10 Things Boston Terriers UNEQUIVOCALLY Hate! (Most Anyways)

Boston Terriers are little lovers! However, there are somethings that this lovable breed absolutely hates.

In this article, I want to cover the top 10 things Boston Terrier hate!

10 Things Boston Terriers UNEQUIVOCALLY Hate! (Most Anyways)

10 Things Boston Terriers Hate!

Okay, if you own a Boston, you should relate to one of these ten items Bostons do not like. This information comes from three surveys I conducted on Boston Terrier Society’s social media accounts Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I picked the top 10 items mentioned out of the hundreds of comments and this is what I found out…

Social Media Accounts Surveyed



If you want to see the Instagram post where I asked Boston Terrier parents what their Boston hates click here, Boston Terrier Society’s Instagram Account.


If you want to see the tweet where I asked Boston Terrier parents what their Boston hates click here, Boston Terrier Society’s Twitter Account.

Boston Terrier Hate List Countdown

Here is the countdown of the least mentioned hatred to the most hated. 

Now, not every Boston will hate the same thing, but chances are your Boston will relate to most of these items on this list.

If you want to check out my video covering the 10 Things Boston Terriers Hate click here, or scroll to the bottom of the page.

boston terrier begging

#10 – Being Told No When They Are Begging

My Bella hates it when I tell her no at the dinner table. For some reason, Bella has started whining when we eat because of my one-year-old son. 

I think it is because he throws food down on the floor from time to time as a one-year-old should, lol.

boston terrier hates to see you leave

#9 – Going Anywhere Without Them

Bella is better at allowing us to leave now than when she was younger, but she used to block the door if she thought we were going somewhere when she was younger.

boston terrier hates storm draines

#8 – Storm Drains 

Bella was afraid of storm drains for a while. If she saw one, she would get as far away as possible. 

However, we started training her to get closer and closer to it over time, and now she is okay with being around storm drains.

How did we train her? Start on the backside of the drain in the grass and walk your Boston closer and closer to the drain. I didn’t measure how long it took to train her, but I think it took weeks, maybe even a few months, to get her used to storm drains.

clipping a boston terrier nails

#7 – Clipping Their Nails

We trained Bella to be calm while clipping her nails with the bribery of dog treats. Now we can NOT clip her nails without a treat (She is one smart dog lol).

boston terrier protecting the house

#6 – Doorbell

Knocking on the door, in general will cause Bella to go crazy. It is one of only two times she barks. The other time she barks is at us if she wants something.

boston terrier not looking happy about a bath

#5 – Baths

For Bella, baths are okay. She does not fight us to get into the bath. Bella might not look happy when getting one, but at least she doesn’t have a fit when she is in the tub.

#4 – Snow

Snow is Bella’s arch-enemy! (No photo for this one, Bella does not like to be see in the snow)

boston terrier next to a vacuum

#3 – Vacuum

Once again, Bella is fine with vacuums as well. However, other Boston Terrier owners have mentioned their Boston hating vacuum time.

boston terrier in the cold

#2 – The Cold

Yes, yes, Bella would really like it if we moved to Hawaii because she does not like the cold. 

While I do see many photos on Instagram of Boston’s playing in the snow Bella and a majority of other Boston parents say their pooch does not enjoy the cold.

Is this your Boston Terrier in the rain? Watch this YouTube Video.

#1 – Rain

And coming in and number one as the thing Boston Terriers hate the most is the rain. Bella, unless she is swimming in the lake, DOES NOT like to get wet. 

Bella would much rather just pee inside than go out in the rain…seriously, it has happened…like many times…too many times lol.

Video Of The Top 10 Things Boston Terriers Hate

In this YouTube video, I cover the 10 Things Boston Terriers hate.

If you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to the Boston Terrier Society YouTube channel by clicking here, Subscribe.

In this video, I cover the 10 Things Boston Terriers Hate.

Final Thoughts…

I hope you enjoyed this piece and you could relate to some of the items listed above. My Boston Terrier Bella didn’t relate to everything, but most of them, especially Snow, Rain, and the Cold.

What does your Boston Terrier hate? Leave a comment below.

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