How Do Dogs Say I Love You

Dogs are a gift. Sure, they can be difficult sometimes, especially when they’re rummaging through your bins at 12 am or they’re tearing up the garden when you’re trying to work from home, but all that is worth it for a companion that will stick with you until the end.

Our dogs are fiercely loyal and have a lot of love to give. But how exactly do dogs tell you that they love you?

Your dog doesn’t speak your verbal language, so they can’t tell you that they love you in words. With that being said, dogs have a lot of subtle and not so subtle ways to tell you that they love you. Wondering how do dogs say I love you? Read our article to find out more! 

The Look Of Love 

The look of love is in your eyes, a look your smile can’t disguise…’

Dusty Springfield was right: the look of love really is in the eyes. Your dog will tell you they love you when they look at you. Your dog’s face can tell you a lot about their emotions. For instance, if your dog looks at you for long periods of time, they’re trying to say how much they adore you.

So, why does your dog do this? Well, recent studies have suggested that both dogs and humans secrete oxytocin when they look each other in the eyes lovingly. Oxytocin is also known as the happy hormone, so looking in your eyes makes your special pooch incredibly happy! 

With that being said, you shouldn’t stare your dog down, especially if it’s forcefully. Your dog may view that as a sign of aggression – it’s the opposite of what you want to achieve! 

They’re Trying to Be Near You

Much like humans, dogs don’t want to be near people that they don’t like very much. If your dog is a stage 5 clinger and wants to be close to you, then it’s a good sign that they love you.

A dog that loves his owner will often follow him around the house like a shadow, or they may lean up against their person as you sit. 

When your dog is trying to be close to you, it’s a sign that they have a deep bond with you. They want to keep an eye on you and cuddle up next to you, because you’re their favorite person in the whole world.

Some dogs are very independent, however, so it’s worth noting that not every dog will show this sign as often. Some dogs prefer to spend their time alone – that’s okay too! 

They’re Happy to See You

After coming home from a day at work, your dog jumps all over you, and wiggles up to greet you. You can see that tail ferociously wagging, and they may even pee on the floor because they can’t control their excitement.

That’s a great sign that your dog loves you – although, you may not be so happy about the jumping and the peeing! 

Eventually, your dog will start to associate signs like the garage door opening with you coming home, so they’ll start going wild as soon as they hear that sound. It’s pretty cool!

They Sleep Near You

Dogs like to be around their pack. Their pack will keep them warm and protect them from any dangers. If your dog likes to sleep with you, it means that they trust you and feel safe with you. You’re part of their family and they treasure you a lot.

As such, your dog loves you very much if he’d prefer to sleep next to you than in their own bed.

You Keep Them Safe

Some things can really scare our dogs. Some are afraid of the vacuum cleaner, some are afraid of thunderstorms. Some dogs are even afraid of things like ironing boards! If your dog tries to be close to you when they are afraid, it’s because they trust you to keep them safe.

Your dog knows that you will keep them safe because they love you.

You Both Yawn at the Same Time

You’ve probably noticed that you will yawn when you look at another person. But what about dogs? As it turns out, dogs will often yawn when the person they love starts yawning. It’s because your dog is showing that they empathize with you.

It’s because you both have a close bond, so your dog is paying attention to the things you do.

They Respond To Your Body Language and Mood

If there’s something wrong, there’s a good chance that your dog knows about it. Some dogs can tell when you’re upset or when you’re feeling under the weather. If they know that you’re not feeling okay, there’s a chance that your dog will take extra steps to make you feel better during these times.

They may give you more cuddles or just insist on being near you to check that you’re okay.

Gives You Their Toys

A dog will often bring you its toys because he wants to play. What you may not know, however, is that a dog will also bring you his favorite toy as a way to show you that they love you. It’s because he wants to make you happy. He knows that he loves the toy, so he’s sure that you will too so he gives it to you.

The next time your dog gives you his toy, you had better take it! 

They Steal Your Clothes

It’s pretty annoying when your dog steals your socks, but it’s good to know that your dog does it because they love you! Your socks smell like you, and your dog finds that comforting. Some dogs even cuddle up to their owners clothes when they are gone to keep them comfortable!


Those are just a few signs that your furry friend adores you. Your dog is unique so he will have his own ways of telling you that he loves you, so you should keep an eye out for those too!

Donnie Gardner

Donnie Gardner is the owner of the Boston Terrier Society. He has been raising Bella the Boston since 2010. He resides in Kansas with his wife, daughter, and Bella. His favorite activities are hanging out with family, traveling, running (but has bad knees), and reading non-fiction books.

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