13 Best Dog Cremation Businesses in California

Are you looking into cremating your beloved dog in California? Cremation is one of the best ways to memorialize your pet.

Not all cremation businesses in California are the same. They differ in terms of their services, prices, and, most importantly, the support and after-life care they provide at this painful time.

We’ve compiled California’s top thirteen pet cremation businesses for your dog. Also, check out our Q&A section below for more information on pet cremation.

Best Dog Cremation Businesses in California

The details of the thirteen California pet cremation businesses enlisted below will help you decide where to cremate your pet. We have also included the prices and services they offer, so you can get the type of service you want for your cherished companion.

1. Gateway Pet Cemetery & Crematory

    Gateway Pet Cemetery and Crematory has been operating since 1959. They provide compassionate service for the burial of all kinds of animals – big and small. They offer drop/pick up from the vet or home, burial only, cremation with burial, and grief support.

    Gateway Pet Cemetery and Crematory Reviews

    Gateway Pet Cemetery and Crematory Prices

    • Base cremation under 75 lb. – $80-$120
    • Above 75 lb. – $150-$200

    Gateway Pet Cemetery and Crematory Contact Information

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    2. Cal Pet Crematory  

      Cal Pet Crematory has been serving Southern California since 1947. The company offers private and communal pet cremation and is committed to providing exceptional service with a personal touch throughout the entire process.

      Cal Pet Crematory Reviews

      Cal Pet Crematory Prices Prices

      • $110-150 for small animals under 50 lb.

      Cal Pet Crematory Contact Information

      • Address – 9595 Glenoaks Blvd., Sun Valley, CA 91352
      • Correspondence Box – P.O. Box 488, Sun Valley, CA 91353
      • Website https://calpet.com/
      • Phone – 818.983.2313

      3. West Coast Pet Memorial

      West Coast Pet Memorial has several cremation locations across the West Coast. They also offer different cremation choices and private viewings, so you can say your final goodbye and remember your beloved pet for years to come.

      West Coast Pet Memorial Reviews

      West Coast Pet Memorial Prices

      • The cost varies based on the service you choose.

      West Coast Pet Memorial Contact Information

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      4. Mobile Pet Cremations

      Mobile Pet Cremations offers various end-of-life pet services, including in-home euthanasia, private burials, communal cremation, etc., and also has different types of urns, jewelry, and keepsakes. They even cremate/bury birds, and small pets like rats, etc.

      Mobile Pet Cremations Reviews

      Mobile Pet Cremations Prices

      • Start at $75.

      Mobile Pet Cremations Contact Information

      5. Caring Pet Crematory

      Retired funeral director Craig Strunk has founded several affordable cremation and funeral centers in Sacramento and Roseville. Caring Pet Crematory is one of them.

      Caring Pet Crematory Reviews

      Caring Pet Crematory Prices

      • 0 to 1 lb.- $135
      • 51 to 100 lbs. – $235.00
      • 151 to 200 lbs.- $315.00
      • 201 to 250 lbs.- $370.00
      • 251 to 350 lbs.- $2.00 per pound
      • Family witnessing – $150 in addition to the above prices
      • Urn delivery – $95

      Caring Pet Crematory Contact Information

      • Areas served– Caring Pet Crematory serves the following areas Auburn, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Davis, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, Folsom, Granite Bay, Placerville, Rocklin, and Roseville.
      • Address – 4720 Beloit Dr., Sacramento, CA 95838
      • Website https://www.caringpetcrematory.com/
      • Phone – (916) 469-0801 

      6. Heaven’s Gate Pet Memorial Center (Heavenly Pets)

      Heavenly Pets Cremation Services is a small, family-owned and operated company with years of experience in the pet funeral industry.

      Heavenly Pets Cremation Services Reviews

      Heavenly Pets Cremation Services  Prices

      • Contact them below for pricing.

      Heavenly Pets Cremation Services Contact Information

      7. Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Park and Cremation Services

      Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Park and Cremation Services offers cremation services, burials, and veterinary services.

      Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Park and Cremation Reviews

      Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Park and Cremation Prices

      • Group cremation – <1 to 5 lbs – $15-$25
      • Private cremation- <1 to 5 lbs – $100

      Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Park and Cremation Contact Information

      8. Four Creeks Pet Crematorium

      Four Creeks Pet Crematorium has been helping memorialize pets since 2018.

