How to Teach Your Boston Terrier to Come (Step by Step)

Teaching your Boston Terrier to come when called is a simple process that can be done with just a few steps and some patience.

With the right technique and positive reinforcement, you can have your pup coming back to you in no time! This step-by-step guide will give you detailed instructions on how to teach your Boston Terrier to come when called.

Let’s get started!

Teaching Your Boston Terrier The Come When Called Command

Why should you teach your Boston Terrier the Come command?

The Come command is important because it can help keep your Boston safe. If your dog is ever lost or gets out of the house, being able to call him back to you will make it much easier to find him.

The Come command can also be helpful in preventing accidents. If your dog is getting into something he shouldn’t or about to run into the street, calling him back to you will avert disaster.

With a well-trained Come command, you can have more control over your Boston in any situation. Teaching your Boston Terrier this command will make both of your lives much easier!

How long will it take to teach your Boston Terrier the come command?

It is going to take, on average, 12+ tries before your Boston is going to pick up on this new command.

These findings come from a poll conducted on the Boston Terrier Society’s Twitter community. With over 44+ Boston Parents responding, the majority state it takes their Boston 12+ attempts before they learn a new command.

See the poll here…I may have spelled try funny, but the information is all the same 🙂

What are some other essential commands I should teach my Boston Terrier?

Some other essential commands you may want to teach your Boston Terrier include: Sit, Stay, and Down. These commands can help keep your pup safe and under control in any situation.

Read this list of essential obedience training your Boston should know before you start teaching them tricks: The 10 Most Important Commands To Teach Your Boston Terrier!

How soon can I start teaching my Boston Terrier the come command?

You can start training your Boston Terrier to come when called as soon as he has learned his basic obedience commands. Make sure your pup knows how to Sit and Stay before you start working on the Come command. This will help make the training process easier for both of you.

What should I avoid doing when teaching my Boston Terrier the come command?

When teaching your Boston Terrier the come command, you should avoid doing the following:

• Yelling or screaming at your Boston. This will only make him scared of coming to you and will make the training process more difficult.

• Punishing your Boston for not coming when called. If he comes to you but gets scolded, he will likely be afraid to come to you again in the future.

• Calling your Boston to come when he is not interested in getting up. If your pup is busy playing or investigating something, calling him away from that activity may frustrate both of you. Wait until he is calm and has finished what he was doing before calling him to come.

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Step By Step – How To Teach Your Boston Terrier To Come

Here is how to teach your Boston step by step!

Step 1 – Start Indoors

The best place to start teaching your Boston to come is in the comfort of your own home. Start by saying their name followed by “come” and then offer them treats or toys for arriving. You can make this game more fun by calling them from different rooms or hiding treats around the house, so they have something to look forward to. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Step 2 – Move Outdoors

Once your Boston has mastered the indoor game, it’s time to take things outdoors. Choose an area with minimal distractions (such as a fenced-in backyard or a quiet park) and practice calling them while they are off-leash.

Make sure you reward them every time they come back when called, so they understand that it is rewarding when they return. You can also use visual cues such as pointing at yourself or clapping your hands which will help them know where you expect them to go.

Step 3 – Increase Distractions

Now it’s time for the real test! Pick an area with more distractions (such as a busy city park) and practice calling them again while off-leash. This will help them learn how to stay focused even when there are other interesting smells and sounds around them.

If needed, use visual cues such as pointing at yourself or clapping your hands again so that they stay focused on what you’re asking of them. Rewards should always be given for successful recalls!

Final Thoughts

Teaching your Boston Terrier to come when called is not only important for their safety, but also helps build a strong bond between you and your pup! With these three simple steps, you can easily train your pup in no time – all it takes is some patience and positive reinforcement.

Now get out there, have fun, and enjoy spending quality time with your furry friend!

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