Owning A Boston: Danielle’s Experience Buying Online & More

Are you thinking about adding a new addition to the family? In this interview, Danielle tells us how she went about buying her Boston Terrier, Cooper online. As well as her experience owning a Boston.

Danielle loved Cooper so much she went out and bought another Boston, Rocket.

Here is Danielle’s interview…

When did you buy your Boston Terrier?

I bought my Boston Terrier in February of 2013. My husband and I had just gotten married and joked, “the day we buy a house would be the day we get a Boston Terrier.” It had always been a dream of mine. 

I told my husband that we would have a Boston puppy before we had a couch. Because there was a delay in his flight, we got the puppy one day after the couch. We had our Boston the very first week we moved in. 🙂

What concerns did you have buying from a breeder online? How did you overcome these?

I was concerned about buying a puppy from an online breeder because you have to really trust who you’re purchasing from. Cooper came with all of his necessary paperwork and vet visits. Also, he had paperwork from the American Kennel Club, stating his history and lineage. 

In my case, Cooper came from Missouri and had to be shipped to Philadelphia. Shipping the puppy was my greatest concern, but he was handled with care, and everything went smoothly.

How did you choose the breeder you eventually bought Cooper from?

I chose the breeder where Cooper came from by first doing a search for Boston Terrier puppies on Petfinder. From there, I browsed puppy pictures and was linked to the websites of breeders. This is how I mainly did all my research for the Boston I eventually bought. Find the puppy on Petfinder, then click the link to the breeder. 

I chose Cooper because he was unique! Most Bostons have markings with two black eyes, but Cooper had one black and one white! Once I reviewed the breeder’s website, Empty Nest Pets, I saw they were responsible breeders. This breeder only bred their Boston once a year. They had several different breeds that they treated well. 

Their website had customer reviews, and they were very helpful in answering questions. 

Owning A Boston Terrier: Danielle's Experience Buying Online & More.  How To Buy A Boston Terrier Online Review.  Boston Terrier Society.

Did you have your Boston delivered or did you pick Cooper up yourself?

We had Cooper shipped on an airplane, and I went to pick him up myself at the airport hangar. There were many dogs on the same flight.

Why did you decide to buy a Boston?

I decided that I wanted a Boston because I have always been in love with Boston Terriers. They are just an all-around perfect breed of dog. Boston’s are playful, lively, and funny. Plus, they are a great size for families. Yet, big enough to wrestle and play but not too big to be easily picked up or carried. 

Boston’s are low maintenance when it comes to grooming. And training a Boston is a breeze. They have such beautiful markings in their little tuxedo bodies. I just love that they are loving, goofy people pleasers. 

I will NEVER NOT own a Boston Terrier. My husband and I both have had golden retrievers as children, and we are very fond of that breed. However, the size and grooming were concerns of ours with our plans to have children. 

Owning A Boston Terrier: Danielle's Experience Buying Online & More.  How To Buy A Boston Terrier Online Review.  Boston Terrier Society.

Our Bostons have been absolutely perfect with our children and jumping, barking, or shedding has never been an issue. 

What would you recommend to people who are starting their search online for a Boston?

I would recommend that people do their research about the breeders and make sure they are not purchasing from a puppy mill disguised as a reputable breeder. The puppies should be AKC certified. They should have all necessary vet visits, and you should be able to see the puppy’s parents to ensure everyone is being well cared for. 

Ask if the breeder has references from previous customers who have adopted or purchased. 

Is there anything you would do differently if you were about to buy another Boston online?

I did lots of research on the breed, and the breeders before I chose Cooper online. He has been an absolutely perfect fit for our family. I personally would not change anything about the way I got Cooper. 

What have you enjoyed the most about owning Cooper?

The thing that I love most about owning Cooper is the joy he brings to my family and me every day. Many of our friends say that he is a perfect dog, some even say he’s better than their own dogs lol. He really is such a well-behaved gentleman. He is goofy and funny, and he is also very easily trained and obedient. 

Owning A Boston Terrier: Danielle's Experience Buying Online & More.  How To Buy A Boston Terrier Online Review.  Boston Terrier Society.

We love him so much we got a second Boston, named Rocket. I truly believe I will never walk into my home and not have a Boston Terrier there to greet me. 

How can people get in touch with you?

I can be reached at…

Twitter @hoorayfordogs

Instagram @hoorayfordogs

Donnie Gardner

Donnie Gardner is the owner of the Boston Terrier Society. He has been raising Bella the Boston since 2010. He resides in Kansas with his wife, daughter, and Bella. His favorite activities are hanging out with family, traveling, running (but has bad knees), and reading non-fiction books.

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