Dog-Friendly Hotel Chains

Traveling with your dog is fun, but trying to sift through tons of hotels is not. Here is a list of dog-friendly hotel chains to help you find the perfect place for you and your pet. Be sure to call ahead and let the hotel know that your bringing your dog with you just in case any issues arise.

Also, be aware that pet fees are generally not included in the cost when booking your hotel. You will need to prepare additional funds to get your pet officially checked-in. Be sure to call and ask your hotel’s front desk about other restrictions before booking.

Dog-Friendly Hotel Chains. Bella and Emily doing some research into finding Dog Friendly Hotels. Boston Terrier Society.
Bella and Emily doing some research.

Never traveled to a hotel with your dog? Check out my article on How To Stay At A Hotel With Your Dog. In this article, you will find out everything you need to know before you have your first overnight experience with your fur baby.

The 14 Best Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains

1. Kimpton Hotels:

Kimpton prides itself on the beautiful amenities it provides for pets and their parents. The hotels even hire directors of pet relations, and will even greet your pet when possible. This chain also doesn’t charge additional fees. This makes Kimpton a natural choice for pet parents who want their pet treated as a guest. 

Hotel employees are even trained only to address your pet by their actual name when checking in. The hotel does not limit the weight of pets or number of pets you can bring with you. Some locations even allow your pets to join in the nightly wine reception where you can meet and greet other guests.

What do you get with Kimpton?

When you check in to your room, you will receive a pamphlet of nearby pet locations and a door hanger to let other guests know your traveling with a companion. The hotel also has many amenities that can be ordered for your dog, and they will provide you with doggy bags upon arrival. 

You will also be loaned a plush pet bed so that your pet can sleep in comfort. Food bowls will also be provided so that you can feed and water your pet with ease.

Kimpton Website

2. Aloft Hotels:

Aloft Hotels is owned by Marriott. This brand of hotel from Marriott can be found in many of the major cities around America. What is excellent about Aloft is it is happy to allow your dog to stay at many of its locations with no extra fees. You can even have two dogs stay with you at the same time for free.

The hotel does have a 40-pound weight limit. There is a disclaimer on their site that any Loft location can be called for a weight waiver in case you do have a bigger dog. Most Loft locations are more than happy to allow bigger dogs to stay that have proper training.

What do you get with Aloft?

Aloft offers several wonderful accommodations for your dogs. Upon check-in, you will receive a bag of treats for your dog and other unique items included in the hotels Arf program. You will also get toys for your pet to play with and a special bed so that they can sleep comfortably during their stay. 

The hotel even provides a bowl for water or food. The hotels encourage anyone with sensitive dogs to let them know so that they can place you in a quiet location. 

Aloft Website

3. W Hotels

W is a hotel chain that takes things a step further to make your dog comfortable. The chain welcomes pets that are under 40 pounds. Only one dog can stay in your room at a time. Of course, each locations management can waive the weight limit and room limit if you call them beforehand. 

You do need to sign a pet contract during check-in that holds you liable for any possible damages to the hotel room. The price of your pets stay will be $25 per night.

What do you get with W Hotels?

W Hotels has the P.A.W program. This program gives your dog a treat bag containing toys and treats upon check-in. These bags also contain doggy bags and a list of nearby pet locations. 

Your hotel room will have bowls and a specialized bed for your pet to sleep in. Also, some locations of W Hotels are even experimenting with doggy daycare and doggy yoga classes.

W Hotel Website

4. Ascend Hotels:

Ascend is an upscale hotel that thinks your dog enjoys the fancier things in life as much as you do. This hotel welcomes pet with varying policies from hotel to hotel. Owners are encouraged to call locations to find out about any restrictions the hotel may have. The locations pet pricing generally runs from $20 to $50. Some Ascend locations will even allow pets to stay for free.

What do you get with Ascend?

The staff of Ascend hotels specializes in knowing about the area the hotels located in. This can help you find vets, pet shops, and parks quickly. The hotels don’t currently offer any amenities for pets.

Ascend Hotels Website

5. Best Western:

Best Western is another hotel chain that believes pets are family. The hotel has over 1,000 pet-friendly locations. Each location allows up to two dogs to stay in a single room. The weight of each dog shouldn’t exceed 80 pounds. For larger dogs, you can contact the hotel chain for a waiver. 

Each hotel location can charge no more than $30 per day or $150 per week. You also may have to pay a pet deposit of $150 when you arrive at your hotel; this deposit is refundable as long as nothing goes amiss during your stay.

What do you get with Best Western?

Some Best Western locations have even been upgraded to have amenities for your dog. Some places have select areas for dog walking and waste bins for doggy bags. In addition, the locations staff are trained to know about pet-friendly locations near the hotel.

Best Wester Website

6. Days Inn:

Most Days Inn locations will allow your pet to stay with you. This is one of the hotel chains that have varying rules based on the location. We highly suggest that you give the place you want to stay at a call to find out what their specific pet policies are. The hotels don’t generally have any pet-specific amenities so you should make sure to pack bowls, a bed, and any extras you may need for your pet.

