Recommended Shampoo

Emily and I have used a number of different shampoos on Bella over the decade we have owned her. The best we have found so far is the Four In One Shampoo and Conditioner Concentrate by WAHL Home Products. This shampoo not only makes her smell and look great, but it has a calming formula to keep her at ease. 

Four In One Shampoo with Lavendar from WAHL

Any time we give Bella a bath we use this shampoo. Sometimes we bath Bella as often as weekly.

When we do bath Bella weekly we saw no irritation in her skin. No irritation in Bella’s skin is quite remarkable because she has food allergies and her skin is irritated very easily.

Emily and I have no plans in changing our brand of shampoo because it works so well. No irritation, it makes Bella smell great, and her coat looks beautiful every time she gets out of the bath.

The best part about this shampoo is that it is relatively cheap. To get pricing on the Four In One Shampoo and Conditioner Concentrate check out Amazon for the latest cost by clicking here…Four In One Shampoo and Conditioner Concentrate.