How To Train Your Puppy

Ok, you have decided you want to get a Boston Terrier and you know you are going to want to train it.

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Here is a great course you can take to train your dog over the next 30 days.

Note that this course is geared to dogs in general but can be easily applied to your Boston Terrier.

This course is $60.00 and will teach you the basics of puppy and overall dog training & care.

I am an affiliate of this course meaning I do receive a commission. Using the two-button links below will help support me and this site. Thank you so much!

No matter if you have a 10-year-old dog or an 8-week old puppy if you want to start them down a training path this course can help.

The best thing about this course is it does offer a Money Back Guarantee.

Introduction to 30 Things to Teach Your Dog in 30 Days!

What do you get in the course?

There are a number of things you will get from this course. Here are some things you can expect.


Bonding exercises you can do to strengthen your connection with your new dog!


Essential training skills to help your dog be successful in his new home like “leave it”, “drop it”, “stay”, “off”, and other basics. Also, learn how to teach your dog to relax and calm himself.


Home grooming tips that will save you money spent on costly groomer visits.


Toys, games, and challenges to prevent boredom and keep your dog’s brain engaged.


How to better understand your dog, his unique play preferences, and individual needs!

If you want to learn more about the course check it out here.

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