they will probably only have mild symptoms, but they are at risk for more severe symptoms if they eat more than that.

Anytime your Boston ingests more than a few cherries, they are at risk for cyanide poisoning, resulting in life-threatening symptoms and even death.

When in doubt, it is best to contact your veterinarian. Your personal vet can give individualized advice on how to proceed with your pet in the event of an emergency.

Can Cherries Kill A Boston Terrier?

Because cherries contain the toxic compound cyanide, there is a possibility that your Boston Terrier could die if they ingest a large number of cherries.

The risk of death will increase if you do not seek prompt veterinary care.

If your pet has ingested a lot of cherries, your veterinarian may want to induce vomiting with a special injectable medication to clear their stomach.

Can Boston Terriers Eat Cherries? What You Need To Know (2021)

Are Cherries Without Pits Good For Boston Terriers?

While cherries are considered a healthy food for people, they are not considered safe for Boston Terriers to eat.

While cherries contain high levels of Vitamin C and potassium, which are considered beneficial nutrients, the risks of cherry ingestion outweigh the benefits.

If you would like to feed your Boston Terrier fruits and vegetables for their health benefits, consider giving your Boston small pieces of apples, mangos, green beans, or baby carrots instead.

Can Boston Terriers Eat Cherry Yogurt?

It is not a good idea to feed your Boston Terrier cherry yogurt.

Cherry yogurt contains high amounts of sugar which is not good for your Boston Terrier.

Also, cherry yogurt may contain xylitol which is an artificial sweetener that can cause severe and life-threatening toxicity within dogs.

What Happens If A Boston Terrier Eats Cherries?

If your Boston ingests cherries, they may develop mild symptoms such as stomach upset or severe symptoms such as difficulty breathing and collapse.

In general, the more cherries that your Boston Terrier eats, the worse the symptoms will be. Here are some things that can happen down below.

1) Stomach Upset

Cherries may cause your Boston Terrier to get an upset stomach including vomiting and diarrhea.

Your Boston Terrier may also develop a decreased appetite due to the stomach upset.

2) Cyanide Poisoning

If multiple cherries are eaten, your Boston Terrier might develop symptoms of cyanide poisoning.

Because the pits, stems, and leaves of cherries contain cyanide, your dog may get a variety of symptoms from cyanide poisoning.

Cyanide poisoning can cause symptoms such as:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Panting
  • Trouble breathing
  • Brick red gums
  • Shock
  • Convulsions
  • Death
Can Boston Terriers Eat Cherries? What You Need To Know (2021)

What Should I Do If My Boston Terrier Eats Cherries?

If your Boston Terrier has eaten any amount of cherries, I recommend consulting with your veterinarian immediately.

Because of their small size, Boston Terriers may be at a higher risk for developing cyanide poisoning than other larger dog breeds.

If you seek care quickly, your Boston will have a better prognosis than if you just wait and watch. Delayed treatment of cyanide poisoning could result in collapse and death.

You may also consider consulting with a pet poison control hotline to get additional recommendations. These hotlines are extremely helpful as you will be able to get advice from dog toxicity specialists for only a small fee of between $50 to $100.

I recommend that individuals use either of these two pet poison helplines if your dog has eaten something they shouldn’t have:

  • ASPCA Animal Poison Control: (888) 426-4435
  • Pet Poison Helpline: (855) 764-7661

How Do You Treat Cherry Poisoning In Boston Terriers?

Once you arrive at the vet clinic, your vet will ask you many questions regarding the cherry exposure.

Be prepared to answer questions such as:

  • How many cherries did your Boston Terrier eat?
  • When did your Boston Terrier eat the cherries?
  • What symptoms is your Boston experiencing?

Depending on the number of cherries your Boston has eaten, your vet may wish to induce vomiting so your Boston Terrier’s stomach can be cleared out.

Your vet may also want to keep your Boston Terrier hospitalized so that they can monitor them for signs of cyanide poisoning.


Cherries are not safe for Boston Terriers. They contain cyanide which can cause severe symptoms and even death if ingested in large amounts.

The highest concentrations of cyanide are contained within the pits, leaves, and stems of the cherries, but if your Boston Terrier ingests any part of the cherry, I would recommend consulting with your veterinarian for further recommendations.


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