Can Boston Terriers Eat Watermelon? What You Need To Know!

Did you ever wonder if your Boston Terrier could eat watermelon?

It can be tempting to give our pets people food, but anytime you give your Boston a human food, you should first make sure that it is safe.

Can Boston Terriers Eat Watermelon? Everything You Need To Know!

Some fruits are highly nutritious and healthy for Boston Terriers, but other fruits like grapes or grapefruit can be extremely dangerous. To be on the safe side, consulting with a veterinarian is always the best route prior to feeding any human food.

In this article, we will discuss if watermelon is safe, dangers, and health benefits. As well as discuss common questions about Boston Terrier eating watermelon.

Is It Safe For Boston Terriers To Eat Watermelon?

It is generally safe for the majority of Boston Terriers to eat an occasional small piece of watermelon as a treat. I recommend feeding watermelon only as an occasional treat because of its high sugar content.

When feeding watermelon, be sure that you are not giving your Boston any watermelon seeds or the rind of the watermelon, which are both not safe for your Boston Terrier. Also, only give a small amount because consumption of a large amount of watermelon could give your dog an upset stomach.

If your Boston Terrier has diabetes or other underlying medical conditions, you should talk with your vet first before feeding watermelon to your Boston. Additionally, Bostons that are on a special veterinary prescription dog food should probably not be fed watermelon unless your veterinarian says it is okay.

Check out this video of a Boston Terrier gnawing at a whole watermelon (not recommended!)…

Video – Boston Terrier Chowing Down On A Big Watermelon!

Can Watermelon Make My Dog Sick?

Watermelon can make your dog sick if you feed too much at a time. As with most foods, too much watermelon can cause an upset stomach.

In addition, if your dog ingests the seeds or the rind of the watermelon, it could make them sick. If you suspect that watermelon has made your dog sick, I recommend contacting a veterinarian.

Can Boston Terrier Puppies Eat Watermelon?

Similar to adult Boston Terriers, the majority of Boston Terrier puppies will be able to eat watermelon safely without any issues especially if fed in small amounts.

It is important, especially in Boston Terrier puppies because of their small size, to only feed a very small piece of watermelon as a treat. If you feed too much watermelon, your Boston puppy could develop an upset stomach.

Watermelon should never be fed daily and should only be given occasionally as it is extremely high in sugar.

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How To Feed Your Boston Terrier Watermelon

Chop up the watermelon and remove the hard rind before you give your Boston any watermelon. Also, be sure that you remove the seeds of the watermelon before feeding it to your Boston.

Seedless watermelons can be a better option because then you don’t have to worry about removing the seeds.

I recommend cutting the watermelon into small bite-sized 1-inch chunks prior to feeding it to your Boston. These small chunks will be easier to eat than larger chunks.

To start, just feed one small piece of the watermelon and monitor your Boston for signs of upset stomach over the next day. If your Boston Terrier does not have an upset stomach from the watermelon, then you can likely safely give your Boston a small piece of watermelon as a treat.

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1) How Much Watermelon Can You Feed Your Boston Terrier?

In general, treats should consist of no more than 10 percent of your Boston’s daily calorie intake, even if those calories are from a healthy snack. 

Boston Terriers are a small dog breed; therefore, I recommend only feeding a few small 1-inch chunks of watermelon as an occasional treat.

Too much watermelon could cause an upset stomach so I don’t recommend giving your Boston more than 3 or 4 small chunks of watermelon.

Also, remember that watermelon is high in sugar so feeding your Boston too much sugar too often may put them at a higher risk for getting diabetes which is a common disease seen in Boston Terriers.

Below are four things to consider…

2) Can Boston Terriers Eat Fresh Watermelon?

Most healthy Bostons can safely eat fresh watermelon, but be sure that you remove the rind and the seeds prior to feeding it.

If your Boston Terrier has a disease such as diabetes, then it would be best to speak with your veterinarian prior to feeding fresh watermelon.

3) Can Boston Terriers Watermelon Rind?

Boston Terriers cannot safely eat watermelon rind. The rind of the watermelon is indigestible and could potentially cause intestinal blockages and obstructions.

The watermelon rind could cause your Boston to have vomiting or diarrhea.

4) Can Boston Terriers Eat Watermelon Seeds?

Similar to the rind, the seeds of the watermelon are also indigestible. If your Boston Terrier eats watermelon seeds, they could potentially cause a blockage within the intestines.

If you plan on feeding watermelon, be sure that you remove the seeds before you give it to your Boston Terrier.

Can Boston Terriers Eat Watermelon? Everything You Need To Know!

Health Benefits Of Watermelon For Boston Terriers

Watermelon is an extremely healthy fruit that is low in calories and contains many good nutrients and vitamins.

Below are three health benefits of giving your Boston Terrier watermelon.

1) A Low Calorie Treat

Watermelon is an extremely low calorie food. According to Hill’s Pet Nutrition, watermelon consists of 92 percent water meaning that it is very low in calories.

One-quarter cup of watermelon contains only around 10 calories. This makes watermelon an ideal low-calorie treat option for Boston Terriers.

Other low calorie treats your Boston Terrier may like are Zuke’s, Blue Buffalo Bits, Hill’s Baked Biscuits, and Fruitables Baked Treats.

2) High In Beneficial Nutrients

Watermelon is a wonderful source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and potassium.

While the majority of commercial dog diets contain enough nutrients to keep your Boston healthy, eating an occasional piece of watermelon may boost their levels of Vitamin A and C.

3) Good Source Of Fiber

Watermelons are a good source of fiber which is an important factor for intestinal digestive health. Giving your Boston a few small pieces of watermelon may boost their fiber which may aid in digestion.

Below are four health concerns to consider when feeding watermelon to your Boston.

Dangers Of Feeding Watermelon To Your Boston Terrier

There are a few risks that are associated with feeding watermelon to your Boston as there are some parts of the watermelon that are indigestible.

1) High In Sugar

Watermelon contains a lot of sugar. It is not recommended to feed sugary treats frequently as this can be harmful to your Boston Terrier.

Also, Boston Terriers have a higher risk for developing diabetes so it is always best to go light on the sugary treats.

2) Allergic Reaction

Any food, medication, or ingredient has the potential to cause a severe allergic reaction in your Boston Terrier. While I have never witnessed an allergic reaction to watermelon, it could happen in rare cases. 

3) Diabetes Complications

In Boston Terriers with diabetes, I do not recommend feeding watermelon because of its high sugar content. Foods that are high in sugar could cause blood sugar spikes in your diabetic Boston.

4) Upset Stomach Or Intestinal Blockage

Giving your Boston too much watermelon may cause vomiting and diarrhea.

In addition, the seeds and the rind of the watermelon are not digestible. If your Boston Terrier ingests the seeds or rind of the watermelon, it could cause vomiting or diarrhea or in the worst-case scenario, intestinal blockage.

This is why it is important to only feed the pink fleshy part of the watermelon with the seeds removed.

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A Few Final Thoughts

Boston Terriers can generally eat a small amount of watermelon safely without any problems. Remember to always remove the seeds and the rind prior to feeding your Boston watermelon as these things can cause upset stomach or intestinal blockages.

In general, watermelon is a healthy low-calorie food that contains many beneficial nutrients. Every good thing must be given in moderation, so I only recommend occasionally feeding your Boston Terrier a few small 1-inch chunks of watermelon as a treat.

If your Boston has diabetes, it is probably best to skip out on the sugary treats. In addition, it is always a wonderful idea to speak with a veterinarian before feeding your Boston anything new to make sure it is safe.

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