Boston Terrier Owner’s Survey: 50 Owners Responded

Are you thinking about getting a Boston Terrier? If you are, you probably have a lot of questions. I was able to survey 50 Boston Terrier owners about their Boston. 

Even though 50 Boston owners were surveyed, some owners had more than one Boston, so a total of 54 Boston were examined. 

Boston Terrier Owner’s Survey: 50 Owners Responded. Boston Terrier Society.

However, this did make the survey a little imperfect because some answers only allowed for a single response. Meaning the short answer responses allowed for multiple answers where the owner could elaborate on numerous dogs, but the specific response questions only allowed for one. 

While this might make the survey a little imperfect, it still gives us a good idea and understanding about Boston Terriers in general.

Here is what I found out…

What is your Boston’s name?

UtleyShi ShiCharlotte
NunyJo JoLadybug
Bella (4)Henry (2)Luna (2)
EsmeJudge RiddickMagoo
MarvNelsonSir Archibald Draz the First
Buster McBoo

What gender is your Boston?

This was surprisingly almost an even split. There were 26 males (52%) and 24 females (48%).

How old is your Boston?

It was pretty well evenly distributed concerning age.

Points scored

Who did you buy your Boston from?

The majority of respondents had bought their Boston Terrier from a breeder. The actual numbers broke down as follows:

  • Breeders – 32 (64%)
  • Other – 11 (22%)
  • Rescue – 4 (8%)
  • My Boston was given to me – 2 (4%)
  • Pet Store – 1 (2%)

Some of the responses to other included:

  • This Boston in the survey was offspring from another Boston I had.
  • A non-breeder family was selling Boston’s.
  • A third-party puppy-broker was used.

How much did you pay for your Boston?

Of those who did pay for their Boston, they were asked to say how much. Some of the answers were omitted because the response was in non-U.S. currency. While I do believe this information could be useful, the sample size was not large enough, so I decided not to include it in this article.

Of the U.S. denominated Boston purchases, there were 26 respondents. Below is the total:

  • Average cost: $646.60
  • Max cost: $1,500.00
  • Lowest cost: $200.00 

For the lowest cost, the price of free or application fees from rescues was not included.

Is your Boston Terrier registered with papers?

I thought this was an interesting question. Because in the survey if all are purebreds, I should see very similar answers throughout regarding temperament and personality. 

Of the responses, 30 (60%) said yes. While 17 (34%) reported, no, and 3 (6%) were not sure. The unsure answers may have gotten their Boston from a shelter or rescue.

When you leave your home for the day, does your Boston have separation anxiety?

Bella, my Boston, had horrible separation anxiety when she was younger. One thing I did to help with this was to make sure Emily and I took her for a walk before we left the house. The best approach is to go on long walks before you leave if you can.

Giving your Boston proper exercise will reduce their separation anxiety.

Some respondents in the survey stated their Boston has separation anxiety so bad it doesn’t matter if you leave them even for 10 minutes.

Check out my article on how to handle separation anxiety in Boston’s, “How To Help Your Boston With Separation Anxiety.”

Sofia and Me getting home and Bella destroyed the house!

How much do you spend annually on your Boston Terrier?

The majority of respondents (11 or 22%) stated they spend over $1,500.00 per year on their Boston. I personally spend around $850 per year on Bella when it comes to her food, vet visits, medications, and random purchases.

According to this survey, nearly 80% of Boston Terrier owners spend less than $1,500.00 per year on their Boston Terrier.

What dog food do you feed your Boston Terrier?

Surprisingly this answer was all over the place. Individuals fed their dog everything from homemade dog food to raw to prescription-grade dog food from their veterinarian. The number next to the food indicates more than one response.

