Best Dog Subscription Box

While your dog loves nothing more than cuddles and attention from you, a gift every month doesn’t hurt either, and that’s where subscription boxes come in.

Not only do you get to spoil your furry pal with treats and toys each month, but subscription boxes are a convenient way to replenish your dog’s chewed-up toys and well-deserved treats.

With a subscription box, there’s no need to worry about stocking up on toys and treats, as they’ll be delivered right to your door at a time that suits you. 

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Take a look at these dog subscription boxes below and show your canine companion just how much you appreciate them!

Best Dog Subscription Box

1. BarkBox

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With over 60,000 subscribers, BarkBox is the leader in dog subscription boxes. Every month you’ll receive a box with all-natural treats, chews, and original toys, all with a unique theme.

The toys themselves are unique too, you won’t find them anywhere else! Plus, each box promises to contain something different every time. So your dog will always have new toys and treats to look forward to!

Each box contains at least 2 toys, 2 healthy treats, and a tasty, dental chew. You can also tailor your box so it’s unique to your dog’s preferences and requirements. BarkBox is allergy-friendly, and Large Dog boxes are available for dogs weighing around 50 lbs+.

All treats and chews are made with quality ingredients in the USA and Canada and sourced globally. So you know that while your dog is busy gnawing on their delicious new treats, they’re chewing on the best!

A 1-month subscription to BarkBox is $35 a month, while a 6-12 month subscription can either be paid monthly or with an upfront fee. A 6-month subscription to BarkBox is $25 a month (or $135 upfront), while a 12-month subscription is $22 a month (or $239 upfront). For those interested in a 6-12 month subscription, there is a coupon available to sweeten the deal. Sign up for a 6-12 month subscription and you will be eligible for an extra free month!

It only takes 2-3 days for BarkBox to prepare your first box for shipping, and then 2-8 business days to deliver to your home if you live in the continental United States. For those in Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, or Alaska, your box should arrive in 4-12 business days. Shipping is free in the continental U.S. and $8 everywhere else. Subsequent boxes ship around the 15th of each month following the same time frames as above.


  • Unique, exclusive toys – From spiky ball toys to dog toy rope, puppy toys to interactive chew toys, whatever your fun-loving furry pal loves to play with, Barkbox has got you covered with unique toys you won’t find anywhere else!
  • Allergy-free – Barkbox offers allergy-free options and their products are wheat, soy, and corn-free.
  • Supports good causes – BarkBox supports shelter dogs by giving 10% of their profits to over 3,000 rescues.
  • Excellent Customer Service – BarkBox has been praised for its great customer service, and will work with you if you are unhappy with your box.
  • Tailored Deliveries – If you would like to make amends to your delivery slots, you can contact BarkBox Customer Service to work your subscription around you.


  • Separate Program for Tough Chewers – If your dog is a particularly tough chewer you would need to sign up for their Super Chewer Program. This is more expensive, costing around an extra $7-$16 a month.
  • Automatic Renewal – Plans are set to auto-renew, but if you would like to cancel your subscription you can do this by visiting their website.

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2. PupJoy

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PupJoy is easily one of the most customizable dog subscription boxes on the market, and this is partly due to their new BYOD system (Build Your Own Deliveries). This allows you to choose from different toys, treats, and/or chews.

Is your dog a particularly heavy chewer? Select some of Pupjoy’s tougher toys and they can chew to their heart’s content! Or maybe your dog has a more sensitive tummy? PupJoy has you covered with a selection of toys available for dogs with particular dietary needs.

But the customization doesn’t just stop at the yummy treats. Delivery preferences are flexible too, with boxes that ship every 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 2 months, 3 months, and even up to 6 months.

While the boxes are customizable, you can start with 8 items. These include 4 treats, 2 high-quality toys, and 2 extra-thick grass-fed bully sticks. But you can always add more, and every toy is unique and exclusive. All toys come from the best independent, socially responsible manufacturers.

As the boxes are so customized, prices will vary. But PupJoy does offer discounts and coupons so you’re not breaking the bank. There are discounts available for auto-shipping and adding additional items. For example, you can get a 2% discount off your whole order for each item added up to 20%. You can also save $10 on a purchase of $50 or more by using coupon code ‘10bones’ at checkout.

