Is Boston Terrier Capitalized? The Inside Scoop On MLA

Are you writing a paper, social media post, or letter and want to know if you should capitalize Boston Terrier?

Here is the proper way to do it…

Boston Terrier laying down

Proper Capitalization Of Boston Terrier

When writing out Boston Terrier, the proper way to do so, according to MLA (Modern Language Association), is to capitalize the proper noun Boston and lowercase the generic term or common noun terrier.

Why is Boston the only word that’s capitalized in Boston Terrier?

Boston is capitalized because it is a proper noun, a place. Terrier, on the other hand, is a generic term or common noun and is not usually capitalized.

Similar to these dog breeds…

  • French bulldog
  • Irish setter
  • German shepherd

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Now In Real Life

When it comes to capitalizing the breed name of our beloved Boston Terrier, I will always do it, and you should do the same. The MLA, as well as the AP style of writing, are for college students and scholars. We are Boston Terrier Lovers! There is a difference.

Donnie Gardner

Donnie Gardner is the owner of the Boston Terrier Society. He has been raising Bella the Boston since 2010. He resides in Kansas with his wife, daughter, and Bella. His favorite activities are hanging out with family, traveling, running (but has bad knees), and reading non-fiction books.

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