Homemade recipe (5)Science Diet (3)
Dry food (3)Blue Buffalo (2)
Raw (2)Grain-Free Diet
Royal CaninWellness and Merrick
Redford naturalNutro lamb and rice small bite 
Natural balancePedigrees 
BARFPurina Vet EN Gastrique
Purina Pro-sport 60/40Purina Active Senior
Canine puppy food Nupec
Purina Dog Chow (Green Bag)Blue adult chicken & brown rice
Nutro Small breed adultPurina one smart blend
Whole Earth Grain FreeIams
Castor and PollocksInstinct limited ingredients 
Royal CaninFromm
Hills Science Diet Merrick 
Purina Essentials Vet DietPurina one true instinct 
Hill’sMD Science DietMDJames Wellbeloved wet food and kibble 
Redford limited ingredient puppy grain-freeHills prescription diet metabolic and ground turkey
Natural Balance limited ingredients sweet potato and venison

Bella, my Boston Terrier, is fed Blue Buffalo Salmon. It is a grain-free dog food to help with her grain sensitivity. Surprisingly, when I spoke to my veterinarian about Bella’s diet, she was impressed Bella could handle an all salmon diet. Apparently, some Boston’s have issue with this diet. 

All dogs are different, even dogs of the same breed. You will need to find a dog food that works best for your Boston. Be sure to experiment with several foods to see which one your Boston enjoys the most and is suitable for her health.

Does your Boston Terrier like to swim?

As for my Bella, she loves to swim in the water. However, a majority of respondents have not tried to let their Boston go for a swim. Here are the findings from the survey.

  • Never tried – 21 (42%)
  • Yes – 15 (30%)
  • No – 14 (28%)

Does your Boston Terrier chew on things weekly? Your personal belongings. Do you come home to torn up shoes, couch, etc.

My personal story is Bella only liked to chew on things when she was a little puppy to about the age of two years old. Emily and I have bought a number of friend’s shoes because Bella had decided to make them her chew toy.

In the survey, the overwhelming answer was, NO. Which is great news if you are looking for a dog who will not be chewing things up. However, even at Bella’s old age of 10 years, she will still get into trash and food on the table if left out while we are away. 

  • No – 44 (88%)
  • Yes – 6 (12%)
Is your Boston Terrier good with kids? Boston Terrier Society.
Sofia loving on Bella.

Is your Boston Terrier good with kids?

  • Yes – 45 (90%)
  • No – 4 (8%)
  • I don’t know – 1 (2%) 

Is your Boston aggressive towards humans?

  • No – 49 (98%)
  • Yes – 1 (2%)

Is your Boston aggressive towards other dogs?

  • No – 31 (62%)
  • Yes – 18 (36%)
  • I don’t know – 1 (2%)

Would you say your Boston Terrier was easy to train?

  • Yes – 42 (84%)
  • No – 6 (12%)
  • I never did anything with my Boston – 2 (4%)

Is your Boston stubborn?

  • Yes – 29 (58%)
  • No – 21 (42%)

Does your Boston like to cuddle?

  • Yes – 47 (94%)
  • No – 3 (6%)

Is your Boston good with cats?

  • I don’t know – 23 (46%)
  • Yes – 16 (32%)
  • No – 11 (22%)

Does your Boston run away if you leave the door open?

I love this about the majority of Boston’s, they do not run away. I can leave the door open, and Bella will stay right there by my side. My sister’s dogs, wiener dogs, will run off as soon as they have the opportunity.

  • Yes – 36 (72%)
  • No – 14 (28%)
  • I don’t know – 0 (0%)

Does your Boston pass gas (fart)?

Bella’s farts can literally clear the room…I’m not exaggerating if she farts you will want to leave the room for a minute or two.

  • Yes – 42 (84%)
  • Not often – 7 (14%)
  • No – 1 (2%)

If someone asked you they wanted to get a dog, would you recommend a Boston?

I really liked this response.

  • Yes – 50 (100%)

Why did you buy a Boston Terrier?

If you are thinking about getting a Boston Terrier, you may resonate with some of these answers.