Boxes ship within one day of your order. Shipping to the US is free while shipping to Canada costs $5.


  • Treat variety – PupJoy offers a wide variety of treats including protein sensitive, grain-free, all-natural, and organic treats to meet your dog’s dietary needs.
  • Kind to tummies – All treats are free of unnatural additives and chemicals.
  • Supporting good causes – For each subscription, PupJoy donates $2 to the BISSELL Pet Foundation that helps pets in shelters and rescues.
  • BYOD (Build Your Own Deliveries) – Their BYOD system means you can customize and tailor items to your dog’s needs and preferences.
  • Flexible subscription – Their flexible subscription service means you can receive deliveries every 2 weeks or up to 6 months.


  • More expensive than most – Due to their BYOD system, PupJoy is more expensive than others.
  • Automatic renewal – Unless you cancel your subscription to PupJoy it will get automatically renewed.

[amazon box=”B08HQP2TY5″]

3. BoxDog

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BoxDog offers quarterly dog subscription boxes that contain 6-8 items. These include seasonal toys, gear, and gadgets of your choice, 4 handmade treats, and 1 skincare item. These handmade treats include frosted cookies, donuts, cupcakes, and many other goodies that are not only dog-friendly but human-friendly too! 

All skincare items are vegan and cruelty-free and from the official BoxDog line. These items include nose balm, paw salve, shampoo, CBD oil, and more. That all makes for one pampered pooch! 

All toys come from the official BoxDog line too, and each box comes with seasonal gear and gadgets. DogBox has you covered all year round! But one surprising toy is the box itself. Yes, really! BoxDog has the biggest box around, large enough for some dogs to jump and play in.

BoxDog costs $39.99 and that includes adding 2 premium items to your box, consisting of toys, gear, and gadgets. Adding 3 premium items brings the total to $49.99. It’s worth bearing in mind that your box comes with 4 handmade treats and 1 skincare item as standard. So while the initial fee is $39.99 you will be charged for items you add on.

Your first order is usually shipped within 1-2 business days. Shipping is free in the continental U.S. Shipping costs $12 to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska, and it’s $20 to ship to the UK and Canada. As the box is seasonal the shipping schedule is as follows: September 15 for Fall, December 9 for Winter, March 15 for Spring, and June 15 for Summer.


  • Natural handmade treats – Boxdog offers natural, handmade treats made by their very own dog chefs. They also offer a grain-free quarterly box and monthly box.
  • No contracts – This box is unique in that you pay a one-time fee and you can cancel anytime.
  • No extra charge for big dogs or tough chewers – Boxdog doesn’t charge extra for gentle giants or keen chewers!
  • Unique items – Boxdog offers unique items such as vegan skincare items, and even clothing, leashes, and costumes. 
  • Make the box your own – You can customize the items in your box before every shipment. 


  • Expensive – BoxDog is more expensive than most companies. 
  • Possibly not allergy-friendly – Despite natural, handmade treats and vegan and cruelty-free skincare items, there is no mention of the products being allergy-friendly.
  • Seasonal – You can only receive a BoxDog subscription box 4 times a year. 

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4. Dapper Dog Box

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Dapper Dog Box is a monthly themed subscription box that caters to dogs of all ages and sizes. Themes include ‘Birthday Party’, ‘Fiesta’, ‘Under the Sea’, and ‘Happy Howlidays.’ Each box contains 5 items including 2 toys, 2 treats, and a limited edition themed bandana. Your pup is sure to turn heads in their cool new accessory! 

Dapper Dog Box is all about natural treats and chews made locally in the USA. Their boxes include meat treats from a family farm, handmade dog cookies from a local bakery, superfood nuggets, and more. So not only are you treating your dog to delicious, healthy snacks, but supporting small businesses too. Win-win! 

Dapper Dog Box is now available on Amazon and first-time subscribers can get a deal of $25.90 for their first box. Boxes after that are $35, saving you $9.10 on your first box!

Order on or before the 17th of the month via their website and Dapper Dog Box will ship you that month’s box. If you order afterward, you will have to wait to receive next month’s box. Boxes get shipped around the 10th of each month and shipping is free in the U.S. Shipping to Canada costs $4.99, and $25 to all other countries.


