Boston Terrier Clubs In The United States & Around The World

Are you looking to find different Boston Terrier Clubs throughout the United States and around the world? 

Here is a list of clubs…

Boston Terrier Clubs. Boston Terrier Clubs in the United states. Boston Terrier Clubs around the world.

Boston Terrier Clubs In The United States & Around The World


Sierra Gold Boston Terrier Club

The Sierra Gold Boston Terrier Club was founded in 1995 by a group of Boston Terrier breeders and exhibitors. 

Their club focuses on bettering the breed through quality breeding and hosting specialty shows that allow purebred dogs, especially Boston Terriers, to compete. 

They focus on fostering strong sportsmanship and providing support to breeders, pet owners, and exhibitors. 


Rocky Mountain Boston Terrier Club

The Rocky Mountain Boston Terrier Club is a huge advocate for the Boston Terrier breed, especially in regard to the breed’s health. 

They focus on helping Boston Terrier owners care for their Boston Terriers through education, raising awareness for dog laws, and helping needy Boston Terrier owners with vet bills. 

The Club hosts a variety of shows and get-togethers throughout the year, like their Boston Tea Party get-together.


Boston Terrier Club Of Connecticut

Founded in 1931, the Boston Terrier Club Of Connecticut’s main focus is promoting the ethical breeding of purebred Boston Terriers. 

They do this by urging their club members and breeders to follow the Boston Terrier Breed Standard approved by the American Kennel Club. 

These breed standards are used in their shows and as a way to educate others on proper breeding.


Florida Suncoast Boston Terrier Club

The Florida Suncoast Boston Terrier Club is the official Florida AKC affiliate club for Boston Terriers. 

They host many specialty shows throughout the year promoting the Boston Terrier breeds and the official breed standards. 

They also host breed classes at the Orange County Convention Center to better the Boston Terrier breed.


Greater Atlanta Boston Terrier Club

The Greater Atlanta Boston Terrier Club is dedicated to the betterment of the Boston Terrier Breed. 

They host many speciality shows yearly to highlight the amazing American Gentlemen breed. 


Western Boston Terrier Club

This Chicago based Boston Terrier Club is one of the oldest Boston Terrier affiliate clubs, as well as the one of the largest! 

Despite being located in Chicago, they boast a national membership. They have over 75 members and are celebrating over 110 years of being around. 

The Western Boston Terrier Club focuses on enjoying the Boston Terrier as a wonderful companion, aiding Boston Terrier rescues, and hosting performance shows. 


Hawkeye Boston Terrier Club

The Hawkeye Boston Terrier Club is based in Iowa but has many members throughout the Midwest. 

Their members range from casual Boston Terrier owners to people who show their Boston Terriers in specialty shows. 

The Hawkeye Boston Terrier Club hosts an annual specialty show every September.


Heartland Boston Terrier Club

The Heartland Boston Terrier Club specializes in hosting obedience and special competitions. 

They abide by and promote the breed standards for the Boston Terriers in the judging of these competitions.


Boston Terrier Club Of Louisville

The Boston Terrier Club Of Louisville was founded in 1943. They host regular obedience and specialty shows, which abide by the AKC breed standards for Boston Terriers.


Boston Terrier Club Of Louisiana

Started by a small group of Boston Terrier lovers in Louisiana, the Boston Terrier Club Of Louisiana is passionate about preserving the Boston Terrier breed. 

During the club’s existence, the Boston Terrier breed has almost gone extinct. This only adds to their drive to keep this beautiful breed flourishing! 

They accept members all over Louisiana, neighboring states, and even across the sea. 

The Club focuses on hosting great competitions and they care deeply about the health and continuation of the Boston Terrier breed above all.


Boston Terrier Club Of Maryland

This Boston Terrier Club is particularly fervent about promoting the Boston Terrier breed’s continuity and welfare over individual interests. 

They have ongoing education for their members to stay on top of this ongoing process. 

Past programs include Boston Terrier behaviors, vaccination protocols, T-touch, and more!


Minuteman Boston Terrier Club

The Minuteman Boston Terrier Club accepts members from Massachusetts and other New England states. 

They are passionate about raising money to donate to organizations like the Seeing Eye Dog and other reputable dog charities. 

The Club focuses on educating the public on the Boston Terrier breed and are an active Boston Terrier rescue too.


Boston Terrier Club Of Detroit

The Boston Terrier Club Of Detroit is heavily involved in hosting shows, ranging from specialty to obedience to agility types. 

Their agility shows are open to all AKC-recognized breeds, but their specialty and obedience shows are for Boston Terriers only. 

They work to promote and support the Boston Terrier breed tirelessly.


Minnesota Boston Terrier Club

Founded in 1947, the Minnesota Boston Terrier Club is one of the older AKC Boston Terrier Clubs. 

They hosted their first specialty show in 1948 and their motto is “to better the breed.” 

The Club also hosts several events every year, which they encourage guests to come to so that they can share in celebrating the Boston Terrier breed.


Eastern Nebraska Boston Terrier Club

The Eastern Nebraska Boston Terrier Club’s biggest mission is promoting the wellbeing and health of Boston Terriers. 

They are passionate about helping people find Boston Terriers from ethical sources (ie. good breeders) and have an accessible referral list. 

