10 Of The Funniest Boston Terrier Videos Ever! (Smile)

Are you in need of a smile? Then check out these funny Boston Terrier videos! If you have been around Boston Terriers for even a day you know how their personality can fill a room.

In these YouTube videos, their Boston personality shines.

10 Of The Funniest Boston Terrier Videos Ever! (Smile)


Ten Funny Boston Terrier Videos

10) Funniest Boston Terrier Videos 2021 🤭 [Funny Dog Videos]

In this video, we compile a bunch of funny Boston Terrier videos we hope you enjoy. Boston Terriers are known for their unique personalities and this video tries to showcase the joy they bring to everyone around them.

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9) AMAZINGLY FUNNY Boston Terrier Dog Breed Compilation!

In this video, you are going to see dozens of Boston Terrier puppies and adults doing what they do best, pleasing their humans. 

Thank you to everyone who shared a video of their funny and cute Boston Terrier. I know these cute & funny dog videos will bring a smile to anyone’s face who watches these clips.

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8) Funny Boston Terrier Compilation 2020 | Best Dog Videos

Boston Terrier videos of 2020.


7) BEST Boston Terrier Dogs Compilation

Ladies and gentlemen here is a compilation of some of the best videos of the Boston Terrier dogs. Watch these video clips of one of the world’s smartest and funniest dog breed, the Boston Terrier. Enjoy! 

6) Funniest Boston Terrier Videos Compilation

A classic Boston Terrier funny video compilation.

5) Boston Terriers Doing What They Do Best! Being Funny!

In this video, you’ll find a dozen funny Boston Terrier videos. It really runs the gamut as far as ages as well as where these Boston Terriers are from. We have Dolce who is just a puppy. 

These Boston’s are doing everything from running to jumping and in some cases loving a little too much lol

4) Funniest Boston Terrier Videos Compilation 2017

This funny Boston Terrier video was published in 2017 and has over 1,000,000 views!

3) Boston Terrier In Their Witching Hour! (Zoomies)

In this video, Pablo the Boston Terrier is in a witching hour, and it is ZOOMIE time! The zoomie is also referred to as a FRAP, frenetic random activity periods. 

These zoomies have also been called Rips, Scrambling, or Midnight Crazies. These are random bursts of energy occurring in dogs and cats in which they run frantically, commonly in circles. 

2) Is This Your Boston Terrier When It Is Raining?

In this YouTube video, I cover everything a Boston Terrier parent can relate to, their Boston not wanting to go potty in the rain lol

I have been trying to convince my wife to buy Bella a raincoat for years… if your Boston Terrier hates the rain, HDE Hooded Poncho, Morezi Zip Up Raincoat, HDE Whale Hooded Poncho, and Duotopia Lightweight Raincoat are perfect and adorable.

1) Baby Finds A Boston Terrier Tail

In this video, Samuel my baby boy probably a toddler by now lol was very interested in Bella’s my Boston Terriers tail. It is surprising how well Bella is doing with my second child versus my first. If you want to see a cute baby playing with a dog this video is for you!

Final Thoughts…

I hope you enjoyed those Boston Terrier videos. If you want to learn more about Boston Terrier and check out funny Boston videos be sure to subscribe to the Boston Terrier Society YouTube Channel here…Subscribe.

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