      Four Creeks Pet Crematorium Reviews

      Four Creeks Pet Crematorium Prices

      Four Creeks Pet Crematorium Prices
      Under 3 lbs$80.00
      3 – 10 lbs$110.00
      11 – 25 lbs$130.00
      26 – 50 lbs$150.00
      51 – 75 lbs$190.00
      76 – 100 lbs$220.00
      101 – 150 lbs$260.00
      150+ lbs$300.00
      Over 200 lbsContact For Pricing
      • Clay paw print – $40 
      • Extra brass nameplate – $10 
      • Communal cremations – $1/pound, minimum $20​

      Four Creeks Pet Crematorium Contact Information

      9. Loved Pets Memorial Park

      Loved Pets Memorial Park is open on all holidays for cremations and burials by appointment. They have been serving the Royal Oaks, CA, area since 1960. Currently, they are offering $50 in credit for watching a video on their site.

      Loved Pets Memorial Park Reviews

      Loved Pets Memorial Park Prices

      • Contact them below for prices

      Loved Pets Memorial Park Contact Info

      10. At Garden’s Edge Pet Cremations

      At Garden’s Edge Pet Cremations offers you several ways to honor your pet. They provide pick-up and transportation from home/vet and clay paw print for you to remember your beloved fur baby. They also offer euthanasia, at-home care, and grief counseling.

      At Garden’s Edge Pet Cremations Reviews

      At Garden’s Edge Pet Cremations Prices

      • Contact below for pricing.

      At Garden’s Edge Pet Cremations Contact Information

      Website https://www.atgardensedge.com/

      Address – 511 S Palm Ave. #8, Alhambra, CA

      Phone – +1 818-416-3274

      Social Facebook

      11. Only Cremations (Family Pet Cremations)

      Only Pet Cremations offers burials, aquamation, cremations, a private viewing room, and clay paw print keepsakes. After aquamation, the cremains are spread into the ocean by a whale-watching cruise service company.

      Only Pet Cremations Reviews

      Only Pet Cremations Prices

      • Contact below for pricing

      Only Pet Cremations Contact Information

      12. Angel Paws Pet Cremations

      Angel Paws Pet Cremations is a pet cremation company serving San Diego and Orange County. They have several cremation packages (platinum, silver, gold, etc.) and also offer after-care services.

      Angel Paws Pet Cremations Reviews

      Angel Paws Pet Cremations Prices

      • Contact below for pricing

      Angel Paws Pet Cremations Contact Information

      • Webiste https://www.angelpawscremation.com/
      • Address 1 – San Diego County 120 N Pacific St #C-4, San Marcos, CA 92069
      • Address 2 – Orange County, 27068 La Paz Rd. #770, Aliso Viejo, 92656
      • Phone – (760) 510-1010 (San Diego County), (949) 313-8030 (Orange County)

      13. Fresno Pet Cemetery

      Mr. Lincoln S. Madsen founded the Fresno Pet Cemetery in 1945. His main goal was to create a cemetery where people could bury their family pets at a reasonable cost for the average person.

      Fresno Pet Cemetery Reviews

      Fresno Pet Cemetery Prices

      • Contact below for prices

      Fresno Pet Cemetery Contact Information

      Common California Dog Cremation Questions

      What to do when your dog dies in California?

      It is best to call your vet. They can store the dog’s body and often have tie-ups with cremation businesses. You can then decide whether you want to bury or cremate your pet.

      How much does it cost to cremate a dog in California?

      Prices for dog cremation depend on the pet’s weight. Generally, you can expect to pay between $150-$175 for a dog up to 30 lb. and about $250 for a pet weighing 91-120 lb.

      Can you cremate a dog in California?

      Yes! In California, there are a number of pet cremation companies that provide a range of options for saying goodbye to your beloved dog. These include private, communal, and customized burials, along with the option to buy unique keepsakes.

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      Video – 10 Common Pet Cremation Questions Answered

      Watch the video below to learn more about the pet cremation process.

      Final Thoughts

      It is incredibly hard to lose a pet. If you are considering cremating your dog and want a reliable and trustworthy company to do it, do check out the list of top thirteen dog cremation businesses listed above.

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