Recommended Dog Food

Are you looking for a good dog food brand for your adult Boston Terrier? This is what Emily and I feed Bella and why.

Unfortunately, Emily and I can not remember what we fed Bella when she was a puppy over 10 years ago, but here is what we feed her today as an adult.

Why we feed Bella Blue Buffalo Salmon

Emily and I had tried a number of food brands in the early years with Bella. As I recall we tried Purina and another brand. We also tried some “cheaper” brands to save money.

However, when Bella was 3 or 5 years old she started developing really bad rashes on her Belly. We, of course, did some research online to try to find out what was wrong with her. We gave her Benadryl for a few months thinking it was an allergic reaction due to the environment.

Finally, we read somewhere it could be an allergy to the grain. We decided to eliminate grain from Bella’s diet. Once we switched Bella to the Blue Buffalo Grain-Free Salmon diet her rashes went away in a matter of days.

Steps to take

If you are looking for a new food because your Boston is either having allergic reactions or an upset stomach be sure to be patient. While this dog food type and brand worked for us it may not work for your Boston.

In my last Boston Terrier owner survey, there was no consensus among which food to feed your Boston. In the 50 responses, only four people fed their Boston the same type of food.

Be sure to try a number of diets, but once you find the one that works for you and your family stick with it.

Where to get Blue Buffalo Salmon?

You can get Blue Buffalo Salmon at any major pet store. Emily and I usually get the biggest bag we can find. Other great places to order it are and Amazon. For pricing and reviews check out Amazon here Blue Buffalo Salmon.

*If you want to check out the results of the Boston Terrier Owner survey click the link, Boston Terrier Owner Survey. This survey was conducted using 50 Boston owners covering topics such as their Boston’s personality, cost, food, etc.