15 Interesting Facts About Boston Terriers (2023)

Boston Terriers are one of America’s favorite breeds. These lovable and energetic pups are fun to have around and love any attention you throw their way.

The breed has several exciting bits of information you may not know about them. Below are 15 interesting facts about Boston Terriers.

15 Interesting Facts About Boston Terriers. Boston Terrier Society.
Bella over the years with Emily.

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15 Interesting Facts About Boston Terriers

Fact #1: Massachusetts Loves Boston Terriers

The state of Massachusetts loved this breed so much that they made it their state dog. The Boston Terrier was officially recognized by the state on May 14, 1979. The Boston Terrier, as a State Dog, was proposed by a Gregory W. Sullivan.

If you want to look at the official documents proving this breed is the official state dog then see;  Part 1, Title 1, Chapter 2, Section 14 of the Massachusetts general law. This section officially and legally names the breed as the dog of the commonwealth.

Fact #2: College Spirit

We already know that Massachusetts state is in love with the Boston, but did you know the University of Boston is too? The official mascot of Boston University is none other than, Rhett the Boston Terrier.

Rhett has been the mascot of the university for longer than the breed has been the legal state dog. Rhett first debuted as the university’s mascot 1922 and has since even appeared on commercials screened on ESPN to promote the college.

Interestingly enough real-life Boston Terriers have also appeared at the school’s athletic events over the years to show the college their support.

Fact #3: Presidential Pooch

Boston Terriers have been seen hanging around many famous humans, including a few former presidents of the USA. President Warren G. Harding owned a Boston Terrier he named Hub.

Gerald R. Ford was another president who loved the breed and ended up owning two Terriers. President Ford called his Terriers Fleck and Spot.

15 Interesting Facts About Boston Terriers. President Ford and his Boston Terrier. Boston Terrier Society.
President Ford and his Boston Terrier

Fact #4: Made To Compete

These dogs are bred to be a hardy breed that is incredibly intelligent. Boston Terriers are popular choices for those who choose to train dogs for sport. The Boston Terrier is especially good at flyball a sport that heavily relies on speed and coordination.

Bostons can also be seen winning in agility competitions and navigating obstacle courses quite easily. The breed has also excelled in obedience courses where they have to cooperate with their owner’s commands to earn points. You can catch Boston Terriers regularly competing in dog shows across the world.

Fact # 5: Famous Owners

Boston Terriers are no stranger to the limelight and have been owned by several popular celebrities over the years. The famous musician Louis Armstrong owned a Boston Terrier named General. The breed has also made its way into the hearts of American reality show host Alison Sweeney.

In fact, Sweeney rescued her Terrier and called him winky. A classmate gave book author Helen Keller a Terrier.

Another notable celebrity, Rose Mcgowan, works with a Boston Terrier rescue to build a better life for surrendered dogs. Mcgowen has owned three Boston Terriers of her own.

Fact #6: First U.S. Breed

Boston Terriers deserve a place in the U.S. history books thanks to there all American heritage. As the breeds name suggests, Boston Terriers originated in Boston, Massachusetts.

A dog named Judge was bred with a female dog named Gyp. While Judge and Gyp weren’t full Boston Terriers themselves, they have been linked to the start of the breed.

The AKC officially recognized the breed in 1891. Since being recognized breeders have worked for years to perfect the breed through careful and selective breeding. This has helped to create the Boston Terrier as we know them today. Many sources even note that the Boston was the first all-American breed.

Fact #7: The Perfect Companion

The Boston Terrier is known for its affectionate nature, making the breed a perfect choice for a companion animal.

In fact, many experts note that the Boston Terrier is one of the best choices for a therapy dog. Boston Terriers are easy to train and can handle themselves well in public spaces. There are many tales of this breed, helping owners overcome anxiety or depression.

One notable case of a Boston’s service is the case of Alex who helped her handler who suffered from a neurological order go to Disneyland. Alex worked in a group of dogs to get his handler safety through the rides and enabled him to enjoy their stay at Disney fully.

Fact #8: Military Service

Boston Terriers have found their way into some unusual situations. A Terrier named Sgt. Stubby served in WWI. Stubby was one of the first dogs to be stationed overseas in a time before the military had a working dog class.

It was said that the dog was stowed on a ship by its owner and earned it’s right to be the mascot of his division by saluting a high ranking officer when discovered.

Stubby is the highest ranking dog ever to join the military and even captured a German spy while serving overseas. After returning to the U.S. Stubby went on to have met and greet several U.S. Presidents.

Fact #9: Known By Many Names

Boston Terriers have gone by a few different names. Until 1891 the breed was known as the “Round Headed Bull.” Their original name was based on the shape of the dog’s head.

The Boston breed is also known as ” The American Gentleman.” This popular title developed as breeders realized just how polite the breed was. The nickname has stuck to this day thanks to the Boston Terriers affectionate nature. Some breeders refer to the breed as the “Boston Bull Terrier.”

Fact #10: They Are A Breeze To Care For

Boston Terriers aren’t a particularly needy breed. A short coat keeps grooming needs to a minimum. The Boston enjoys learning and strives to please their owners, making them easy to train.

Even the exercise need of this breed is low, a short walk will satisfy most terriers. Best of all, this breed can live for up to 15 years at a time.

You will need to watch when you leave a Boston outside though, and the breed is prone to overheating in hot weather.

Fact #11: Quirky Pets

Even with their small stature Boston Terriers tend to be quirky pets that like to remind you of their presence. The breed is known for snoring loudly while sleeping and can be gassy.

When awake, the breed can be protective of their family when strangers approach your home.

A Boston’s loyal and affectionate nature makes the breed protective around children. These dogs have also been known to get into trouble just to get their owner’s attention.

Fact #12: Complications of a Box-Shaped Head

The broad shape of the Boston Terriers’ head makes breeding a bit difficult. Thanks to the breed’s irregular size a C-section is generally needed to deliver puppies. This makes Boston’s more complicated to breed.

Their strange head shape also puts them on the list of brachycephalic breeds. The breed’s short muzzle is also one of the reasons for their loud snoring.

Fact #13: They’ve Been In Oz

It’s no secret that the Wizard of Oz book series had some weird changes made to it in later books. One of these changes had Toto, Dorothy’s loyal sidekick become a Boston Terrier in the “Oz” series. This change was short-lived, and Toto resumes his classic look in later books.

Many fans theorize this is because of the vague description original author L. Frank Baum gave of Toto in his book. The author’s original description, Toto is said to be a black and white dog with a stripe down its face.

Fact #14: Even Disney Loves Them

Disney released an animated short film titled “Feast” in 2014 that starred a Boston Terrier. The short played in theaters with the Movie “Big Hero 6.” The short has won an academy award and has received praise from critics.

The story revolves around Winston and his owner James. Winston helps James overcome an unhealthy period in his life and helps reunite him with his lover. The short will only take around 6 minutes to watch but is guaranteed to warm any pet lovers heart.

Fact #15: Movie Stars

Boston Terriers have found their way onto the big screen. The breed has made appearances in several different movies, including “Hotel For Dogs.”

A handicapped Boston Terrier named “Nubbins” also appeared in the 2010 film “ The Back-Up Plan.”

The breed has also made its way onto the small screen by starring in commercials for IKEA and AT&T.

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