  • Supports small business – Dapper Dog Box sources its treats from local businesses based in the U.S. and from companies who love dogs as much as they do.
  • ‘Gift a Box’ feature – The ‘Gift a Box’ feature on their website lets you try one box for $35 and doesn’t rebill you. Perfect if you would like to gift this box to a loved one, or try the box without a subscription.
  • Allergy-friendly options – Dapper Dog Box offers allergy-friendly options that include no wheat, chicken, or beef. Not only that but there is never any rawhide or animal bone in their boxes.
  • Supports good causes – Not only is a subscription to Dapper Dog Box supporting local businesses but a portion of their sales are donated to charities that help rescue and shelter dogs, so you will be helping animals in need too. 


  • Not customizable – Unlike some of the other dog subscription boxes, Dapper Dog Box is the least customizable. 

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5. Gnaw Box Chew Treats Box

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Gnaw Box is a monthly subscription service that specializes in natural dog chews and treats. Each box comes with 15-20 chews and treats as well as a surprise gift.

As this subscription box focuses on chewing, the boxes vary. There is a small box for light chewers and a medium/large box for moderate and heavy, aggressive chewers. All boxes are filled with naturally made, long-lasting items.

Boxes include jerky chews, bully sticks, tendons, salmon treats, yak chews, and deer and elk antlers. 

The small and light chewers box costs $24.99 per month while the large and aggressive chewers box costs $29.99. You can cancel at any time. Boxes are packaged on the 15th of each month and shipping is free in the U.S.


  • Supports dental health – Gnaw box is all about good dental health. Using their chews will help to reduce plaque and tartar, promoting healthy teeth and gums. Not only that but daily chewing also helps eliminate bad breath too!
  • Rawhide free – Gnaw Box’s rawhide free treats are a great alternative to chemically made rawhide bones and twists. Their treats are water-cleaned and then oven-baked to perfection with no additives or artificial ingredients.
  • Safe and responsible company – Gnaw Box follows a 5 step safety process that includes fresh, raw material sourcing, irradiation, professional lab testing, products packaged in the USA, and UV disinfection of their facilities.


  • Unattractive packaging – The packaging is very plain and does not contain a guide or information on the chews and treats inside. 

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How do Subscription Boxes Work?

Perhaps some of the items above have got your tail wagging and you would like to give them a try. But if you’ve never had a subscription box before, you may be wondering how they work. Below we’ll take you through the process. Please note that while there are similarities between how dog subscription boxes work, each company is slightly different.

Tell them about your dog: When signing up for a dog subscription box, you will be asked a few questions about your dog. This will usually be regarding their size, breed, age, and any allergies they may have. This is so the company knows what size box to send you and what items to remove. However, not all companies are allergy-friendly.

Pick a subscription length: Most companies send boxes monthly, while others send boxes quarterly or on another schedule. Monthly subscriptions usually offer boxes once a month, every 3 months, 6 months, or twelve months. Normally longer subscriptions mean a lower monthly payment and plans usually auto-renew if not canceled. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you may have to contact the subscription box’s customer service team but this all depends on the company.

Pick your products: Some companies are more customizable than others, allowing you to pick what items you receive. Meanwhile, some companies, like BarkBox, send surprise items. However, you can contact BarkBox’s customer service team to make tweaks to the items you receive. However, you can’t request specific products. 

Delivery and payment: Once you have chosen a subscription length and picked your products, all that is left to do is wait for delivery. Depending on policies, some companies will send your first box straight away, while for others you will have to wait until a certain date when all the boxes are being shipped. You should receive subsequent boxes on a set date each month, but this can vary from company to company. Some companies will bill you monthly, while others charge an upfront fee. Subscription boxes usually require payment by credit card or Paypal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dog subscription boxes worth it?

Dog subscription boxes are certainly convenient and can make more financial sense in the long run – especially if your dog goes through a lot of toys!

One drawback however is the potential for excess toys cluttering your home. If you do find this is the case, a good tip is to donate any extra or unwanted toys to a dog who needs them!

Are there dog boxes without a subscription?

Yes, there are. One-time boxes are available from websites like Chewy and Amazon. 

However, some subscription boxes offer one-time gift boxes that you can send to yourself. For example, BarkBox’s one-time gift box is the same price as their month-to-month plan.

You can also sign up for a month-to-month plan and then cancel auto-renewal straight away.

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