12 Best Dog Cremation Businesses In Alabama

We all know how difficult it can be to lose a beloved pet, and that’s why finding the right business to handle cremation services is so important.

If you’re in Alabama, we’ve compiled a list of your area’s best dog cremation businesses with information about cost and cremation processes.

Read on for more information and peace of mind.

Dog Cremation Businesses In Alabama

Here is a complete list of pet cremation businesses in the state of Alabama.

Pets At Peace

As a family-owned and operated business, they have established a strong reputation built on trust, reliability, and exceptional service. Pets at Peace has set high standards in the pet cremation industry, ensuring peace of mind during difficult times.

Address: 3469 McDaniel Street Pelham, AL 35124

Cost – Contact Pets At Peace for pricing.

See Pets At Peace Reviews here – Google Reviews

Website: https://www.petsatpeaceal.com/

Phone Number: 205-467-7695

Email Address: petsatpeaceal@gmail.com

Alabama Pet Cremation

Address: 138 Industrial Park Dr. Woodstock, AL. 35188

Cost –

Alabama Pet Cremation – Private Cremation
0 – 24 lbs$150.00
25 – 49 lbs$195.00
50 – 99 lbs$265.00
100 – 199 lbs$335.00
200 + lbs$335.00 + $1.50/lb
*See pricing on the website; items are included in pricing beyond the cremation itself.

See Alabama Pet Cremation’s Reviews here – Google Reviews

Website: https://alpetcremation.com/

Phone Number: (205) 378-2505

Email Address: info@alpetcremation.com

Family Pet Cremation of Alabama

Address: 108 41st St S, Birmingham, AL 35222

Cost –

Family Pet Cremation of Alabama – Private Cremation
1 – 25 lbs$275.00
26 – 55 lbs$325.00
56 – 95 lbs$350.00
96 – 150 lbs$400.00
150 + lbs$450.00
*See pricing on the website; items are included in pricing beyond the cremation itself.

See Family Pet Cremation of Alabama’s Reviews here – Google Reviews

Website: https://www.familypetloss.com/

Phone Number: (205) 592-0095

Email Address: info@familypetloss.com

Landmark Pet Cremation, LLC

Address: 765 tiger oak drive, Pike Rd, AL 36064

Cost – Contact Landmark Pet Cremation, LLC for pricing.

See Landmark Pet Cremation, LLC’s Reviews here – Google Reviews

Website: https://www.landmarkpetcremation.com/

Phone Number: 334-777-1680

Email Address: service@landmarkpetcremation.com

Loving Companion Pet Cemetery and Services

Address: 7309 University Blvd E, Cottondale, AL, 35453

Cost – Contact Loving Companion Pet Cemetery and Services for pricing.

See Loving Companion Pet Reviews here – Google Reviews

Website: http://www.lovingcompanionpet.com/

Phone Number: 205-554-0670

Email Address: lovingcompanion.layla@gmail.com

Journeys End Pet Cremation Services

Address: 6407 Highway 431, Alexandria, AL 36250

Cost – Contact Journeys End Pet Cremation Services for pricing.

See Journeys End Pet Cremation Services Reviews here – Google Reviews

Website: http://www.journeysendpetcremation.com/

Phone Number: 256-225-9075

Email Address: journeysendpetcremation@outlook.com

HALO Pet Crematory LLC

Address: 3400 Highway 72, Killen, AL 35645

Cost – Contact HALO Pet Crematory LLC for pricing.

See HALO Pet Crematory LLC Reviews here – Google Reviews

Website: http://www.halopetcrematory.com/

Phone Number: 256-942-6110

Email Address: NA

Pet Angel Memorial Center

Address: 5870 Old Pascagoula Road, Mobile, AL 36619

Cost – Contact Pet Angel Memorial Center for pricing.

See Pet Angel Memorial Center Reviews here – Google Reviews

Website: http://www.petangelmemorialcenter.com/

Phone Number: 251-461-6823

Email Address: info@petangelmemorialcenter.com

Peaceful Path Pet Cremation

Address: 1301 Neal Metcalf Rd, Enterprise, AL 36330

Cost – Contact Peaceful Path Pet Cremation for pricing.

