15 Ways You Can Workout With Your Boston This Summer

Working out by yourself can be hard, so consider the buddy system this summer! And who could possibly be a better buddy than your loving Boston Terrier?

Let’s break down some great ways that both you and your pooch can workout together this summer.

Boston Terrier licking.
Nickel is definitely my ideal workout partner!

This includes both outdoor and indoor options for days that are just too hot. 

15 Workout Ideas You Can Do With Your Boston Terrier This Summer

Before you start any workout plan for your dog, it is a good idea to consult your veterinarian. 

It is also essential to consider your dog’s age and physical limitations before trying any of the activities listed. 

If your dog is older or has health problems, like arthritis, low impact workouts will be your best friend. 

On the other hand, younger dogs might need more vigorous or intensive workouts to wear them out. 

Working out with my Boston Terrier

For example, my Boston Terrier, Nickel, has brachycephalic syndrome, which affects her respiratory system. 

Because of this, she overheats quickly, and I have to be cautious to watch the temperature and how she’s feeling. 

We tend to workout early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the hotter temperatures during the day. 

Outdoor Workouts You Can Do With Your Dog

1) Swimming 

What better time than the summer to enjoy a refreshing swim? Whether you have access to a pool or the ocean, swimming is a fantastic exercise for both of you!

Swimming feels relaxing, but usually ends up tuckering myself and any dogs I’ve had out! 

A few things to consider with swimming is your dog’s comfort level with the water. Some of my Boston Terriers have hated the water, while others didn’t mind it. 

A diving Boston Terrier.

If your Boston Terrier is older or has a condition like arthritis, this is an excellent exercise choice that is gentle on the joints and body, while still providing plenty of exercise. 

Be sure to check out our article covering how to teach Boston Terriers to swim, and do they like it in general, Can Boston Terrier Swim? What Owners Say & Training Tips.

2) Soccer

Dig out that soccer ball and take your Boston Terrier outside for a game. 

Make this a workout for both of you by chasing the ball yourself. 

Try to beat your dog to the ball, instead of letting them bring the ball back to you! 

Soon enough, you’ll both be panting as you engage in this classic pastime.

3) Dog Exercise Classes

Many areas have begun offering dog and owner exercise classes. These are offered both indoor and outdoor and are gaining quite the following. 

K9 Fit Club.

K9 Fit Club is a popular, national dog fitness club featured throughout the United States. See more about their programs here. 

4) Stair Running

For those looking to really feel the burn, try stair running with your dog. This could be an indoor or outdoor activity, depending on where you live. 

Nickel personally loves chasing me up and down the stairs. 

As soon as I make an exciting noise and start running up and down our stairs, she immediately follows. After a few repetitions up and down the stairs, we are both spent. 

I recommend this exercise strongly if you only have a few minutes to dedicate to exercise per day. It hits you and your puppy faster than you’d think! 

5) Dog Park

Take your dog to your local dog park and take their workout, and your own, a step further.

Don’t sit on the sidelines playing on your phone, join them by throwing a ball or chasing them around the area. 

Engage in an active game of fetch with your puppy!

Find a local dog park here with Nylabone’s dog park locator.

Boston Terrier taking a break.
Nickel taking a quick break on our brisk walk to catch her breath.

6) Hiking/Walking

A classic dog and human activity, hiking or walking, is an excellent option for many of us that allows us to have a scenic workout in beautiful Mother Nature. 

Read our article on how to take your Boston Terrier hiking.

7) Agility Training

See if you can keep up with this one! 

Create a makeshift agility course in your backyard and run with your dog to encourage them as they leap over different hurdles and run through tunnels. 

Boston Terrier in a makeshift agility course.

You’ll both be sweaty and out of breath by the time this one is over!

8) Paddleboarding

Choose a calm day on the lake, and take your dog paddleboarding! 

This is a fantastic workout for you and your dog. Plus, your Boston will love riding on the nose of the board. 

If they enjoy swimming, take it a step further by bringing a ball to toss in the water. 

9) Kayaking

An alternative water activity is taking your dog kayaking. Your arms and core will be burning, and your dog will be stimulated and excited!

Again, try this on a calm day at the lake. Be sure there is little to no traffic and movement on the water. 

Your Boston may even enjoy swimming beside the kayak in more shallow water. 

10) Running

This Boston Terrier likes to run long distances.

Running is a standby for many of us to stay in shape. But have you ever considered taking your dog running with you?

Depending on their breed, this may be a fantastic idea – think working dogs with lots of energy!

On the other hand, I would never take my Boston Terrier, Nickel, running as she gets very breathy and pants easily on brisk walks. 

If your dog has the brachycephalic syndrome, I would recommend keeping away from this particular exercise due to their tendency to overheat. 

If you do decide to go running with your Boston Terrier, be sure to ease them into it with run-walk intervals. I.e., run one minute walk a minute.

Puppies may also be overwhelmed by running, and it’s recommended to stick to brisk walks for them until they’ve had time to fully develop. 

Indoor Workouts You Can Do With Your Dog

For those days that are unbearably hot, try some of these cooler activities!

11) Puppy Jumping Jacks

Your dog will be fixated on you during this fun exercise! 

Grab a favorite toy or treat of theirs and crouch on the ground with it in both hands. 

Once you have their attention, pop up into a jumping jack, making a wide “V” shape with the toy or treat in one hand. 

Jump with your feet together and crouch to the ground again, this time switching the toy or treat into your other hand. 

Alternating the treats will drive your dog wild with excitement as they try to anticipate which hand you will have it in next. 

Not only will your dog spur you into completing more jumping jacks, but you’ll be having too much fun to feel the burn!

Boston Terrier getting ready to play with a ball.
Trust me! Your dog won’t be upset about working out indoors if it involves their favorite toy.

12) Treadmill

If it’s too hot to go running outdoors, see how comfortable your dog would be running or walking on a treadmill. 

Start off slowly by placing the treadmill on a slow walk and see how they respond. 

If they seem to enjoy being on the treadmill, keep it on their preferred setting and switch to doing your favorite reps beside the treadmill. 

Whether this is squats, lunges, or using weights, you’ll both be burning off extra energy together.

Did you know there are treadmills explicitly created for dogs?

13) Crunches And Toys

Similar to the puppy jumping jacks, this exercise involves holding your dog’s favorite toy or a treat in your hand and teasing your dog as you do crunches. 

Be sure to keep your knees bent, feet flat on the ground, and abs tight as you do crunch repetitions. 

To challenge your dog further, grab a ball, and toss it every time you sit up. 

14) YouTube Dog Workouts

If dog exercise classes aren’t something you’re able to find in your area or attend, try YouTubing them! 

5 Workouts you can do with your dog.
Workout while walking your dog.
Full body workout you can do with your dog.

There is a wide variety of free workouts to follow that involve your dog and you getting your daily exercise. 

15) Yoga or Doga

What is doga?

Often featured in both exercise classes and YouTube videos, dog yoga or “doga” is a trendy workout performing yoga with your dog. 

This can be as simple as incorporating some deep stretches and yoga poses with your dog every day or using your dog as body weight. If they’ll let you, of course!

a tired boston terrier. An exhausted boston terrier.
The aftermath of many of our more vigorous workouts!

Final Thoughts

There are so many amazing exercises to try with your Boston Terrier this summer. 

Use your Boston as motivation to keep a regular workout routine for you both. 

After all, can you really disappoint that adorable face when they know it’s a swimming day?

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boston terrier community

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