9 Ways To Bond With Your Boston Terrier (EASY)

Want to learn how you can bond quickly with your Boston Terrier puppy?

Bonding with a pet begins with the first “hello” and continues with every game of fetch and special moment spent together.

9 Ways To Bond With Your Boston Terrier

Your Boston Terrier is with you for the journey of a lifetime. Bonding with your Boston is well worth the effort. There are plenty of fun activities to do with your pup to encourage bonding.

How To Bond With Your Boston Terrier

Some Boston Terriers are more active dogs and prefer playing outside. Others are homebodies who want nothing more than to cuddle up while you binge-watch a TV show.

Whether your dog is a couch potato or star athlete, here are nine ways to create and strengthen a bond with your Boston Terrier.

9 Ways To Bond With Your Boston Terrier

1. Take A Training Course

Training courses offer benefits that can extend far beyond basic puppy manners. Going to regular training classes with your Boston builds their confidence and their bond with you.

Make a date with your dog every week to pursue advanced training. You may even choose to pursue certification, such as the AKC Good Citizen program.

Dog training is an activity that relies on the owner’s participation just as much as their dog’s. By dedicating time every week to your pup’s betterment, you can bond with them even further.

Video – What Is the AKC Good Citizen Program

In this two minute video, you will learn what the AKC Good Citizen Program is and how you and your Boston can benefit.

AKC’s Good Citizen Program

2. Play Outside

Boston Terriers love to be outside as much as any dog breed. While they don’t require non-stop exercise like some very high-energy breeds, they still love to play outside – especially with their owners.

Being more involved with your Boston’s outdoor activities is an excellent way to bond. Bonus – you’ll get some exercise, too!

Get involved in your Boston’s playtime by playing a gentle game of tug-o-war, splashing around in a kiddie pool, or playing a classic game of fetch. You can even plan a scavenger hunt and hide treat-filled toys around your yard while giving your pup clues.

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3. Get Some Grub

Getting out of the house to bond with your Boston doesn’t have to mean going for a walk. With outdoor dining growing in popularity, more and more restaurants are becoming dog-friendly.

Check to see if any restaurants in your town or city have dog-friendly patios and bring your Boston for brunch. Many breweries and pubs also have dog-friendly outdoor seating and love it when customers bring their dogs.

Some restaurants even have menus with dog-friendly foods you can share with your Boston. Alternatively, see if you can bring a small bowl of their own kibble with you.

Not only will you enjoy a great meal or drink, but you’ll also probably meet other dog owners who are just as dedicated to bonding with their pets! 

Find dog-friendly restaurants here at BringFido.com.

9 Ways To Bond With Your Boston Terrier

4. Play Interactive Tablet Games for Dogs

If you have a tablet at home, you’ve probably spent plenty of time with your Boston cuddled up beside you while you play a mobile game. Why not check out some of the games designed especially for dogs?

This high-tech way to bond with your Boston is perfect for a rainy or snowy day when you want to veg out indoors. Just search “games for dogs” in your preferred app store and start downloading! See the list below.

Your Boston will likely need some instructions to help them figure out how to play (that’s where you come in!).

Grab a bag of their favorite treats and demonstrate how to play – usually, they just need to bop the screen with their nose or paw. Give them a treat every time they get a point!

List Of Dog Game Apps

9 Ways To Bond With Your Boston Terrier

5. Teach Your Boston A Unique Trick

If you’ve done training classes with your Boston, they probably already understand the routine of learning a command and being rewarded with a special treat.

Once they’ve already mastered everything typically taught in a training program, search the internet and find a cool, funny, or unique trick to teach them!

You can teach your Boston to “play dead”, which is sure to get a laugh next time you have company visiting. You could also teach your pup to stand on their hind legs, or give a hug!

It may take a while to learn a unique or unusual trick, but the time spent learning is valuable bonding time. Learning a new trick builds trust, confidence, and can be a lot of fun.

Video – How To Teach Your Dog To Play Dead

In this video, you’ll learn how to teach your dog to play dead.

Learn To Teach Your Dog To Play Dead Video.
  1. Play A Brain-Teasing Game

If you aren’t tech-savvy, you may need to find an activity that is more tangible than the tablet games for dogs mentioned above. There are plenty of other interactive indoor activities that will sharpen your pup’s mind and keep you both engaged.

Find three paper cups or bowls and pick out one of your Boston’s favorite treats. Turn the cups upside down on the floor, hide a treat under one, and see if your pup can sniff it out.

After he has mastered sniffing out the cup with the treat, turn up the difficulty! Put a treat under one cup and switch their positions. Make sure to give him plenty of praise and pats when he is able to find the hidden treat. Positive reinforcement is a great tool for bonding.

List Of Dog Brain Training Games

7. Participate In A Dog Sport

If you’ve ever seen your Boston run full-speed after a trespassing squirrel, you’re probably well aware of your dog’s athletic prose. 

If your Boston is naturally drawn to more physical activities, why not train them in a Dog Sport? There are tons to choose from! You could try Dock Diving, Agility, Disc Throwing, or nearly a dozen other sport activities. 

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Find your Boston’s strong suit and train with them. Not only will you get plenty of one-on-one time, you’ll also create more exciting memories once they’re ready to compete.

Some dog owners travel all over the country to participate in sports like Dock Diving. You’ll meet tons of other passionate dog owners, build your Boston’s confidence, and add another layer of fun and trust to your relationship.

Boston Terrier Swimming

This Boston Terrier loves to swim!

8. Go To Boston Terrier Meet-Ups

Since dog owners are so passionate about their four-legged pals, finding a dog meet-up is easy. And if you live in an area with many other Boston Terrier owners, you may even be able to find a meet-up just for Boston’s and their owners.

Check online and on social media for a Boston Terrier group in your area. Some groups hold monthly or weekly meet-ups to socialize with their Boston’s and spend time together.

Find Boston Terrier Meet-Ups HereBoston Meet-Ups!

If your area doesn’t already have a Boston Terrier group, why not start one yourself? Connect with other Boston Terrier owners and spend more time with your pup by gathering together to celebrate your spunky friends.

9. Participate In A Contest

If you’ve been spending time in training classes and training for dog sports, you and your Boston are probably already feeling pretty confident together! Why not keep your eyes on the prize and enter in a fun pet contest?

Social media accounts and pet stores often hold contests and competitions you and your pet can enter together.

Around Halloween, pet stores will often hold an in-store Halloween Costume Contest. If you’re crafty, create your own unique costume for your Boston to stand out among the store-bought entries. 

Many pet-related social media accounts will hold contests for sending in cute Christmas-themed photos when the holidays roll in. Take some time to decorate and pose with your Boston to make an entry that is sure to win praise and will have you feeling close and connected.

Create A Bond To Last A Lifetime

If you’ve had a pet before, you know that every bit of time you spend together is a special memory you’ll keep in your heart forever.

Bonding with your pet builds their confidence and their trust in you. By taking some time to really bond with your Boston Terrier, they’re sure to feel closer to you than ever.

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