About The Boston Terrier Society

The Boston Terrier Society’s Mission

The Boston Terrier Society is a resource and community for owners and lovers of the Boston Terrier breed.

“We help current and prospective Boston Terrier owners become better Boston parents.”

~Donnie Gardner, Founder

Our Story

The Boston Terrier Society was founded by Donnie Gardner and his Boston Bella. The goal of creating the Boston Terrier Society was to establish a central hub for all Boston Terrier owners, fans, and admirers.

Here you will find entertainment, information, news updates and more about Bostons.

One major piece that sets the Boston Terrier Society apart from other dog websites is all our writers are Boston Terrier owners.

In addition, we bring experts on to the Boston Terrier Society podcast to get a deeper insight into the Boston breed.

Plus, the Society gets input for its articles by surveying the thousands of social media followers, many of whom are Boston owners.

Fun Things The Society Does

The Boston Terrier Society holds photo contests, as well as giveaways.

Above is a photo of Penny from Canada. Penny won the Halloween photo contest, her prize was a free oil painting.

Photos Of Members Who Have Posted Articles On The Boston Terrier Society Website

Where You Can Find The Boston Terrier Society

Here are all the platforms where you can find the Society. Be sure to check out your favorite and join in on the conversation.

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