When Can Boston Terrier Puppies Leave Their Mom?

Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting experience! However, it is also something that needs to be handled with care. Just like many other animals, puppies need to be with their mother for a certain amount of time before they can go off on their own. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure your Boston Terrier puppy is prepared to leave her mother before coming home with you.

When Can Boston Terrier Puppies Leave Their Mom? Boston Terrier Society.
Bella as a little puppy!

When Can Boston Terrier Puppies Leave Their Mom?

A Boston Terrier puppy can leave their mother once they turn 8 weeks old. Some breeders may offer to give a puppy to you a bit earlier if the puppy has weaned off their mother.  

Unfortunately, not all breeders are as caring for the puppies they breed. There are lots of Boston Terrier breeders out there. Make sure to always do your research before choosing a breeder or take recommendations from someone you trust.

What Happens if a Puppy Leaves Their Mom Too Early?

If your Boston puppy is taken away from her mother too early, then many problems could arise. She could experience increased behavioral problems, increased stress, a loss in appetite, and weight loss. Also, younger puppies are generally more susceptible to diseases.

When puppies stay with their mother and littermates for at least 8 weeks, this gives them time to interact with each other and become used to other dogs. If you take your puppy away from their birth family too soon, she could become aggressive. As well as not know how to act around other dogs, which will be a harder issue to fix as she grows up. 

This could also cause her to become clingier to you, which can be extremely stressful for your Boston Terrier when you have to leave her alone. This separation anxiety can also cause them not to eat or sleep properly.

Also, puppies don’t usually get their first round of vaccinations until at least 6 to 8 weeks of age. This means that if you get your puppy too early, they may not be protected from significant diseases. And they won’t be able to go out and explore until they’ve had these vaccinations. The breeder should explain which shots your Boston has received as well as when they will need the next round. If you don’t get this information and your puppy has not been appropriately vaccinated, then this is a considerable risk.

Do Boston Terriers Miss Their Litter When They Leave?

Since puppies spend at least the first 8 weeks of their lives with their littermates, it is common for them to miss each other when they move on to a forever home. Leaving the litter behind can be scary, so you can’t expect your Boston Terrier to feel comfortable with you immediately. Your home is an unfamiliar setting, so it will take her some time to adjust and feel at home there.

If possible, see if you can take an object home from the breeder, such as a blanket or towel. This will smell like the other puppies and will give your new family member something familiar to take with her. Also, make sure you prepare plenty of supplies that she can call her own. Keep the blanket near these new supplies so that your new puppy can understand that she has her own space in your home. Be patient, allow her to get used to a life away from her mother and littermates.

What is the Best Age for a Puppy to Leave Their Mom?

While it is generally fine to bring your puppy home when she is 8 weeks old, the best age is actually closer to 12 weeks. This is because when your puppy is between 4 and 12 weeks old, she develops socialization skills. This occurs in two ways, interacting with the other puppies and with humans. Puppies can learn a lot from their mother and littermates. The longer you keep her with her mother, the easier it will be for her to develop good traits and habits. 

If you take her home before 12 weeks, you need to be extra mindful about her social skills. You will also want to continue to help her get used to other dogs and humans. Even so, the older she is when you take her home, the easier it will be. While 12 weeks may seem like a long time to wait for a puppy, they will surely be ready to come home with you by then. And there will be much less to worry about. Plus, a healthy and well-behaved Boston Terrier puppy is definitely worth the wait.

Will Boston Terrier Puppies Become Too Attached to Their Litter at 12 Weeks Old?

The longer puppies are with their littermates, the more attached they will become. Therefore, some people may worry that their new Boston Terrier won’t want to leave her siblings once 12 weeks rolls around. Some owners might even think that it’s better to take home two of the puppies in the litter to keep them happy. However, at 12 weeks or older, it is perfectly fine to separate a puppy from her mother and littermates.

Even if your Boston Terrier is extremely attached to one of the other puppies, it is not recommended that you adopt both of them. This is because if you take two puppies from the same litter, then they may develop littermate syndrome.

Littermate syndrome is when two dogs from the same litter develop an intense bond, more intensely than two dogs should. This could cause them extreme anxiety if they ever need to be separated from each other, which is not suitable for their health. It is also possible for the two to become aggressive toward each other and continually compete for attention.

Therefore, as much as your Boston Terrier may seem to love her mother and littermates, at 12 weeks, she can still be separated from them with no problems. She will learn to love and adore her new family just as much as her brothers and sisters in no time.

Will Puppies Survive if You Take Them from Their Mother Earlier Than 6 Weeks?

Puppies can survive if they are taken from their mother at a young age, but health risks are much higher. From birth to about 2 weeks old, puppies rely entirely on their mother to survive since they only have a sense of touch and taste so far. Then, from 2 weeks to 4 weeks, they are in a transitional stage where they begin to get other senses and learn to walk.

This is a crucial stage because it is when the puppy starts to learn some skills for themselves. Their eyesight will usually be fully developed by 4 or 5 weeks. Because of these early stages, puppies are much more vulnerable if taken earlier than 6 weeks. This is because they may not be able even fully to function for themselves just yet.

Also, puppies generally need milk from their mother until they are 3 or 4 weeks old. If they are weaned off their mother too early, this could cause issues for their health and behavior. Also, puppies that are taken too soon are more susceptible to different diseases.

This results in a higher mortality rate than puppies that stay with their mother for longer than 8 weeks. While they can survive if they are taken away early, you would be adding unnecessary risks to your pet, which really is not worth it.

Final Thoughts…

There is a lot to consider when bringing your Boston Terrier puppy home. You may be excited and want to keep her as soon as possible, but you need to remember that her wellbeing always comes first.

No matter how excited you are to bring your new family member home, never take a puppy before they’re ready. As cute as your puppy may be, you will need to be patient when it comes to welcoming her into your home.


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