Other than promoting the health of Boston Terriers, they encourage their members to enter their Boston Terriers into agility trials, obedience trials, and other show events!

New Jersey

Lenape Boston Terrier Club

Beginning in 1977 with only 10 members, the Lenape Boston Terrier Club encourages fair show judging and even offers judge education programs. 

They became an affiliated club in 1980 and have gone on to host 41 specialties. 

The Club is also a member of the New Jersey Federation Of Dog Clubs and support several other local clubs.

Tri-Angle Boston Terrier Breeders Club, INC

The Tri-Angle Boston Terrier Breeders Club is heavily involved in sportsmanship and hosting dog shows. 

They are frequently sponsored by big brands and have even had their dog shows aired on national television! 

The Club hosts a large variety of shows and occasionally host all-breed shows too.

New York

Boston Terrier Club Of New York

Founded in 1906, this regional breed club began to protect and improve the Boston Terrier breed. 

They host AKC regulated match and specialty shows along with many events to educate and bring together Boston Terrier owners in the New York and New Jersey area. 

The club focuses on the wellbeing of the Boston Terrier breed’s future above all else.

North Carolina

Boston Terrier Club Of North Carolina

This Boston Terrier Club of North Carolina is passionate about hosting specialty shows and showing off the incredible All American Gentleman breed. 

The Club hosts many social events for Boston Terrier owners, such as cookouts and live actions to raise money for the breed.


Boston Terrier Club Of Greater Cincinnati 

The Boston Terrier Club Of Greater Cincinnati is dedicated to educating others on the wonderful Boston Terrier breed. 

The Club does this through hosting AKC approved competitions and events, along with promoting quality breeding practices. 

This Club held its very first specialty show in 1926 and never looked back!


Oklahoma City Boston Terrier Club

Founded in 1949, the Oklahoma City Boston Terrier Club celebrates the American Gentleman breed by remembering the breed’s history as the first American bred dog breed. 

They are always happy to educate others on the Boston Terrier breed. They do this by encouraging the highest standards of canine health, care, breeding, and cleanliness. 

The Oklahoma City Boston Terrier Club hosts a wide variety of dog shows each year and has won awards for their Boston Terrier breed booths at the Oklahoma City Cluster Of Dog Shows event. 


Boston Terrier Club Of Portland Oregon

The Boston Terrier Club Of Portland Oregon was founded in 1938 so that Boston Terrier owners, exhibitors, and breeders could come together to celebrate the amazing Boston Terrier breed. 

They focus on Boston Terrier health information and offer many resources on their website for anyone looking to learn more. 

Quality breeding practices are very important to them, so they’ve assembled a list of reputable breeders as well as things to keep in mind when you’re browsing.


Greater Houston Boston Terrier Club

The Greater Houston Boston Terrier Club has recently celebrated its 55th specialty show! 

They continue to celebrate the Boston Terrier breed through shows that give the dogs an opportunity to show off their natural skill. 

The Club offers two annual specialty shows along with many educational events featuring health clinics and experts. 

The North Texas Boston Terrier Club

The North Texas Boston Terrier Club is passionate about educating the public about Boston Terriers, quality breeding practices, and promoting good health measures for the breed. 

They regularly host specialty shows to let this amazing dog breed compete to their fullest capacity!


Boston Terrier Club Of Virginia

Founded in 2011, the Boston Terrier Club Of Virginia is currently a social club for Boston Terrier lovers. 

They are working towards their AKC affiliation and continue to encourage and educate others on quality breeding. 

The Club regularly host specialty shows for the Boston Terrier breed.


Boston Terrier Club Of Western Washington

Established in 1979, the Boston Terrier Club Of Western Washington began to protect the Boston Terrier breed. 

It began with a small group of people who owned and cared about the breed and has expanded into a large group made up of the same kinds of people. 

The Club welcomes all Boston Terrier lovers, whether or not you show your dog. One of their biggest missions is to rescue and find new homes for Boston Terriers in need.


Boston Terrier Club Of Milwaukee

The Boston Terrier Club of Milwaukee became an AKC affiliated club around 1970 to 1971 with only 8 members! 

The club was originally named the “Dairyland Boston Terrier Club” and had to borrow members from other clubs to have enough members to be recognized by the AKC. 

They host dog shows every year and are heavy endorsers of regular health testing for your Boston Terrier.

Boston Terrier Clubs Around The World

Boston Terrier Club Of Canada

The Boston Terrier Club Of Canada formed in 1979 with a group of Boston Terrier lovers and was officially recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club in 1984. 

They hold one national and one regional specialty show every year, which they use to promote proper breed standards and fair competition. 

The Club educates the public on the benefits of a purebred Boston Terrier and safe breeding practices as part of their mission. 

Boston Terrier Club Of New Zealand

Started in 1973 as a way for Boston Terrier owners to gather informally, the Boston Terrier Club Of New Zealand went on to become incorporated in 1995. 

The original Boston Terrier owners kept the club going as a way to promote the Boston Terrier breed and began producing a club magazine quarterly, which is still produced today! 

Every two years, they host a championship show to further promote the breed. They are passionate about quality breeding and have put together a list of reputable breeders for easy access.

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