11+ Truly Unique & Loving Things You Can Do With Your Dogs Ashes!

Losing your beloved dog can be one of the most challenging experiences in your life. But, when the time comes to say goodbye and honor them in death, many options exist for celebrating their memory.

However, we wanted to put together a list of things you can do with your dog ashes that are genuinely unique and unheard of. We hope you enjoy the list.

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Let’s get started.

Unique And Loving Things You Can Do With Your Dogs Ashes

Here are eleven unique ideas of what you can do with your dog’s ashes. However, if you still need more suggestions, keep reading, and we have even more ideas for dog ashes. Plus we included a number of Q&As you probably have about dog ashes.

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1. Tattoo Ink

Some tattoo artists can incorporate ashes into tattoo ink, creating a permanent and personal memorial tattoo of your beloved pet. One such ink company is Cremationink. Cremationink will create the colors you need for your tattoo artists.

Watch this news piece about people using cremated ashes to create beautiful tattoos in their loved one’s honor.

Video – Turning A Dogs Cremains Into A Tattoo

Best 3 Companies Turning Cremated Ashes Into Tattoo Ink

If you are ready to get started with turning your beloved pet’s cremains into a tattoo, check out these companies below.

2. Space Flight

Some people choose traditional methods like burying their dog or creating a memorial. For a unique and meaningful alternative, consider sending your pet’s ashes into space. It celebrates their life and offers a new perspective on the universe and your place in it.

A tribute to a beloved creature that brought immense joy and wonder into your life. Let their memory soar with the stars through a space flight, inspiring and delighting for years to come.

How much does it cost to send your dog’s ashes into space? If you want your dog to orbit the earth, this can start at $4,995.

Video Of Cremains Memorial Flight

Video – Dog Cremains Space Flight

3. Diamonds

Convert your pet’s ashes into a lab-grown diamond. Yes, this is totally possible! This is a pricy way to commemorate your dog, but this comparative idea is truly unique and beautiful! The price of creating diamonds with your dog’s ashes can start at $1,200. Watch this video below to learn about turning your beloved dog into a diamond.

Video – Turning A Dogs Ashes Into A Diamond

Top 3 Dog Cremation Diamond Companies Turning Ashes Into Diamonds

If you are looking for a company to choose when turning your beloved pet’s ashes into a diamond, check out these:

4. Fireworks

Some companies specialize in creating spectacular fireworks using ashes.What better way to honor a beloved dog’s life than lighting up the night sky with a colorful explosion of light and sound? It symbolizes the happiness and love they brought to us.

Watch this video of a Heavenly Stars Fireworks display honoring a little boy’s life. This company also creates firework sets for pets similar to this display.

Video – Memorial Fireworks

Best Fireworks Company Turning Pet’s Ashes Into Fireworks

As of right now the best company to contact for turning your dog’s cremains into fireworks is Heavenly Stars Fireworks. This company is located in England and has been around since 1994.

5. A Coral Reef

Turn your pet’s ashes into a reef ball, providing a home for sea life. Memorial International creates memorial reefs, transforming pet cremated remains into thriving coral environments.

Memorial Reefs raise ecological awareness and become a topic of conversation for families, emphasizing the uniqueness of these memorials. Your pet’s memories shine brighter when integrated into a beautiful reefscape.

How much does turning your dog’s ashes into a coral reef cost?

Coral Reef TypeCost
Community Memorial Reef$40.00
Pack Memorial Reef$595.00
Individual Memorial Reef$2,995.00
*Pack Memorial is with nine other dogs, each getting their own plaque on the reef.

Watch this news video below discussing the process of turning your dog’s ashes into a coral reef.

Dogs Ashes In A Coral Reef Video

Best Companies Offering To Turn Your Dog’s Ashes Into Coral Reefs

Here are two companies that will turn your beloved pet’s cremains into a beautiful coral memorial as their final resting place.

6. Memorial Portrait Painting

Some artists can mix ashes into their paint, creating a unique tribute portrait of your pet.

Watch this video below, showing how an artist can combine your pet’s ashes into a painting.

Video – How To Paint With Dog Ashes

Best 3 Pet Memorial Portrait Ash Artists

Here are three great places to start your search for a pet memorial art piece using your dog’s ashes.

7. Ceramic Artwork

Use the ashes in a custom ceramic piece, such as a vase or sculpture. There are companies like ScatteringAshes.com that will create beautiful works of art using your dog’s ashes.

8. Stained Glass Keepsake

Bring joy to your day with a personalized stained glass keepsake. Whether it’s a window hanging, wall decoration, or garden piece, celebrate your dog’s life creatively and beautifully.