The cost of pet stays varies, but some Days Inn locations will charge only $10 per night for your pet. Others will have a lump sum fee of around $40 per stay. Many Days Inn locations prefer that you don’t leave your pet alone in the room. 

Days Inn Website

7. La Quinta Inn & Suites:

La Quinta Inn & Suites is a safe bet when traveling for a pet-friendly room. Out of the 870 locations, the hotel chain has only a small handful that isn’t able to accommodate pets. Recently, the hotel chain has decided to start making pet parents pay a small fee. 

If you only wish to stay at the La Quinta for a night, then there will be a $20 fee added on for your pet. If you want to have an extended stay a cost of $40 will be added on to your total purchases. 

The weight limits and breeds allowed vary by location. Make sure to check in with your hotel before booking to make sure that there won’t be a problem accommodating your dog. The chain doesn’t offer any extra amenities for your pet.

La Quinta Inn Website

8. Motel 6:

Motel 6 is a budget-friendly option when traveling with your dog. This is a chain that doesn’t impose any pet fees. You are allowed to bring up to two dogs into a single room of any size. The only catch is that they have to be well-behaved and quiet. Any dog that shows aggressive tendencies can be asked to leave at the discretion of the locations manager. 

You should also call ahead of time to verify that pets are allowed at your selected hotel. These hotels do not offer any exclusive amenities for your pet, and all pets must not be left unattended in rooms.

Motel 6 Website

9. Red Roof Inn:

Red Roof Inn is another excellent option for travelers with a budget. The hotel chain allows pets to stay for free. The hotel does have a one pet per room limit that can be waived at the discretion of each location’s manager. The chains weight limit is 80 pounds with no breed restrictions. Dogs must always be kept on a leash when on hotel property even when being carried. 

Pets are not allowed to be left alone in hotel rooms for any amount of time and must go with you when you leave.

Red Roof Inn Website

10. Microtel Inn & Suites:

Microtel Inn & Suites is another chain with tons of pet-friendly rooms available. The chain can get a bit pricey during extended stays. You will be charged a rate of $15 per pet, per night. The hotel has a weight limit of 50 pounds that can be waived at the discretion of each locations manager. 

The biggest perk to this chain is that you can leave your dog crated in the room while your out. The only catch is you can’t have housekeeping while your dogs alone. If you need to go during standard housekeeping times, be sure to contact the front desk.

Microtel Inn Website 

11. Candlewood Suites:

Candlewood is another chain that has mostly pet-friendly locations. Multiple pets are allowed to stay in a single room. The number of pets you can have at each location will vary, and it’s encouraged to speak with the manager ahead of time. Each site also has different weight limits for pets. 

Pet Fee

You will have to pay a non-refundable pet fee to cover the cost of cleaning. The price ranges up to $75 for a 6-night stay and $150 for a more extended stay. You must bring with you a copy of your dogs vet records that prove they have been appropriately vaccinated before being allowed to check them in.

More Great Things

This hotel chain does allow you to leave your pet crated in your room while you go out. 

Many locations have free dog treats available at the check-in desk and areas to walk your dogs. These areas even have free doggy bags. You will also be given a magnet that alerts staff that a pet is currently staying in your room.

Candlewood Website

12. Red Lion

Red Lion hotels is open to pets staying the night. The hotel locations don’t have a size or breed restriction. The only requirement is that your dog is well behaved, and the hotel is notified that you will bring your pet along. 

Each hotel has designated pet-friendly rooms that can accommodate up to two dogs at a time. There is a small fee of $15 per stay that you must pay upon arrival. There are no unique pet amenities, and pets must not be left alone in hotel rooms.

Red Lion Website

13. DoubleTree by Hilton

Many DoubleTree locations allow you to bring your pets. Each site has different pet policies that will dictate what breeds are allowed. Some places will also have different weight limits than others. 

DoubleTree hotels do charge a higher premium, and the fee for a pet can reach up to $75 per day. Most locations allow no more than two dogs to stay in a room and don’t offer exclusive amenities for pets.

Double Tree Website

14. Extended Stay America:

Extended Stay is currently working on making their hotels more pet-friendly. They have even recently got a lab as a pet ambassador for their chain. The hotel chain is a little bit pricier to stay at, especially when restricted traveling with a pet. 

The pet rate can be up to $25 per day and per pet at select locations. The chain does allow pets to stay for extended reservations and offer a $150 fee per pet, per month for longer stays. If you visit more than a month, then you will only be charged $10 for the first five of each additional month.

Instead of the usual weight restrictions, the chain doesn’t allow dogs longer than 36 inches or taller than 36 inches. You are only authorized to bring two pets with you per room. For dogs larger than the restricted size contact your hotel location to ask about a size waiver. Some spots do have additional restrictions including a list of restricted breeds. Extended Stay doesn’t currently offer extra pet amenities.

Extended Stay Website

Final Thoughts…

Many hotel chains allow dogs. However, it truly is up to the owner or manager of each hotel. Even if it is advertised pet-friendly online be sure to call ahead and verify with the hotel staff or manager is ok with your dog coming to stay. This extra step of precaution can save you headaches and frustration. 

Have you stayed at a hotel with your dog recently? Did you find a Dog-Friendly Hotel not listed here? Please share your experience below. 

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