50 Loving Dog Eulogies To Help You Write One For Your Beloved Pet!

Struggling with what to say at your dog’s funeral or celebration of life? No, worries. Whether you are just trying to figure out what to say or you want to write the perfect eulogy, we have you covered.

We know it’s hard to compress your dog’s whole life into a few words but these examples will help capsulate your pet’s life in the perfect way.

Let’s get started…

Eulogies For Your Dog

We have two options to help you determine what to say at your dog’s funeral. We have a heartfelt and funny approach to delivering a eulogy for your beloved canine.

In the end, we have five steps to help you write your own eulogy using our examples as encouragement. Plus, much more.

Heartfelt Things You Can Say At Your Dog Funeral

If you want a more traditional approach to saying goodbye to your dog, try one of these eulogies below.

  1. “In our hearts, we hold precious the memory of our beloved [dog’s name]. You filled our home with joy and our hearts with love.”
  2. “[Dog’s name], your unwavering loyalty and boundless energy were a beacon of joy in our lives. We will forever cherish our walks and play times together.”
  3. “To my best friend [dog’s name], your paw prints will forever be imprinted on our hearts. Your wagging tail and affectionate eyes brought light to our darkest days.”
  4. “You were more than just a dog, [dog’s name]. You were a confidante, a companion, and a source of unconditional love. Your memory will forever remain etched in our hearts.”
  5. “Your departure, [dog’s name], leaves a void that cannot be filled. The memories we created together will forever be cherished.”
  6. “[Dog’s name], your love was unending and your spirit was undying. You brought joy to our lives, and for that, we are eternally grateful.”
  7. “Your boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, [dog’s name], was a constant source of joy. You brought sunshine into our lives, and for that, we are forever grateful.”
  8. “Each day with you, [dog’s name], was a blessing. Your loyalty and love knew no bounds. In our hearts, you will always have a special place.”
  9. “[Dog’s name], you were more than a pet, you were family. Your memory will forever remain with us.”
  10. “Your silly antics and wagging tail, [dog’s name], always brought a smile to our face. We will miss you dearly.”
  11. “You taught us about love, loyalty, and happiness, [dog’s name]. We will carry your memory in our hearts always.”
  12. “[Dog’s name], your passing has left our home quiet and our hearts heavy. Your spirit will remain with us forever.”
  13. “In loving memory of our dear [dog’s name], whose love and companionship enriched our lives in ways words can’t express.”
  14. “[Dog’s name], you were the joy and laughter in our lives. We will forever remember your lively spirit.”
  15. “You filled our lives with love and happiness, [dog’s name]. Your memory will always be a source of comfort to us.”
  16. “[Dog’s name], your loss has left us with a profound sense of emptiness. We will always cherish the love and joy you brought into our lives.”
  17. “We will always remember the love and happiness you brought into our lives, [dog’s name]. You were a beloved member of our family.”
  18. “Your love, loyalty, and spirit, [dog’s name], will forever remain in our hearts. You were truly a remarkable companion.”
  19. “[Dog’s name], you filled our lives with joy and love. We will cherish our memories with you forever.”
  20. “You were a constant source of joy and love, [dog’s name]. Your loss has left a void that can never be filled.”
  21. “Your memory will forever remain in our hearts, [dog’s name]. You were a beloved part of our family.”
  22. “[Dog’s name], you brought joy and happiness into our lives. Your memory will always be cherished.”
  23. “To our beloved [dog’s name], whose love and companionship we will forever treasure. Your spirit will remain with us always.”
  24. “[Dog’s name], your love and loyalty were unmatched. You filled our lives with joy and happiness.”
  25. “In memory of our dear [dog’s name], who brought unending love and happiness into our lives. We will forever cherish the moments we shared.”

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Funny Things You Can Say At Your Dog’s Funeral

Did your dog bring laughter and joy into your home? If they did, they may appreciate are more humorous eulogy at their celebration of life.

