10 Things Boston Terriers Absolutely Love

Are you thinking about getting a Boston Terrier and you want to know what they love? 

Or do you already have a Boston and you’re just curious as to what other owners say their Boston loves? 

10 Things Boston Terriers Absolutely Love

In this article, I’m going to cover the top 10 things Boston Terriers love.

10 Things Boston Terriers LOVE!

Today we’re going to go over a post from the Boston Terrier Society Facebook page. There I have over 15,000 members and I just asked, 

“What does your Boston Terrier love, breed specifically?” 

I think it’d be interesting to see what’s relatable with all of our Boston’s throughout the world.

From all the responses I  narrowed it down to 10 things.

Video Covering 10 Things Boston Terriers Love

YouTube Video Covering 10 Things Boston Terriers Love
10 Things Boston Terriers Absolutely Love
Bella rolling in the grass.

#10 Rolling In The Grass

Coming in at number 10, rolling in the grass. I can testify to this because Bella, anytime we go outside, if she’s not laying in the sun, she is rolling in the grass. 

I think it’s just her technique to actually get some belly rubs

But, yes, Boston Terriers love to roll in the grass.

10 Things Boston Terriers Absolutely Love
Boston Puppy playing with a stick.

#9 Boston’s Love Sticks

Coming in at number nine are sticks. While I wouldn’t say Bella is a Boston that loves sticks, I mean she will play with a stick from time to time, apparently, some other Boston owners say that sticks are one of the top things that their Boston Terrier loves.

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#8 Car Rides

Number eight is car rides. Yes, Bella loves to go on car rides. She prefers to sit up front, but here recently, after we’ve had two kids it’s safer to put her in a crate.

That is where she goes on our car rides. But before that, she likes to go all around the car and hang out. She loves to go on car rides.

#7 Pretending To Be Alpha Dog

Coming in at number seven, pretending to be the alpha dog. It’s funny. This is really the only time that Bella barks. 

Someone knocks on the door and it sounds like we have a Bullmastiff. But as soon as they come in, it is the complete opposite. 

Sofia getting Bella a treat.

#6 Treats & Food

Number six, treats, and food. Yes, Bella loves both.

If you’ve never had a Boston Terrier, this is one thing you’re going to have to worry about. If you drop anything on the floor your Boston is going to run to try to quickly eat it. At least that’s been my experience with Bella. 

So you want to make sure things like chocolate, grapes, anything that could be harmful to dogs is picked up quickly because your Boston will want to eat it.

#5 Frogging

Number five, this is very unique to Bostons, frogging. Basically where they lay all spread out looking like a frog. 

I don’t know how Bella gets her legs bent back like that. But that is something that Boston Terriers do. 

And if you’ve ever been on the Boston Terrier Society’s Facebook Group, every Friday, people start posting frog legs, Frog Leg Friday.

#4 Sleeping

Coming in at number four, sleeping. 

Yes, Boston Terriers love to take their naps.

#3 Tennis Balls

Coming in at number three, throwing a tennis ball around, or just balls in general. Bella, even though she’s 10 years old, she loves it if we’re throwing the tennis ball around and chewing on it!

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#2 Cuddle & Snuggle

Number two, and this is a big one, Boston Terriers love to cuddle and snuggle.

If you’re someone who’s thinking about getting a Boston Terrier, this is not the breed for you if you do not want a dog who is going to literally be by your side when you’re on the couch.

Boston Terrier Laying down
Bella sunbathing

#1 Laying In The Sun

Now coming in at number one, laying in the sun. I call Bella my little sundial. Wherever the sun is, that’s where Bella is. 

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