Watch this video, where the Bliss Glass owner talks about her business and love for creating stained glass using cremains to create beautiful memorials for those of lost loved ones.

Video – Creating Stained Glass With Dog Ashes

Best Stained Glass Dog Creamins Artisans

Start your search for the perfect stained glass artist here when you need a stained glass piece that incorporates your dog’s cremains.

9. Glass Paperweight

Transforming your dog’s ashes into a glass paperweight is a unique way to celebrate their life and keep their memory close. Each glance at the paperweight brings back the joy and love they brought into your life. This memorial idea is ideal for those who work in an office or spend a significant part of their day at a desk.

Best 3 Glass Paperweight Artists Who Incorporate A Dog’s Ashes

Look at these artists who can infuse your beloved canines’ ashes into an amazing piece of art.

10. Stuffed Animal Urn

Place the ashes in a specially designed stuffed animal as a comforting reminder of your family pet. The best company to contact for this is Cuddle Clones. They can make a replica of your precious dog and add a zipper patch for you to place the ashes in the stuffed animal.

Watch this emotional video of people opening their cuddle clone for the first time.

VideoStuffed Animal Urn

11. Vinyl Record

One company, And Vinyly, currently allows you to turn a teaspoon of your dog’s ashes into a truly authentic vinyl record. This company is based out of the U.K. Turning your dog’s ashes into a vinyl record costs between £1000 and £3000 GBP or $1,283 to $3,850.

More Ideas On How You Can Memorialize Your Dog After Cremation

Need some more ideas on what to do with your dog’s ashes? No worries, check out this list of ideas.

  1. Invite family members and friends to a scattering of ashes ceremony in your backyard.
  2. Grow a memorial tree with the ashes in your yard. You could accompany this by holding a tree memorial service with friends and family.
  3. If you have a deceased family member who loved your furry friend, you could add your pet’s ashes to their burial site.
  4. Do you have other cremated pets? You can have your pet’s ashes added to the other pet’s urn to create a unique and special memorial.
  5. Have your pet’s cremated remains buried in a pet cemetery.
  6. Create a memorial necklace or jewelry that holds a small amount of ashes, a fantastic way to always have your pet close to you.
  7. Use the ashes of your beloved pet to create a custom ceramic piece, like a bowl or vase.
  8. Mix the ashes with soil and use it to plant a new flower bed creating a living reminder of your canine.
  9. Scatter the ashes in your dog’s favorite park or garden.
  10. Create an indoor memorial with your loved one’s ashes in a beautiful and special urn.
  11. Use a small amount of the ashes to make a photo frame.
  12. Create a memorial stepping stone with the ashes of your beloved pet.
  13. Mix the ashes with clay to create a unique sculpture.
  14. Scatter ashes in a body of water your dog loved.
  15. Create a memorial candle using the ashes.
  16. Scatter the ashes in a local or national forest where your dog loved to play.
  17. Create a pocket charm with a small amount of ashes.
  18. Use the ashes to create a memorial bench in your garden.
  19. You could scatter your pet’s ashes at your favorite vacation place.
  20. Use the ashes to make a commemorative ornament for a holiday or Christmas.
  21. Scatter the ashes during a memorial balloon release.
  22. Incorporate the ashes into a keychain.
  23. Incorporate your beloved pet into a wall art piece.
  24. Scatter the ashes in a place where you had a memorable trip with your dog.
  25. Create a custom snow globe with the ashes.
  26. Use the ashes to create a memorial pillow.
  27. Commission a portrait of your dog and use the ashes in some way.
  28. Spread your dog’s ashes at their favorite local park.
  29. Use the ashes to create a memorial garden statue.
  30. Have your pet’s ashes incorporated into a watch.
  31. Use the ashes to create a beautiful piece of resin furniture.
  32. Use the ashes to create a custom clock.
  33. Scatter their ashes at one of their favorite national parks.
  34. Have an artist create a special pet urn unique to you and your beloved pet.

Common Questions About Dog Ashes

How common is dog cremation?

According to a poll on the Boston Terrier Society YouTube channel, 71% of dog owners there are choosing to cremate vs bury their dog. This comes from 266 votes on the poll.

Poll: are your going to cremate or bury your dog

Dog cremation is increasingly becoming a common practice among pet owners. As pets are often considered part of the family, many people opt for a cremation to keep a part of their beloved canine companion close after their passing.

What size of urn do I get for a dog?

The size of the urn you need for your dog’s ashes largely depends on your pet’s weight. As a general rule of thumb, you will need one cubic inch of space for every pound your dog weighed at passing.