  1. “[Dog’s name], I’ll miss your ability to take up 90% of the bed despite your small size. You were truly a bed hog in a dog’s body.”
  2. “To my dear [dog’s name], who thought he was a lapdog despite weighing over 60 pounds. Your innocent misperceptions brought us endless amusement.”
  3. “Here’s to [dog’s name], the only family member who enthusiastically followed me into the bathroom. Your company will be missed.”
  4. “You were a master thief of socks, [dog’s name], and for that, we will always remember you.”
  5. “[Dog’s name], you never quite figured out that the pizza delivery guy wasn’t an invader. Your valiant attempts to protect us were always appreciated, albeit misguided.”
  6. “Here’s to [Dog’s name], whose tail-wagging could be registered on the Richter Scale.”
  7. “[Dog’s name], you were the only dog I knew who could sleep more than a cat. We’ll miss your snoring.”
  8. “We’ll miss you [Dog’s name], the best vacuum cleaner for dropped food items we ever had.”
  9. “To [Dog’s name], who loved rolling in mud and then jumping on the couch. We won’t miss the mess, but we will miss your joyous abandon.”
  10. “[Dog’s name], your talent for barking at a leaf falling three blocks away was truly remarkable. We’ll miss your vigilant guarding.”
  11. “Here’s to [Dog’s name], who thought the leg of every visitor was an invitation to become best friends.”
  12. “[Dog’s name], we’ll certainly miss your slobbery kisses at the least expected moments.”
  13. “You were the best escape artist we ever met, [Dog’s name]. Houdini had nothing on you.”
  14. “[Dog’s name], your ability to turn the simplest walk into an exhausting marathon will be deeply missed.”
  15. “To [Dog’s name], who had the uncanny ability to know when we were feeling down and provide comfort, usually in the form of a well-placed lick.”
  16. “[Dog’s name], we’ll miss your ‘singing’ along every time a siren went by.”
  17. “Here’s to [Dog’s name], the champion of tug-of-war. That old rope will miss you.”
  18. “[Dog’s name], we’ll certainly miss finding your hidden treasures in our shoes.”
  19. “To [Dog’s name], who loved every car ride, even if it was just to the end of the driveway.”
  20. “You were the best at fetch, [Dog’s name], even when you refused to give the ball back.”
  21. “[Dog’s name], we’ll miss your excited dance every time the word ‘walk’ was mentioned.”
  22. “Here’s to [Dog’s name], the undisputed king of the dog park.”
  23. “To [Dog’s name], who enjoyed sunbathing as much as any cat. We’ll miss finding you in your favorite sunny spot.”
  24. “[Dog’s name], you were the best doorbell we ever had.”
  25. “In memory of [Dog’s name], who never met a food he didn’t like.”

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5 Steps To Writing The Perfect Dog Eulogy

Do you want to create a more personalized eulogy? Follow these steps and use our above as inspiration to get started.

1. Decide on the format of the eulogy.

The first step in creating the perfect dog eulogy is to decide on the format. Will it be a traditional eulogy or something more creative?

If you opt for a traditional eulogy, it should be short and to the point. It should also be free of any jokes or humorous stories, as this is a time for mourning.

2. Choose your words carefully.

When writing a canine eulogy, it is important to choose your words carefully. This is not the time for flowery language or grandiose statements. Instead, focus on simple words that accurately convey your feelings about your pet.

3. Keep it positive.

While it is natural to feel sadness when writing your dog’s eulogy, it is important to keep the tone positive. Remember all of the happy moments you shared with your puppy, and focus on those when writing your eulogy.

Instead of focusing on the death and grief you feel, try talking about how lucky and happy you are in watching the life of your beloved dog.

4. Personalize it.

Make it unique to your relationship with your dog. Avoid using generic phrases or clichés, and instead, focus on specific memories and anecdotes that will resonate with you and your audience.

For example, talk about how you will never forget the first day you picked up your little puppy in your hands; other dogs don’t compare.

5. Practice ahead of time.

If you plan on delivering your dog’s eulogy in front of an audience, it is important to practice ahead of time. This will help you avoid getting too emotional during the delivery and ensure that you stay on track with what you want to say.

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Video – How To Create The Best Eulogy

If you want more help creating a eulogy for your dog be sure to check out this Ted Talk, where Bret Simner discusses how to create a eulogy. This video is about humans but it can be applied to a dogs final farewell.

Videos – Two Examples Of Dog Eulogys

On SportsCenter, Scott Van Pelt pays tribute to his dog and faithful companion, Otis.

The Eulogy of the Dog is a famous speech that coined the phrase, “Man’s Best Friend is His Dog”.

Final Thoughts

Losing a dog is tough. They have been in your love day in and day out for sometimes decades at a time. Your pet needs you daily to care for a love them. We hope these eulogies help you in saying the perfect thing at your pet’s funeral.

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