Charley’s Boston Terrier Memorial

Charley’s Boston Terrier Memorial

Losing a Boston Terrier is like losing a member of the family. The sorrow you feel is a natural process of grieving.

Charley was born on 10/21/2015 and passed away on 01/01/2021.

Charley’s Memorial 

After wanting a Boston for what seemed eternity my husband gave me “Dinky” for Christmas in 2015, he was the best Christmas present I have ever received!  He was the runt of the litter at only 2.5 pounds at 9 weeks old.  I renamed him, Charley! When he was about 8 months old we found out that he had a liver shunt, we took him to a specialist who attempted to fix it with surgery but unfortunately there was multiple shunts and nothing they could do.  They told us then that Charley would only live to be about half his life span but honestly, we never believed it, he was so full of energy and never acted sick.

Charley aka Charleybud was our best buddy, we work from home so he was my shadow almost every minute of every day for 5 years.  We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner together.  He was obsessed with balls of any kind and he absolutely loved the water. If we did happen to be gone all day for some reason he knew when we came home that it was his turn, he would go to the back door and cry until we took him swimming.  We could be exhausted and it could be 10 pm but we would take him swimming anyway. He would even dive all the way to the bottom of the pool to retrieve his ball.

Not only did he like swimming in the pool but also loved baths and showers. About 5 or 6 pm every day he would go lay on our bed and wait for my husband to come home from the shop to take a shower.  He did not want to miss the chance to shower with dad so he would just lay there and wait. 

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His best trick was the “Walking Dead”, if you were holding him and said those words he just went nuts growling and acting kinda like a zombie.  Even though he was growling he was not aggressive, his crooked tail was wagging the whole time. He also loved tug a war and hanging from rope toys, he loved to play and act aggressively but inside he was a big baby.

I think since we knew he was sick we spoiled him, he got whatever he wanted.  Charley had a personality that was larger than life. People who did not even like dogs loved Charley.  He was my best friend and I am lost without him.  He was our family and he loved to be with us, wherever we were, he was perfect in every way.

We had to put him down on New Year’s day when his liver starting shutting down. It was the absolute worst day. 

I miss you every day and would give anything to have you back.  

We love you buddy!!! 


Suzi Kammerer

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The Loss Of A Boston Terrier

Losing a Boston Terrier is like losing a member of the family. The sorrow you feel is a natural process of grieving.

This space has been created as a safe place for Boston owners to share stories about their Boston and memorialize them since going to doggy heaven.

Create your own memorial to celebrate the life of your Boston Terrier.

The resources for grief page includes three helpful videos as well as links to great articles outside of this website covering pet loss.

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