Can Boston Terriers Eat Pineapple? What You Need To Know (2021)

Pineapple is a delicious and sweet treat. You may have wondered when eating this delicious fruit if it is safe to give your Boston a small bite.

There are many fruits that Bostons can safely eat, but some fruits can be deadly!


It is always best to verify with your veterinarian if it is safe for your Boston to eat a new snack or food. Pineapple, while generally considered a safe fruit for Bostons, may be unhealthy or unsafe for Boston Terriers with certain medical conditions.

This article will review the benefits and risks of feeding your Boston Terrier pineapples.

Is It Safe For Boston Terriers To Eat Pineapples?

Most Boston Terriers can safely eat a small piece of pineapple as a treat. If your Boston does not have any underlying health conditions, you can consider giving them an occasional piece of fresh pineapple.

Pineapples should be fed in moderation as too much sugar can be unhealthy for your Boston Terrier. Also, too much pineapple can cause an upset stomach in some dogs including vomiting and diarrhea.

Feed only fresh pineapple and avoid the core of the pineapple which can be difficult to digest. Also, do not feed canned pineapple because these products can contain xylitol which is a type of sweetener that can kill a dog, even in low amounts.

Boston Terriers have a high risk of developing diabetes or becoming overweight. If your dog is overweight or has diabetes, I do not recommend feeding pineapples as they are very high in sugar.

Check with your veterinarian if it is safe to give your Boston Terrier pineapple especially if they are on a special diet, if they have an underlying health condition, or if you are considering feeding pineapple to your Boston regularly.

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How Much Pineapple Can You Feed Your Boston Terrier?

As a general rule of thumb, treats should consist of no more than 10 percent of your Boston’s total daily calorie intake.

As a result, I would recommend feeding no more than one or two small chunks of pineapple each day to your Boston Terrier.

While pineapple is considered somewhat healthy, it is also extremely high in sugar.

This becomes a concern for Boston Terriers because they are at a higher risk for developing diabetes. Excess and prolonged sugar intake, even in the form of healthy fruit, may increase your Boston’s risk for developing diabetes at some point in their life.

If you are concerned about your Boston Terrier having diabetes be sure to read this article I wrote here on the Boston Terrier Society, 10 Signs Your Boston Terrier Might Have Diabetes.

How To Feed Your Boston Terrier Pineapple

The stem and skin of the fresh pineapple should be cut off prior to feeding your Boston pineapple. Be sure you remove the tough inner core of the pineapple because this part of the pineapple can be very difficult to digest.

Cut the pineapple into small one-inch chunks. Start with only feeding one small chunk of pineapple to make sure that your Boston can tolerate it.

If they do not have any vomiting or diarrhea from the pineapple chunk over the next 24 hours, then it is likely safe to feed an occasional chunk of pineapple to your Boston Terrier.

Can Boston Terrier Puppies Eat Pineapple?

Most Boston Terrier puppies can safely eat small pieces of pineapple.

Again, be sure to only feed pineapple in moderation because too much pineapple can cause an upset stomach or adverse outcomes to your Boston’s health. 

Remember to only feed pineapple as an occasional treat. It should not be part of your Boston Terrier puppy’s regular diet.

Boston Terrier puppies are very small, and so I would recommend cutting up the pineapple piece into very small chunks before feeding it to your puppy.

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Can Boston Terriers Eat Fresh Pineapple?

It is safe for most Boston Terriers to eat fresh pineapple, and this is probably the safest form of pineapple to feed your Boston.

If your Boston has underlying medical conditions or if they are on a special diet, you should consult with your veterinarian prior to feeding fresh pineapple treats to your Boston.

Can Boston Terriers Eat Frozen Pineapple?

Frozen food is very hard. I have witnessed chipped teeth from dogs eating hard frozen items such as ice cubes.

Frozen pineapples can also be very hard which can result in chipped teeth.

In general, I do not recommend feeding any kind of hard frozen treat to Boston Terriers to reduce the risk of broken teeth.

If you thaw the frozen pineapples prior to feeding them to your Boston, this is probably a safe form of pineapple. 

Make sure that you are only feeding unsweetened fresh frozen pineapple with no extra ingredients added such as sugar or sugar substitutes such as xylitol that can be fatal to dogs.

Can Boston Terriers Eat Canned Pineapple?

I do not recommend feeding your Boston Terrier canned pineapple.

Canned pineapple can contain xylitol which is an artificial sweetener which can be fatal to dogs if ingested even in small amounts.

In addition, most forms of canned pineapple are very high in added sugar which is not healthy for your Boston Terrier. 

3 Health Benefits Of Feeding Your Boston Terrier Pinapples

Pineapples contain many beneficial nutrients that may have health benefits for your Boston Terrier. Here are three health benefits listed below.

1) Low In Calorie

One-quarter cup of pineapples contains approximately 18 calories. This means that feeding your Boston a small one-inch chunk of pineapple could be a good low calorie treat option.

While one or two small pineapple chunks are low in calories, if you feed more than that, the calories can quickly compound.

This is why I do not recommend feeding more than one or two small chunks of pineapple to your Boston per day.

2) High In Beneficial Nutrients

Most dog diets contain complete and balanced nutrition so typically your Boston does not need supplementation with additional nutrients. That being said, pineapples have many beneficial nutrients.

Pineapples seem to be a particularly good source of Vitamin C and manganese which are two beneficial nutrients. This means that feeding your Boston a small piece of pineapple may give them a little boost of Vitamin C.

3) High In Fiber

Pineapples have high fiber levels. Fiber is typically beneficial for digestive health. An occasional pineapple treat may boost your Boston’s fiber intake.

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4 Dangers Of Feeding Pineapple To Your Boston Terrier

Feeding pineapples to your Boston can be associated with a few risks. Here are four risks to watch for.

1) High In Sugar

One of the most common dangers of feeding too much pineapple to your Boston is that they may be getting way too much sugar from this treat.

Boston Terriers have a higher tendency of developing diabetes than many other dog breeds so watching excess sugar consumption is particularly important in Bostons.

To be safe, only feed pineapples in small quantities infrequently.

2) Stomach Upset

Too much pineapple can cause an upset stomach including vomiting or diarrhea in Boston Terriers. If you have a Boston that is prone to developing a sensitive stomach, you may want to consider avoiding pineapple treats.

3) Allergic Reaction

Pineapples can rarely cause an allergic reaction in Boston Terriers. This is a pretty rare side effect, but as with any new food or medication, there is always a small risk of developing an allergic reaction.

4) Diabetes Complications

Do not feed your Boston Terriers pineapples if they have been diagnosed with diabetes. This fruit is extremely high in sugar content and can cause adverse spikes in your Boston’s blood sugar.

It is very important to adhere to your veterinarian’s recommendation regarding which treats and food are safe for your diabetic Boston Terrier.

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Most Boston Terriers can safely eat pineapples. If you are going to feed your Boston pineapples, be sure to feed it in small quantities as an occasional treat as pineapple is very high in sugar.

The safest form of pineapple to feed to your Boston is small chunks of fresh pineapple. Avoid feeding canned pineapple, pineapple flavoring, or pineapple syrup because these products can contain artificial sweeteners such as xylitol which are extremely unsafe for dogs.

Remember that it is always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian prior to feeding a new food especially if you are not sure if it is safe. Also, you should speak with your vet prior to feeding pineapple if your Boston is on a special diet or has an underlying health condition.

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