Meet Calvin The Boston Terrier…..or Terrierist! from Rhode Island!

This is Calvin the Boston Terrier…..or Terrierist! Calvin lives in Rhode Island with his companion Jeff and even has his own YouTube channel called Calvin The Boston Terrierist!


Here is everything you’d ever want to know about him.

Calvin’s Story

Calvin was born in Arkansas on October 26, 2019. He was given the name Hunter by the breeder before I changed it to Calvin. Calvin’s journey to Rhode Island was quite the whirlwind.  The breeder drove him 3 hours to Memphis, TN where I flew to pick him up the day after Christmas in 2019.  

After a 6 hour stay in Memphis, we both boarded a plane back to Rhode Island on the same day so he could be in his “furever” home. It was the best Christmas gift ever! In fact, we have a YouTube #shorts video of the first day I met Calvin in Memphis. It is really cute to see Calvin as an 8-week old baby. See the video below…

Calvin as an 8-week old puppy.

Calvin’s Personality

Calvin has an amazing personality that gets bigger by the day. He loves to play and some of his favorite games include fetch, tug of war, and of course doing ZOOMIES!  Calvin is the Zoomies master and it is quite comical to watch him go!  Calvin doesn’t miss any meals either. He enjoys his Merrick kibble and his Old Mother Hubbard treats but also loves fruits and vegetable snacks. His favorite vegetable is carrots and his favorite fruit is strawberries. 

Although, I have yet to see him turn anything down. He is the world’s least pickiest eater ever! Every once in a while I will spoil Calvin with peanut butter and popcorn. He will absolutely drool over both of these foods and we have the videos to prove it! Calvin loves belly rubs, head scratches, and having his paws and ears rubbed.   

Calvin is obsessed with water and loves taking showers and swimming in calm waters. Our favorite hobbies together include visiting nearby dog parks, walking trails, Petco, and our beautiful state parks. We love to film the beautiful parks we have in Rhode Island with Calvin serving as a great tour guide. Like most Boston’s, he HATES when you don’t pay attention to him. If you ignore him long enough, he’ll sometimes whimper or bark to get your attention. He also hates when I leave him home alone. He is sure to give me a piece of his mind when I leave the house but I always assure him that “I’ll be back.”

Calvin the Boston Terrier

How Calvin’s YouTube Channel Started

During these difficult times of the pandemic, one positive thing that has come out of it for me has been spending more time with Calvin. I was able to work from home for much of 2020 into 2021 so we spent much of the day together. It was then that I thought of the idea to start a YouTube channel for him with some strong encouragement and guidance from a friend with two successful YouTube channels.  

It was an opportunity to develop a new creative skill but more importantly show the world this cute, lovable Boston Terrier named Calvin that I get to see every day. Our goal is to put smiles on people’s faces during these difficult times by documenting Calvin’s antics and adventures, in short, cute videos.

You can check out Calvin’s YouTube Channel by clicking here, Calvin’s YouTube Channel.

Why Jeff Loves Boston Terriers

My love for Boston Terriers started back in 2012. I had never owned a dog after moving out of my childhood home and it was just the right time to find an animal companion. After doing some research on breeds, I just felt that the Boston Terrier was just the right fit for me. I wanted a small-to-medium sized dog and a breed that had a big personality and Boston Terriers checked off both of those boxes.  

I am partial to the smush-nosed breeds and find them irresistibly cute too.  My opportunity to adopt my first Boston happened in late June 2012.  The same breeder that had Calvin happened to be visiting her sister in Massachusetts from Arkansas and was looking to adopt-out the Boston litter she had in the New England area.  I had followed her website beforehand and when I found out she was visiting New England reached out to her immediately to express interest. 

I drove almost 2 hours to meet Bruin, who coincidentally was given the name Calvin at birth before I changed it.  Bruin was named after my love of the local NHL hockey team the Boston Bruins.  I fell in love instantly with Bruin and he came home with me that night.  As they say, the rest was history! Bruin was an amazing, smart dog. He sadly passed too young in April 2019 just shy of his 7th birthday and I miss him dearly to this day. He left a big hole in my heart until Calvin came along to help ease the pain of losing a beloved pet and companion. 

Adopting Calvin was just meant to be.  When I saw that the breeder had another litter with the same dad as Bruin, I just knew I had to adopt one of the puppies given the connection. They were all so precious but Calvin stole my heart at first glance and I had to have him. Thankfully the breeder agreed and let me adopt him….even if I had to fly almost 1,300 miles to get him!

Check Out Calvin’s YouTube Channel + Instagram

We hope you (your readers) have a chance to follow Calvin’s journey on YouTube at “Calvin The Boston Terrierist!” and @calvinthebostonterrierist on Instagram.  

Here is one of Calvin’s most popular YouTube videos that we hope makes you smile! Thanks for reading Calvin’s story and for your support!

YouTube Video – BOSTON TERRIER ~  GETS into *HOT WATER* at the PET STORE!!!!!!

Donnie Gardner

Donnie Gardner is the owner of the Boston Terrier Society. He has been raising Bella the Boston since 2010. He resides in Kansas with his wife, daughter, and Bella. His favorite activities are hanging out with family, traveling, running (but has bad knees), and reading non-fiction books.

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