How to Teach Your Boston Terrier The Off Command

Teaching your Boston Terrier the off-command is an important part of ensuring that your Boston understands basic obedience commands and behaves properly.

This step-by-step guide will provide you with detailed instructions on teaching your Boston Terrier the off command so that they understand it and respond quickly when they hear it.

Boston on a couch – time to get off 🙂

Let’s get started!

How to Teach Your Boston Terrier The Off Command

What is the purpose of teaching my Boston Terrier the off-command?

The purpose of teaching your Boston Terrier the off-command is to ensure that your pup understands basic obedience commands and behaves properly. The off-command can also help keep your Boston safe by helping you stay in control when there are things in the environment that could be dangerous for them.

How long will it take my Boston Terrier to learn the off-command?

It is going to take, on average, 12+ tries before your Boston is going to pick up on this new command.

These findings come from a poll conducted on the Boston Terrier Society’s Twitter community. With over 40+ Boston Parents responding, the majority state it takes their Boston 12+ attempts before they learn a new command.

See the poll here…I may have spelled try funny, but the information is all the same 🙂

What not to do when teaching your Boston Terrier the off-command?

Do not use force or punishment when teaching your Boston the off-command. This will only serve to confuse and frustrate your pup, and is likely to delay their learning process. Instead, be patient and consistent with your training, rewarding them for good behavior.

What are some dog training tips before I get started training my Boston Terrier myself?

Before getting started, it is important to understand how dogs learn. Dogs learn best when rewards are given for good behavior and when there is a clear correlation between the behavior and the reward.

It is also important to be patient and consistent with your training and to avoid using force or punishment. These tips will help set you up for success when training your Boston Terrier obedience commands.

If you want a detailed list of Boston Terrier training tips before you get started, check out this article here on Boston Terrier Society: 14 Essential Boston Terrier Training Tips!

Teaching Your Boston The Off Command Step By Step

Step 1: Get Ready

Getting ready to teach your Boston the off-command starts with gathering all of the supplies you will need. You should have a few treats, a clicker (optional), a comfortable spot to work, and plenty of patience!

Once you have everything ready, make sure your pup is in a calm state by taking them for a walk or playing with them for a bit before beginning.

Step 2: Start Training

Now that your Boston is relaxed and ready to learn, it’s time to start training! You may want them to start on top of something like a chair, pillow, or anything that is a little off the ground. Begin by calling their name, followed by “off” in a clear voice.

If they don’t move away from whatever object or surface, they are on, gently take their paws and help them off.

Once they are off, give them a treat and lots of praise! Repeat this process several times until they begin responding quicker each time you call their name followed by “off”.

Step 3: Increase Difficulty

Once your Boston has mastered this initial step, it’s time to increase the difficulty level! Begin introducing objects or surfaces like furniture or counters that are higher up and require more effort for them to get off of.

Using the same method as before, call their name followed by “off” and assist, if necessary, with guiding their paws onto the floor.

Again, reward with treats and verbal praise when successful! Continue repeating this process until they have mastered getting off higher objects or surfaces quickly when called upon.

Final Thoughts

With some practice and patience, teaching your Boston Terrier, the off-command, can be relatively simple! With consistency and reinforcement through treats and praise whenever they obey correctly, soon enough, you’ll have trained up an obedient pup who knows exactly what “Off” means!

If you want to learn more commands and tricks you can teach your Boston Terrier, be sure to visit our article, 49 Commands And Tricks You Can Teach Your Boston!

Good luck!

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