How do Boston Terriers End Up In Rescues?

Have you ever wondered how a Boston Terrier can end up in a rescue? Me too. I was recently able to interview Jennifer, the founder of the MidAmerican Boston Terrier Rescue. I asked Jennifer, How do you get Boston Terriers into your rescue? What is the number one reason these dogs show up on your doorstep?

Before this interview, I had an image of bad people dumping their dog off because of any number of wrong reasons. Thinking the dog was terrible or the people were awful. However, this couldn’t be further from the case. In many instances, these are great dogs just put into bad situations by their owners.

How do Boston Terriers End Up In Rescues?

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Now on to the interview and what Jennifer said…

My Interview With Jennifer

How do Boston Terriers end up in a rescue?

Boston Terriers end up in rescues for any number of reasons. The people who drop Boston off at rescues include breeders, puppy mills, shelters, and lastly, ordinary everyday people.


Breeders are the number one source of Boston Terriers coming into MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue. 50 percent of my intake is from breeders. And when I say breeders, I’m basically bundling them up into one bucket. 

These breeders include backyard breeders. You know, families that may only have a male and a female and these dogs are living in their home. They’re still breeders. Because that was the intent of their dogs. 

Puppy Mills

Next, you have what I refer to as puppy mills, which is almost 30 percent of our intake. These are big breeding farms where the only reason these animals exist is to breed puppies that end up in pet stores that we are shopping in. 


It is very important that we maintain a positive relationship with shelters. Because we know that if you were to ask somebody, where are you going to take your dog? The number one place is a shelter. Shelters are top of mind for people because shelters have existed forever. 

Owner Surrender

And then our last group is going to be owner surrenders, unfortunately. Owner surrenders are on the rise. Which is kind of a positive thing the way I look at it. Now people are aware that they have other options than selling dogs on Craigslist, online, or dropping it off at a shelter. They can actually come to our rescue and receive the same service. 

As far as rehoming your dog and the reason people give their dogs up, you can throw any reason out there. And I guarantee you, I’ve heard it before. 

Why would Breeders and Puppy Mills drop off their Boston’s?

It could be for multiple reasons. It could be that the dog is no longer performing, giving birth. The dog has a medical issue, and the breeder actually is wanting the dog to receive care because the breeder or mill can’t provide that care. 

It could be that they are circulating their stock. For example, once the dog turns seven and the breeder no longer needs that dog, they replace it with a younger dog. So there are multiple reasons in that breeding bucket. 

Why would a Shelter drop a Boston Terrier off with you?

A shelter can come to capacity. So we actually work with shelters in that every Boston that comes into their program, they automatically call us and don’t place them on the adoption floor.

For example, if they get a Pug and for some reason, they don’t have a relationship with a Pug Rescue, that pug needs a place in the shelter. By taking the Boston, we provide space for the pug.

We have shelters that do not provide certain medical treatment. The dog deserves a second chance. And we are contacted because we can provide medical care. 

Additionally, the dog may be stressful, or it doesn’t pass its behavior test before considering euthanasia or considering the dog unadoptable. Shelters will reach out to us and give us the opportunity to come in and take that dog out of the facility and place it in a home environment instead of a shelter environment. 

Why would owners surrender their Boston?

There are legitimate situations, I just got an e-mail this week. Somebody just had a baby, and their child is allergic to the dog. The last thing you need is for your child to end up in the emergency room because of your dog. Because they are allergic to the dog, and it’s no one’s fault. But it is a situation that requires a rehoming.

How many Boston’s do you take in a year?

MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue takes in 300, Bostons a year. People are like, are you serious? They can’t believe there are that many Boston’s in need. But there is a rescue for every breed of dog and animal. 

Final thoughts…

Rescues are an invaluable, safe haven for animals. If you have a reason for surrendering your dog, PLEASE, contact your local rescue. If you have a Boston Terrier, click here for a complete list of Boston Terrier Rescues across America and Canada.

Listen to the full interview with the Founder of MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue here; MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue Interview.

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