For instance, if your dog weighed 30 pounds, you would need an urn with at least 30 cubic inches capacity. See the chart below for better detail on the urn size you should get for your dog.

Dogs Weight At PassingUrn Size In Cubic Inches
10 lbs10 cu. in.
20 lbs20 cu. in.
30 lbs30 cu. in.
40 lbs40 cu. in.
50 lbs50 cu. in.
60 lbs60 cu. in.
70 lbs70 cu. in.
80 lbs80 cu. in.
90 lbs90 cu. in.
100 lbs100 cu. in.
Opting for a slightly larger size is always safer to ensure all the ashes fit comfortably.

However, opting for a slightly larger size is always safer to ensure all the ashes fit comfortably. Be sure to discuss this with the pet cremation service or urn provider to find the best fit for your needs.

How much ash do you get back when your dog is cremated?

The amount of ash you receive back after your dog’s cremation mostly depends on the size and weight of your dog. Generally, you can expect to receive around 3.5% of your dog’s weight in ashes. For instance, if your dog weighed 50 pounds, you would typically receive about 1.75 pounds of ashes.

If you want to see how much ash a particular size of dog will create or a particular breed, check out this article we created with a chart showing you the amount of cremains you can expect to receive – Exact Size Of Urn You Need For Your Dog – Breed Specific & Weight Chart.

What do dog ashes look like?

Dog ashes, also known as cremains, typically appear as a fine, sand-like substance that is gray to white in color. The texture can range from coarse to powdery depending on the cremation process.

Watch this video to get an understanding of what the cremains of a dog looks like. (I have skipped to the part where you can see the ashes in the video it is a quick and short section)

Video – What the cremains of a dog looks like

How long does it take to get dog ashes back?

The time it takes to receive your dog’s ashes could be 24 hours to 72 hours.

However, depending on the crematory you use, it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. While some crematoriums may offer expedited services for an additional fee, others might have a fixed schedule that they strictly follow. Discussing this with the crematorium or your veterinary clinic is always best to better understand the timeline.

Do dog ashes smell?

No, dog ashes do not have a discernible smell. During the cremation process, the high temperatures completely incinerate all organic matter, including any potentially odorous substances. The resulting ashes, also known as “cremains”, are composed of mineral substances that do not emit any scent.

Are dog ashes toxic?

No, dog ashes are not toxic. Cremains pose no health risk to humans or animals. They are simply the mineral remains of the bone material after cremation and contain no harmful substances. Nevertheless, they should still be handled with respect and kept out of the reach of young children and pets, as they can pose a choking hazard if ingested.

Are dog ashes heavy?

The weight of the ashes primarily depends on the weight of your dog prior to passing. On average, the ashes of a large dog may weigh up to 4 pounds, whereas the ashes of smaller breeds can weigh significantly less—around 1 to 2 pounds. Learn more about the weight of dog ashes here – Dog Cremains.

Can dogs smell cremated dog ashes?

Little evidence suggests dogs can recognize or detect the scent of cremated ashes. The cremation process, which involves extremely high temperatures, effectively eliminates all organic material and odors. The remaining ashes are primarily composed of mineral fragments from bone, which do not have a discernible scent.

Can cats smell dog ashes?

While cats possess a highly developed sense of smell, they are unlikely to specifically identify dog ashes. The cremation process reduces organic matter to mineral substances devoid of scent.

How deep do you bury dog ashes?

When burying your dog’s ashes, a suggested depth is between 1 and 3 feet to protect the ashes while maintaining a meaningful connection.

The depth can vary based on personal preference and local regulations. Check local regulations or seek professional advice to ensure compliance. Use a durable, weatherproof container for underground protection.

Can I take my dog’s ashes on a plane?

Yes, you can take your dog’s ashes on a plane. Most airlines allow passengers to carry cremated remains, including pet ashes, either as carry-on luggage or checked baggage.

However, it’s essential to check the specific airline’s policy before traveling as rules may vary. The ashes should be securely packed in a well-sealed urn or container, and it’s highly recommended to use a non-metal container which can be easily screened at security checkpoints.

Also, carrying a copy of the death certificate or certificate of cremation could be beneficial, although it’s not typically required.

Final Thoughts

You’ll find peace and comfort in difficult times by commemorating your pup in these wonderful ways. These acts offer closure and a way to get through the grieving process after losing a furry family member. And keeps their memory alive while overcoming grief and sorrow.

Put some time into finding something meaningful that suit both you and the ones lost, as it will ensure the legacy of your four-legged friend for years to come.

Do you need some more ideas on how to memorialize your beloved dog? Check out this article we wrote – 149 Unique & Loving Dog Memorial Ideas To Honor Your Pets Life!

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