  • I fell in love with the breed.
  • I liked the size of the breed but also that they were sturdy and could play a bit more aggressive than other small dogs.
  • Tanner is our 5th Boston and the only breed that we would have. They are like Family. They are our Love Babies. We Love Them. ❤
  • We wanted a Boxer but didn’t have space.
  • Wanted a friend for our other Boston Delwood.
  • I don’t know, I’ve always liked them. It was 10 years ago. 
  • Friends got two from litter. He was the last one, so we said what the hell.
  • Good with kids, Shorthair, doesn’t shed, energetic, independent. 
  • Did research that they were good with children and that they were full of personality and affectionate.
  • Affectionate, loving pets with character. 
  • Temperament, size, no barking, trainability.
  • Because I researched and it fitted perfectly with my lifestyle. I take them both everywhere, by plane, car, and boat, as well as to work. Their size allows me to always be with them. I especially like them for their character.
  • I had one and thought I had lost her. My wife surprised me with Moonpie as a pup.
  • Peanut was a gift from my ex.
  • Researched it, no shedding or dander.
  • Love the breed.
  • We fell in love with their looks and what we had read about the breed.
  • Because my son gave me that cutie puppy, I was melting for her. 
  • Researched the breed – size, low maintenance (grooming), personality.
  • Very sweet and comical.
  • We researched smaller dogs as we have a small house (big yard) and their temperament seemed right. When I saw the first puppy, I was hooked.
  • Company for my first – good plan.
  • Size, hypoallergenic, and good with people.
  • Researched a lot of different breeds and felt a Boston would suit us. 
  • The third generation in my family to own a Boston.
  • A small dog that loves the water and can be left indoors for long periods.
  • Always wanted a Boston.
  • Love the breed.
  • This is my second Boston, and I loved my first one.
  • Broke up with my ex and he kept our Bernese mountain dog, and I always grew up with dogs and didn’t see myself without one. So I did lots of research for smaller breeds and fell in love with Boston Terriers. I have been told the breed would be too energetic for me, but I didn’t listen got my dog and no regrets! She gave me the boost I needed, and we are inseparable xD
  • We’ve had two before milo and loved them!
  • This is my second Boston. I chose a Boston first because their temperament and lifestyle fits with mine very well. I like active fun dogs that are short hair, easy to train, and also cuddlers. 
  • My dad wanted one because his dad always wished to have one.
  • He needed a home and was so darn cute.
  • Size and personality.
  • I wanted a fun, energetic, loving family dog.
  • I always liked them.
  • He was given to us.
  • They are low maintenance, easy to train, great with kids and loyal, loving, funny dogs.
  • They are cute and seemed like fun.
  • Don’t have to worry about hair everywhere and doesn’t drool. Great with kids.
  • Even though I did not buy Roxie, I did purchase my first Boston Terrier for $250.00 in 1989. Someone gave us a Boston while I was in high school and, from that experience, I fell in love with the breed. All of my other Boston’s have been rescues.
  • Small size, friendly with kids, active but not too much.
  • We loved the look of Boston’s, and luckily, they suited our lifestyle. 
  • Always wanted a Boston since I was a kid, never even considered any other breed.
  • Just always liked their looks and energy.
  • Had big dogs my entire life, never wanted a small dog. Went to a breeder and was blown away at how cute and cuddly they were. No way was I leaving without one.
  • Great personality. Easy to train. 
  • My favorite breed.
Boston Terrier Owner’s Survey: 50 Owners Responded. Boston Terrier Society.
I would like to share. I’m FAST!!!

Anything you would like to share as a Boston owner?

This is where I gave the respondents of the survey to share whatever was on their mind related to Boston Terriers.

