5 Of The Best Dog Car Seats For Boston Terriers

As everyone with a furry best friend would know, our Boston Terriers are more than just pets – they’re family.

And when it comes to family, we always want to ensure they’re safe and comfortable, especially when we’re on the road.

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Based on my research, I want to show you the best seats for your Boston Terrier today. This will help you choose the right option for you without having to spend hours looking around.

The Best Car Seats For Boston Terriers

If your Boston Terrier is just a little puppy keep in mind it is going to grow anywhere from 12 to 25 lbs in weight with a height of 15 – 17 inches when measured to the shoulders.

If you are in a rush here is a quick summary,

5 Of The Best Car Seats For Bostons

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1. Best For Long Trips – Petsfit Booster Seat with Pockets

If you want an all-around functional car seat the Petsfit is the one you need, it is the best car seat to have for those long road trips you’ll be taking with your Boston.

The Petsfit Dog Booster Seat with Pockets is a big seat with two straps to attach to the headrest of your car. The water-resistant Oxford cloth makes it a perfect option for dogs prone to potty incidents while traveling.

The cushion has two sides, one with plush fleece liner for winter, and one with Oxford cloth for summer, guaranteeing maximum comfort for your pup.

Buy or look at reviews for the Petsfit Booster Seat on Amazon here: Petsfit Booster Seat.


  • The seat is suitable for different weather: Oxford cloth for summer, plush fleece liner for winter
  • Elevated seat with two seat belts
  • Easily folds for stowing away
  • 4.6 stars product with over 2,000 ratings
  • Has storage pockets for pets’ daily necessities


  • Not recommended for dogs that chew when anxious, as they could break through the safety materials

2. Easiest To Clean – K&H Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat

The K&H Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat is one of the most popular and highly rated booster dog car seats on Amazon.

The seat is big enough for most Boston Terriers to lie down comfortably, and the seat belt is adjustable for a safe ride. The materials are very high-quality and extremely cushy. Perfect for fussy dogs!

Buy or look at reviews for the K&H Seat on Amazon here: K&H Dog Car Seat.


  • Interior with plush fleece material
  • An elevated seat that makes it easier for the dog to see outside
  • 4.8 stars product with over 13,000 ratings
  • Easy to clean, washing machine friendly
  • Two security leashes


  • Not water resistant, so cleaning is harder if potty accidents happen on the road
  • A bit on the expensive side

3. Best Value – Marslabo Car Seats for Small Dogs

The Marslabo car seat is a wonderful option for those on a tight budget but who still want to give their Boston the best possible ride.

It is stylish and comfortable for your pup. The metal frame makes it extremely sturdy and the straps attach to the headrest. It is a safe and cushy alternative to more expensive dog car seats.

Buy or look at reviews on Amazon here: Marslabo Dog Car Seats.


  • Seat with a metal frame and made with double-layer waterproof Oxford
  • Elevated seat with adjustable straps
  • 4.5 stars product with over 5,000 ratings
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Good pricing


  • Only recommended for dogs weighing up to 20 lbs. If you have a bigger Boston this could be a problem.

4. Best For Seeing Out The Window – PetSafe Happy Ride Booster Seat

Another highly rated and popular booster seat, the PetSafe Happy Ride Booster Seat is perfect for those Boston parents with smaller cars.

The straps keep it safely attached to the headrest of the car seat, and you can (and should) connect the tether to a comfortable harness. Overall a perfect seat for smaller dogs that get carsick easily.

Buy or look at reviews on Amazon here: PetSafe Happy Ride Booster Seat.


  • Seat made with polyester oxford shell and soft fleece liner
  • Elevated seat with three stabilizing attachment points, reducing motion sickness in carsick dogs
  • 4.3 stars product with over 16,000 ratings
  • Easy to clean, washing machine friendly


  • Short tether
  • The square shape might cause positioning issues in some rounded car seats

5. Best Comfort – Amazon Basics Pet Car Booster Bucket Seat

The Amazon Basics Pet Car Booster Bucket Seat is a good choice for Bostons that like to reposition themselves often.

It is a big seat that is easy to install and secure for your dog. It is recommended to buy a belt that attaches to the headrest for maximum safety.

Buy or look at reviews on Amazon here: Amazon Basics Pet Car Seat.


  • Seat made with polyester fabric, polyurethane foam, and EPE foam
  • Elevated seat with two tethers for sturdiness
  • 4.6 stars product with over 4,000 ratings
  • Easy to clean and install


  • The low front might make fearful dogs anxious
  • Doesn’t attach to the headrest

How do I choose a dog car seat for my Boston?

When it comes to choosing a dog car seat for your Boston Terrier, there are a few things you should consider.

First, ensure the seat is the right size for them. You want one that’s just the right size. The wrong size can make them uncomfortable and unsafe, leading to possible accidents. Do NOT be afraid to buy a car seat and return it IMMEDIATELY if it does not fit your Boston perfectly!

Next, consider the material of the seat. You need good material that is easy to clean, and also durable. Bostons can get antsy as they travel sometimes, so if the material can’t withstand some wear and tear, it won’t work well.

Additionally, look for a seat that has a secure harness or leash to keep your Boston securely in place while you’re driving.

Are dog car seats a good idea?

Yes! Not only do dog car seats provide a safe and secure place for your pup to sit while you’re driving, but they also help to prevent distractions while you’re driving.

When your Boston Terrier is safely seated and secured, you can focus on the road and not on making sure they’re not getting into trouble.

Additionally, dog car seats help to keep your pup from getting hurt in the event of an accident. This is because they make sure to secure the pet to the seat when your brake the car or get into a collision.

Large dogs might get away with sitting in the back seat and using the normal security belt, but smaller ones don’t get that privilege. They need something to hold them up and keep them safe.

What is the safest place for a dog car seat in an automobile?

The safest place for a dog in a car is in a designated dog car seat secured in the back seat with a seat belt and security tethers. It’s important to note that the front seat is not a safe place for a dog, as airbags can cause serious injury or even death.

Larger dogs can be safe only using seat belts, but smaller dogs are usually too small to benefit from that protection. This is why a dog car seat is indispensable for owners of small breeds such as the Boston Terrier.

If you’re going to travel unsafe roads, however, be sure to keep your dog in a crate or carrier in the back seat, secured by seat belts. This is the easiest and safest way to travel with your dog but might make them carsick or anxious.

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What is the safest way for a dog to travel in a car?

The safest way for a dog to travel in a car is in a designated dog car seat or a crate that’s been properly secured in the back seat. This ensures that your pup is secure and protected in the event of an accident. Make sure that your Boston is wearing a properly fitting harness or leash while in the car.

A crate is often better at being secure than dog car seats, but they can be more anxiety-inducing and make dogs prone to motion sickness uncomfortable. If the trip will be long, consider investing in a high-quality dog car seat, especially an elevated one with strong tethers and belts.

If you’re going to use tethers to secure your dog in the dog seat, make sure to connect it to a harness and never its collar. This is because, in the case of an accident, a tether connected to the collar can choke your dog, or break their neck. A harness will keep your fur friend safe and comfortable.

I know that we, as owners, often feel the need to cuddle and pet our dogs whenever they’re anxious, but keeping your Boston Terrier on your lap or free to roam the car can bring distractions that might turn out for the worse. Always follow the safety guidelines!

Final thoughts

By considering the size, material, and type of harness or leash of the dog car seat, you can ensure that your Boston Terrier is safe and comfortable while you’re driving on the road.

It is worth spending a little bit more in order to give your fur baby the safest and most comfortable seat, so don’t be afraid of investing. Your best friend deserves it.

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