How to Teach Your Boston Terrier The “Watch Me” Command (Step by Step)

Does your Boston Terrier ignore you when you call their name? Are you looking for a way to get them to pay attention to you? Well, look no further!

Teaching your pup the “watch me” command is an excellent way to get their attention and focus it on you.

Here’s a step-by-step guide with detailed instructions on how to teach your Boston this important skill.

Teach Your Boston Terrier The “Watch Me” Command

Step by Step – How to train a Boston to understand the watch me command

1. Start in a quiet place.

The first step is to find a quiet spot where there are no distractions. This will help ensure that your Boston can focus on the task at hand and not be distracted by noises or movements around them.

2. Position yourself in front of your dog.

Once you have found a suitable location, make sure that your pup is seated in front of you and facing away from any potential distractions (e.g., other pets).

3. Get their attention with treats or toys.

Now that your Boston is in position, use treats or toys as a reward for getting their attention when you call out the command “watch me” or “look here” (whichever phrase works best for you).

4. Say the command and wait for eye contact.

Each time you say “watch me” or “look here,” wait until they make direct eye contact with you before giving them the reward (treats/toys). If they don’t make eye contact right away, try repeating the command – be patient!

Eventually, they will understand what they need to do in order to receive their reward and make direct eye contact with each repetition of the command before receiving it – this is key!

5. Increase difficulty over time.

Once your Boston has mastered making direct eye contact with each repetition of “watch me,” start increasing difficulty by slowly adding more distractions into the environment (e.g., noise outside, other people walking around).

This will help ensure that they stay focused on making direct eye contact even when there are other things going on around them – this is essential if they ever need to follow commands when out and about!

6 . Practice makes perfect!

As with any skill, practice makes perfect – so keep repeating these steps until your pup has mastered watching me under any circumstance!

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Why it’s important to teach your dog the watch me command

It is important to teach your dog the watch me command because it will help them focus on you. This is very important when you are trying to get their attention or when they are in a dangerous situation and need to listen to what you are telling them.

Tips For Teaching Your Dog The Watch Me Command

1. Start with treats that your dog loves.

2. Get down to your dog’s level and make sure you have their full attention before giving the command.

3. Say the command in a clear, firm voice and give a treat immediately after your dog looks at you.

4. Repeat the process until your dog is responding consistently, then start adding in distractions (like another person or another dog) and only rewarding when they maintain eye contact with you.

5. Practice in different environments so that your dog can generalize the behavior.

6. Be consistent with your rewards – if you only give treats sometimes, your dog will get confused and won’t understand what they’re being rewarded for.

7. Have patience – some dogs learn this quickly, while others may need more time and practice.

What to avoid when teaching your dog the watch me command

1. Don’t get frustrated

It is very important not to get frustrated when teaching your dog the watch me command. If you get angry or impatient, your dog will pick up on this and it will make it harder for him to learn the command. It is important to remain calm and positive throughout the training process.

2. Don’t punish your dog

If your dog does not immediately obey the watch me command, it is important not to punish him. This will only serve to confuse and scare him, and it will make it harder for him to learn the command. Instead, simply try again and be sure to praise him when he does finally obey.

3. Don’t give up

Finally, it is important not to give up when teaching your dog the watch me command. If you keep at it and remain patient, eventually your dog will learn what you want him to do.

Final Thoughts

Training your Boston Terrier to “watch me” can take some time and patience, but it is well worth it! Not only does this skill help keep their focus on you wherever life takes them, but it also builds trust between both of you which strengthens bonds like nothing else can! Good luck!

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