  • Even if they have health issues, I love both of them. I would do it all over again.
  • My Boston often approaches people very quickly and sometimes scares people. He isn’t aggressive but comes on very strong and will jump up. We can’t seem to break that habit.
  • She is the best dog ever!
  • Love that they don’t shed and are so sweet.
  • Smart but stubborn breed. Very affectionate and loves to cuddle. They can be trained to do almost anything by being consistent in your discipline. 
  • I think if you have another pet like a cat and bring a Boston puppy home to it, they would get along. They are very social with other dogs and pets. 
  • I have two of them. Educating the daughter was and still is a little bit harder because the mother steals her toys all the time and leaves her with no choice but to sometimes destroy things. But she is getting there!  Had to change the approach with her! 
  • They are adorable, smart, and wonderful animals!!!
  • Had a long weekend off when we brought him home as a puppy. Every time he played, slept, ate, drank, got excited, I took him outside. He has never gone to the bathroom in the house in 5 years. He did spit up some until we got him the “more expensive ” food. Now he is perfect. He confuses playful dogs as aggressive when they meet on a walk and seems to try to defend himself. But perfect around people and other pet friends in our home. 
  • I have two Boston’s. Puppy is 13 months, and she does chew on things.
  • Her traits have changed as she has aged. She was never aggressive toward other dogs till age 3 ½.
  • Boston Terriers are the kindest, brave, intelligent, and lovable dog. 
  • I just bought a second one as we love the breed so much.
  • Ladybug is very animated, a bit of a diva, and responds to you with facial expressions as if she’s just about to talk. Super smart 🙂
  • I have two Bostons, and both have entirely different quirks, but they have the Boston personalities that are just so “Boston.” How they play and their guard dog mentality. They think they are bigger than they are.  
  • My dog’s personalities complement each other. Female is dominant, and the male is more passive, it is a good mix.
  • She snores bad, but I love her so much I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.
  • Esme also suffers from epilepsy.
  • They are goofy cute and will win your heart.
  • Your question about papers. Judge has them, but I never registered him, and I am not allowed to breed him, I only got papers with proof of neuter. He is also almost blind. Edema of the cornea (common in Breed) and juvenile cataracts. I must give him three eye drops three times a day. He is a crazy loud snorter and for bad vision gets around great using the doggie door all the time. This is also my third Boston. He is a bit aggressive because of his vision. I can open the front door, and he runs out going from tree to tree then along curb back inside. He is a crack up 
  • My baby is the most lovable!!  
  • I believe my puppy was abused because she has trust issues, but we are working on it.
  • Boston’s are the best!
  • The sweetest, most friendly breed. I plan always to own one!
  • Even though he was easy to train, he is still very stubborn. You need to be patient and consistent. He was six when we got him, and he easily adapted to our home and lifestyle. We had trouble teaching him not to run away when a door is opened. He finally learned, but I’ve never completely trusted him and always watched when we open the door.
  • Boston’s are hands down the greatest dog under 25 pounds. 
  • Once you’ve had a Boston Terrier, you fall in love with the breed, and often they become your chosen breed for life. 
  • We truly love her!
  • Bella is family ❤️
  • They snore, too!
  • He became very attached to us and we to him, he brought new moments of family happiness.
  • Although Jasper is aggressive with some dogs, this is usually only larger dogs, and even then it’s not all large dogs. He doesn’t usually chew stuff but will chew if left alone for too long, which is rare. 
  • Luna barks at all strangers, including children, so I said she was aggressive to humans. However, she doesn’t attack or bite but acts very aggressive. Once she knows you, she is very friendly. 
  • Mine loves to run and play and needs lots of exercise. Also likes to sleep under the blankets in our bed, and he hates winter.
  • The smartest most loyal dog I’ve ever had. 
  • Buster does not like men that smell of beer and tries to kill larger dogs, even if in a group. 

Final thoughts…

I hope you enjoyed this survey. And this gives you a better idea on whether or not to get a Boston Terrier. Or, hopefully, this survey gave you more insight into your own Boston Terrier and how he or she relates to others Boston’s.

Do you own a Boston Terrier? Would you like to participate in a survey like this? Enter your information below, and the next time a study is conducted, I will email it out to you.

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Donnie Gardner

Donnie Gardner is the owner of the Boston Terrier Society. He has been raising Bella the Boston since 2010. He resides in Kansas with his wife, daughter, and Bella. His favorite activities are hanging out with family, traveling, running (but has bad knees), and reading non-fiction books.

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