7 Best Chew Toys For Boston Terriers – Aggressive Chewers (2023)

Looking to add a new chew toy to your dog’s arsenal? Is your Boston Terrier an aggressive chewer? 

If you’re looking to add safe and indestructible chew toys for your Bostie, we have reviewed seven great toys with their pros and cons. 

These toys won’t pose a choking hazard and are designed to withstand heavy-duty wear and tear.

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Best Chew Toys For The Boston Terrier Breed

Here is our list of the best chew toys for Boston Terriers.

In case you are in a hurry, here is a quick summary for you:

7 Great Chew Toys For Boston Terriers

Boston Terrier Listening
Bella with her original chew toys…after being restuffed and sewn.

1. Editor’s Pick – Kong Classic Chew Toy 

Please note that if you have Boston Terrier weighing at the heavier end of the breed standard 25 lbs, choose the medium-sized Kong Toy.

Pet parents don’t need an introduction to Kong toys- the brand has carved a name for itself with its high-quality, virtually indestructible chew toys for dogs. For the uninitiated, Kong toys are dynamic rubber toys specially designed for aggressive chewers. They can also be used as treat dispensers, enrichment toys, and puzzles to stimulate dogs mentally.

Our Boston, Bella loves her Kong. She loves eating out of it with the challenge it offers. We even throw it to her when she is in the mood for a game of fetch.

The best part is that the Kong toy keeps her occupied while we are away, so she is not destructive in other ways. It also helped us a great deal when we were crate-training her.

Kong toys are sturdy, strong, and challenging, and they wear our energetic Bostie out!

Click here to buy or view the price of a Kong on Amazon: Kong


  • Made with natural, ultra-durable rubber
  • Multi-purpose
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Easy to clean


  • The button-hole to put treats inside the toy is slightly small for certain treats.

2. Best Overall – Pineapple Chew Toy

This cool, pineapple-shaped chew toy is made with natural food-grade rubber. It is sturdy and durable and even has a food-grade pineapple flavoring to freshen up your Boston’s breath. Furthermore, its texture helps eliminate plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth.

The chew toy has an ideal shape and is easy for small dogs to pick up. You can also stuff it up with treats to keep your pup occupied in its crate. 

The reason behind this Pineapple chew toy’s durability is its non-brittle rubber construction. The toy won’t break into pieces like other chew toys do when bitten by aggressive chewers. This makes it safe for young puppies who tend to swallow everything. The pineapple chew toy is also easy to wash and can be tossed in a dishwasher.

Click here to buy or view the price of a Pineapple Chew Toy on Amazon: Pineapple Chew Toy


  • Safe
  • Good for your dog’s teeth
  • Great for stuffing with treats


  • Some dogs didn’t like the toy’s pineapple fragrance.

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3. Best Bone Chew Toy – Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy

Your super chewer will love the chicken/bacon/peanut-flavored wishbone-shaped toy from Benebone. This thoughtfully designed chew bone won’t leave its strong flavor/scent on your carpet or flooring.

Benebone wishbone’s size and shape are perfect for your Bostie’s small jaws. It has a slight curvature which makes it easy for your pet to grip.

Benebone wishbone chew toys are manufactured in the USA and all its raw materials are sourced from within the country.

Click here to buy or view the price of a Wishbone on Amazon: Benebone Wishbone


  • Strong and durable
  • Three great flavors to choose from
  • Ergonomically designed for small jaws
  • Made in the USA


  • Some aggressive chewers broke it within a short time.

4. Best Squeaky Chew Toy – Corn Stick Squeaky Chew Toy

Most dogs love squeaky toys because they take them back to their instinct of hunting and killing prey.

This squeaky corn-shaped chew toy is made of bite-resistant thermoplastic rubber (TPR) material that can withstand aggressive chewing

It also has a cotton rope on one end, so you can make it interactive and play with your energetic Bostie. The corn toy’s unique zigzag design and texture can help eliminate plaque and tartar, making this a healthy chew toy for your dog’s oral health.

Click here to buy or view the price of a Corn Squeaky on Amazon: Corn Squeaky


  • Unique design
  • Healthy, indestructible material
  • Squeaking sound to keep curious dogs interested.


