6 Week-Old Boston Terrier Puppy: What to Expect (Videos)

Boston Terrier puppies are adorable, and if you’re thinking about getting one, you may be wondering what they will look like at six weeks old.

This article is more to set the stage for a coming Boston Terrier because a Boston should not leave its mother any sooner than 8 weeks of age.

But keep reading to learn more and see videos of these adorable pups.

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6 Week Boston Terrier Puppy Milestone

Here is what you can expect when it comes to what they look like, overall size, shots they will get around this time, how playful they are, and more.

If you want to know what to expect over the coming year with your Boston Terriers development, be sure to check out this article here: A Boston’s First Year – Stages Of Growth & Puppy Development.

What A 6 Week Boston Terrier Puppy Will Look Like

Below are three different videos to give you an idea of what a 6-week-old Boston Terrier puppy looks like. Remember that Boston Terrier puppies come in three colors: black and white, brindle and white, and seal and white.

The Boston Terrier breed is small, with a short tail and erect ears. They have a square-shaped head, and their coat is short and fine.

When fully grown, Boston Terriers weigh between 10 and 25 pounds.

At six weeks old, your Boston Terrier puppy will already be starting to show his or her personality. Some Boston Terriers are more laid back, while others are quite active.

As far as physical appearance goes, your Boston Terrier puppy will have teeth, and their breeder would have begun offering soft food at this point.

Their coat will be short and fine, and they will have the signature Boston Terrier markings on their face.

Their legs will be proportionate to their body, and they will start to develop muscle tone.

Enjoy the videos!

Boston Terrier Puppy 6-Week Videos

Note: Boston Terrier Society is not promoting any of these breeders who may have a YouTube channel. We are simply using these videos as a reference for you. Make sure you do proper due diligence when finding a breeder. Here are resources to find a good breeder, How To Find A Reputable Breeder.


What shots will a 6-week-old Boston Terrier puppy have to get?

Shots are important for puppies so they can stay healthy. At six weeks old, your Boston Terrier puppy will need to have received their first set of shots and a dewormer.

These shots would be Distemper, measles, and parainfluenza and can be given around 6 to 8-weeks of age (Source).

The shots protect your puppy from disease, and the dewormer is important to keep them healthy and free from parasites.

What size will a 6-week-old Boston Terrier be?

At six weeks old, your Boston Terrier will weight somewhere between 3 and 5 pounds.

What should I feed my 6-week-old Boston Terrier?

You should be feeding your Boston Terrier puppy a high-quality, puppy food that is designed for their small stomachs and growing needs.

You can soak kibble in water or milk to make it softer and easier for them to eat.

Here are some quality dog foods a 6-week old Boston Terrier could eat, be sure to talk with your veterinarian to decide on the right food for your Boston.

What type of personality will my 6-week-old Boston Terrier have?

At six weeks old, your Boston Terrier puppy will start developing their own personality. Some Boston Terriers are more laid back, while others are more active and playful.

You will start to see some of their distinct personality traits starting to come out at this age.

What type of coat will my 6-week-old Boston Terrier have?

At six weeks old, your Boston Terrier’s coat will be short and smooth. The adult coat will not come in until they are around 6 months to 1 year old.

Should a 6-Week Old Boston Terrier puppy leave its mother?

Boston Terrier puppies should stay with their mother until they are at least eight weeks old. By leaving too early, the puppies could miss out on important nutritional and social benefits from their mother.

Boston Terrier puppies that are removed from their mother too early are also more likely to have behavioral problems.

Final Thoughts

Boston Terrier puppies are adorable at six weeks old and will continue to grow in size and stature. As they approach their first birthday, Boston Terriers will reach their full adult size.

If you’re considering adding a Boston Terrier puppy to your family, be sure to research the breed and learn what to expect as your pup grows [Boston Terrier Puppy’s First Year].

Keep an eye on our blog for more Boston Terrier content, including photos and videos of puppies at different stages in their development!

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