See Peaceful Path Pet Cremation Reviews here – Google Reviews

Website: http://www.peacefulpathpetcrematory.com/

Phone Number: 334-390-0067

Email Address: info@peacefulpathpetaquamation.com

Enterprise Pet Crematory

Address: 4550 Boll Weevil Circle #2 Enterprise Alabama 36330

Cost – Contact Enterprise Pet Crematory for pricing.

See Enterprise Pet Crematory Reviews here – Google Reviews

Website: https://www.enterprisepetcrematory.com/

Phone Number: (334) 347-0373

Email Address: pets@enterprisepetcrematory.com

Elysian Pet Memorial

Address: 3809 Moffett Rd, Mobile, AL, 36618

Cost –

Elysian Pet Memorial – Private Cremation
1lb or less$99.00
2-30 Pounds$165.00
31-60 Pounds$200.00
61-90 Pounds$225.00
91-120 Pounds$250.00
121-200 Pounds$300.00
200+ Pounds$300.00 + $1.25/lb
*See pricing on the website; items are included in pricing beyond the cremation itself.

See Elysian Pet Memorial Reviews here – Google Reviews

Website: https://www.elysianpetmemorial.com/

Phone Number: 251-460-1588

Email Address: contact@elysianpetmemorial.com

Sorrells Funeral Home & Crematory

Address: 4550 Boll Weevil Circle, Enterprise, AL 36330

Cost – Contact Sorrells Funeral Home & Crematory for pricing.

See Sorrells Funeral Home & Crematory Reviews here – Google Reviews

Website: https://www.sorrellsfuneralhomeenterprise.com/

Phone Number: 334-347-9598

Email Address: sfhenterprise@gmail.com

Dog Cremation Businesses in Alabama.

Common Dog Cremation Questions In Alabama

How much is dog cremation in Alabama?

In Alabama, you can expect to pay $250.00 for a private cremation for your beloved dog. Now, this is based on a dog weighing 25 – 50 lbs. The price can vary if your dog is less or more than this.

Note on pricing: Many pet cremation centers offer additional add-ons that can cost you money, like being present during the cremation, or an urn, amongst other things. It is essential to contact the facility you want to use to get accurate pricing based on your needs.

When should I contact a dog cremation service in Alabama?

It is advisable to contact a dog cremation service in Alabama as soon as your pet passes away or when euthanasia is scheduled. This allows you to discuss the process, understand the costs involved, and make arrangements for your pet’s remains.

Some families also contact cremation services when their pet nears the end of life to seek advice and emotional support. It’s always better to have the information and arrangements in place beforehand, reducing stress during the emotionally taxing time of your pet’s passing.

How long does it take to get my dog’s ashes back from a crematory in Alabama?

In Alabama, you can expect your dog’s ashes to be returned to you within 72 hours after leaving them at the crematory. This, of course, depends on the facility. You will need to contact the crematory you plan on using for details.

Are there cremation services where they will pick up my dog in Alabama?

Yes, many crematories do offer a pick-up service. You must contact the cremation business you plan on using to determine cost and availability. You can expect to pay around $50.00 for this service.

What are some loving ways to honor my dog’s ashes?

There are many unique and heartfelt ways to honor your pet’s ashes. You could consider turning a small portion of the ashes into a piece of jewelry, such as a pendant or charm, which you can keep close at all times.

In addition, you may choose to plant a tree or a flower in your garden using the ashes, creating a living, growing tribute to your pet. Alternatively, you could scatter the ashes in your pet’s favorite spot or a place where they loved to play or relax.

A more creative idea might be to commission an artist to create a painting or sculpture incorporating a small amount of the ashes, providing a visual and enduring tribute. Whichever way you choose to honor your dog’s ashes, the most important thing is that it provides comfort and helps keep the memory of your beloved pet alive.

What is the least expensive way to cremate a dog in Alabama?

The least expensive way to cremate a dog in Alabama would typically be through communal or partitioned cremation. In these services, multiple pets are cremated together, and the ashes are not returned to the owners, resulting in a lower cost compared to private cremations. Prices vary depending on the size of the pet and the specific cremation service, but you can expect to pay as little as $60.00.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has helped you decide which dog cremation business is the best for your pet. Whether you choose a group or private cremation, each company offers your beloved furry friend a respectful and dignified farewell.

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