  • The squeaker mechanism could pose a choking hazard if it comes out due to aggressive chewing. Do watch your pet when using this toy.

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5. Best Chew Toy for Dental Health – Petstages Orka Dental Links 

Firstly, its link-based design provides wonderful exercise for your dog’s jaws. The well-designed toy also has multiple textures on its three links making it great for tartar and plaque removal. Not a substitute for daily brushing though!

Secondly, you can use this fun, floppy, interactive toy for tossing around for a game of fetch. Your energetic Bostie will love this exercise in bonding!

Last but not least, the dental chew toy is made with patented ORKA material. Orka is super-reinforced rubber that makes the toy strong and virtually indestructible. It is also safe and non-toxic for adult dogs and teething puppies.

Click here to buy or view the price of an Orka Chew Toy on Amazon: Orka Dental Links


  • Well-designed with multiple textures
  • Sturdy, durable
  • Multi-purpose


  • Parts of the rings are sticky and tend to attract dog fur. Needs frequent cleaning.

6. Best Plush Chew Toy – Hugglehounds Corduroy Chew Toy

Hugglehounds plush toys are made with their patented Tuffut technology which makes the lining of these toys ultra durable. The toys also feature extra knotted limbs which further enhance their durability.

You also get numerous colors and animal shapes in Hugglehounds chew toys. These toys also contain multiple squeakers to keep your smart Bostie entertained.

Click here to buy or view the price of a Hugglehounds Chew Toy on Amazon: Hugglehounds Corduroy Chew Toy


  • Thick, durable, well-made
  • Plenty of variety


  • Need frequent washing to remove dirt and debris accumulated

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7. Best Set of Rope Chew Toys – Pacific Pups Chew Rope Toy Set

This set of rope toys is the best gift you can give your Boston! You and your pet will both love the features of this great set.

First, it is plastic-free and made of 100% natural cotton – safe and non-toxic. Secondly, the company has tested these toys extensively – so you can rely on their durability. 

Thirdly, there is plenty of variety in this set to keep your smart Bostie entertained. And last but not least, the company also donates part of its profits to various animal rescues.

Click here to buy or view the price of the chew rope toy set on Amazon: Pacific Pups Chew Ropes


  • Quality-tested for durability
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Great variety


  •  Some toys in the set aren’t designed for the most aggressive chewers.

What is the best chew toy for a Boston Terrier?

Kongs are one of the best chew toys for Boston Terriers. They are virtually indestructible and ideal for interactive play. You can stuff them up with treats or peanut butter to keep your Boston entertained.

Are Boston Terriers aggressive chewers?

No two dogs are the same-even within the same breed. Some Boston Terriers are known to be aggressive chewers, others not so much.

What do vets recommend dogs chew on?

In addition to Kong toys and rope toys, many vets recommend enzymatic dental chews, beef tendons, and deer antlers for dogs to chew on. 

What is the healthiest chew toy for a Boston Terrier?

The healthiest chew toy for Boston Terriers is Kong natural rubber toy. You can also give tendon chews, dental sticks, cotton rope toys, or deer antlers to your dog to chew upon. Always supervise your dog when it is using any of these toys. No toy is 100% indestructible. 

What chew toys should Boston Terriers not have?

Rawhide chews are unsafe for Bostons because, according to the American Kennel Club, they tend to break into chunks that could pose choking hazards to your pet.

Final Thoughts – Best Chew Toys For Boston Terriers 

The best chew toys for Boston Terriers should be safe, made using food-grade materials, and last long. They should fulfill your dog’s desire to chew without posing a risk of choking or toxicity to your pet.

Based on these features, we highly recommend the Kong Classic Chew Toy for your Boston Terrier. Kong toys need no introduction; they have been around for decades and are some of the most durable chew toys on the market. They are also versatile and can be used for playing fetch or for stuffing with treats.

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Donnie Gardner is the owner of the Boston Terrier Society. He has been raising Bella the Boston since 2010. He resides in Kansas with his wife, daughter, and Bella. His favorite activities are hanging out with family, traveling, running (but has bad knees), and reading non-fiction books.

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