Are Boston Terriers Hypoallergenic? 10 Allergy-Fighting Tips

When Emily and I first bought Bella, we were under the impression Boston’s were hypoallergenic. Neither one of us has allergies, but we do have friends and family who are.

Getting a dog who is allergy “friendly” is a good idea. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, In the United States, as many as three in ten people with allergies have allergic reactions to cats and dogs.

Are Boston Terriers Hypoallergenic? 7 Steps To Reduce Pet Dander. Boston Terrier Society
Bella and Emily at the Vet.

Let’s find out about Boston’s being hypoallergenic and what you can do to minimize dander.

Are Boston Terriers Hypoallergenic?

No, Boston Terriers are not hypoallergenic dogs. Boston’s do shed. Although it is minimal, their shedding does allow dander to spread around the home. Dander is the allergen that harms allergy sufferers.

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What Makes A Dog Hypoallergenic?

According to both the American Kennel Club as well as the Mayo Clinic, no dog is truly hypoallergenic.

However, the dogs who do not shed tend to put out fewer allergens that trigger issues with an allergy sufferer.

Dr. James Li from the Mayo Clinic says, the real source of pet allergies often comes from a protein found in the saliva and urine of dogs and cats.

This protein makes its way on to your dog’s skin which will eventually flake off in the form of dander.

What Is Pet Dander?

Pet dander is essentially pieces of skin that have flaked off from your pet.

These pieces of skin are what cause the irritation in pet allergy suffers.

If you can remove the pet dander in your home, you can reduce the irritation pet allergy victims will feel.

Do Boston Terriers Shed?

Boston Terriers do shed. However, since they have a single layer coat they do shed less than most dogs breeds.

For me personally Bella’s shedding amounts to about a palmful of her hair a week.

Although Boston Terriers are not hypoallergenic here are 10 tips to help fight dog allergies in your home.

10 Tips To Eliminate Pet Dander In Your Home

Removing pet dander will help reduce the amount of suffering caused by people with pet allergies. Here are ten tips to remove pet dander from your home.

1. Wash Your Boston Regularly

Washing your dog at least weekly will help to remove fallen hair within their coat as well as dander on their bodies. This is a good practice even if you have no sufferer of allergies in your home.

How often should you bathe a Boston Terrier? Check out this article that covers how often and what you should be doing during bath time, Bathing A Boston Terrier.

Bella getting a bath.

2. Wash Your Boston’s Bed

Your dog’s bed is covered with hair and dander. You should wash the bedding weekly to eliminate the pet dander in your home.

Are you looking for a new dog bed that is easy to wash? Here is the dog bed we use for Bella out Boston. You can check out the pricing, reviews, as well as purchase it here on Amazon, Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler dog bed.

Boston Terrier sleeping in her bed
Bella sleeping in her bed.

3. Wash Your Belongings

My wife and I wash our couch cushion covers to help get rid of Bella’s dog hair on the couch.

Another item you will want to clean is your couch pillows.

Boston Terriers love to burrow, and the pillows on a sofa allow them to burrow to their heart’s content.

4. Vacuum

Be sure to vacuum weekly to remove excess hair and dander on the floor. There are several vacuums on the market to help with the specific removal of pet dander in your home. We have a Dyson.

However, I personally believe any type of vacuum will suffice as long as you have an air purifier and follow the vacuuming with a good dusting.

Boston Terrier next to a goovi robot vacuum.
Bella next to our Goovi robot vacuum.

I Highly Recommend A Robot Vacuum!

If you are not a fan of vacuuming think about getting a robotic vacuum geared towards picking up pet hair.

Emily and I bought a cheaper version of one and it has worked out great. You can check out the Goovi Robot Vacuum prices, reviews, or purchase it here on Amazon, Goovi Robot Vacuum.

My Goovi Robot Vacuum Review.

5. Dust

If your dog is like my Boston chances are hair and dander are everywhere.

Even on top of the entertainment area, which stands about three feet taller than Bella, not sure how her hair gets up that high.

You will need to dust your home weekly to wipe away all the dander and hair that has spread around the house.

6. Change Air Filter

Changing your air filter within your air ducts monthly will help ensure pet dander is not spread around your home through your air ducts.

7. Air Purifier

The next step in cleaning your house of pet dander is to buy a HEPA approved air purifier. You can have one in each room or place just one in the area your dog is likely to spend most of its day.

If you do not get a HEPA or medical grade Air purifier can be pricey. Be sure to read the reviews on Amazon before making a significant purchase decision. Here are some examples.

Emily and I personally used the cheap air purifier years ago. I did not see a difference in the quality of our air, but we do not suffer from allergies. Speak with your veterinarian to see what they recommend.

8. Get Rid Of The Carpet In Your Home

While this suggestion can be hard to accomplish getting rid of your carpet could help allergy sufferers in your home tremendously.

Carpets tend to hold the hair follicles in. Whereas hardwood floors or the fake hardwood floors Emily and I have make it easy to wipe Bella’s dog hair away.

Bella next to our Bissell pet carpet cleaner.

9. Shampoo Your Carpets

Even though you vacuum your carpets, it is not enough. You will need to shampoo them to help release your pet’s hair in the carpets.

Hair tends to get trapped in the carpet fibers and even a vacuum can not get the hair out.

Also, even if you get rid of your carpets chances are you have a rug that will need to be shampooed.

Emily and I use a Bissell shampoo cleaner to rid the carpet of Bella’s fine hairs. If you are wanting to eliminate pet dander a shampoo carpet cleaner is a must.

If you want to see the latest version of the type of Bissell shampoo cleaner Emily and I use you can check out the reviews, price, or purchase it here on Amazon, Bissell Deep Clean Deluxe.

If you want the cleaning solution I use to clean our carpets, here it is on Amazon, Bissell Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Formula.

Me and Bella posing with the carpet cleaning solution…Bella is really happy lol

10. Confine Your Dog To Certain Areas Of Your Home

The last tip is to limit your dog’s roaming area. If you have kids or a significant other who suffers from pet allergies do not allow your dog to enter their bedrooms.

Keeping some areas of your home dog-free will give the allergy sufferer in your home a little escape area to go to if they are feeling bad.

What Dog Breeds Are Hypoallergenic?

While no dog is entirely hypoallergenic, there are breeds that some allergy suffers can live with.

The breeds that are typically allergy-friendly are the dogs that have fur rather than hair.

15 “Hypoallergenic” Dog Breeds

  1. Lagotto Romagnolo
  2. Lowchen
  3. Maltese
  4. Miniature Schnauzer
  5. Peruvian Inca Orchid
  6. Poodle Minature
  7. Portuguese Water Dog
  8. Yorkshire Terrier
  9. Xoloitzcuintli
  10. Afghan Hound
  11. Barbet
  12. Bichon Frise
  13. Kerry Blue Terrier
  14. American Hairless Terrier
  15. Bedlington Terrier

For a complete list of hypoallergenic dogs, check out the American Kennel’s Club list of hypoallergenic dogs.

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Final Thoughts…

No, Boston Terriers are not hypoallergenic, but no dog truly is.

Following these ten tips can help you reduce the pet dander in your home allowing you to get the Boston you always wanted.

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