6 Steps To Finding A Lost Boston Terrier (FAST)

Are you trying to find your Boston Terrier?

Don’t lose hope. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), 93% of lost dogs are returned to their owners. 

6 Steps To Finding A Lost Boston Terrier (FAST)

This is why it is so important to have a solid strategy for finding your lost Boston Terrier.

How To Find Your Lost Boston Terrier

If your Boston Terrier is lost, it is necessary to keep calm and resist panicking. There are plenty of resources and tips to help you reconnect with your missing dog. 

Here are six ways you can boost your search for your lost Boston Terrier.

6 Steps To Finding A Lost Boston Terrier (FAST)

1) Canvas Your Neighborhood

If your Boston Terrier has gone missing, don’t waste any time in your search! The faster you can be out looking for your Boston, the more likely it is that they’ll be nearby.

Pull up a recent picture on your phone to show your neighbors and walk door-to-door to inform them of your lost dog. In between visiting houses, call out their name loudly. If they have a favorite squeaky toy or treat, bring those along, too. Check under cars and porches in case your dog is hiding.

After your initial search, prepare posters to stick up around your neighborhood and conduct a second search. Try to cover as much ground as possible. 

Hand out flyers to local businesses and offices in your town, such as the library or local schools. 

2) Take To Social Media

Social media is an excellent resource for finding your lost Boston Terrier. You can reach many people in your area quickly just by making a short post.

Create a post with your dog’s name, age, weight, and some recent pictures. If your Boston Terrier responds to their name or is more skittish, make sure to include this information. 

Reach out to any family members who live in the area and ask them to share your post with their friends.

6 Steps To Finding A Lost Boston Terrier (FAST)

Key Point With Social Media

Share your post to all local social media pages, such as “Yard Sale” or “Community” pages, as well as pages for surrounding towns. 

Facebook has a large number of lost and found dog groups for nearly every city and state. Be sure to start there to find a group.

Here Are Some Lost And Found Groups On Facebook

You can check out some lost and found groups here on Facebook.

3) Send A Missing Pet Alert

Several companies have stepped up to the plate in the past few years to help locate missing pets. Services are offering “Missing Pet Alerts” that can help you find your lost Boston Terrier.

Company’s like PawBoost will actually send out alerts of your missing Boston for you. They have a free option as well as a paid option.

Other Missing Pet Alert Websites

6 Steps To Finding A Lost Boston Terrier (FAST)

4) Run Ads In Your Newspaper

While the idea of a newspaper may seem “old school” to you, your local newspaper can actually be a great resource in helping you find your lost Boston Terrier. 

This is because it is only going to be seen by people living in your AREA!

Contact your local newspaper and run a “Lost Pet” ad. Include a description of your Boston Terrier, and make sure to include their weight, age, and a recent picture. 

If you are offering a reward, see if you can have this information bolded to attract the reader’s attention.

5) Check With Your Local Veterinarians And Shelters

When someone eventually finds your lost Boston Terrier, they will most likely bring them to your local veterinary clinic or animal shelter if they don’t know this adorable Boston belongs to you. 

It can be useful to visit your local vet office and animal shelter at least once a day while your dog is missing. Make sure to keep them up-to-date on your search so they can be aware if any good samaritans drop off a dog matching your description.

Keeping your local vet and shelters aware of your search is imperative if your pet is missing identifying tags or a microchip. 

In a recent survey by ASPCA, 15% of dogs were returned to their owners thanks to microchips or identification tags.

Search All Rescues In The United States

There is a fantastic service that allows you to upload a picture of your Boston Terrier, and it can then use face recognition to search the database of shelters that take pictures of their animals.

Visit FindPet.com to check out this service.

6 Steps To Finding A Lost Boston Terrier (FAST)

6) Call A Pet Detective

Yes, there are pet detectives that will help you find your lost pet. The organization that created these pet detectives is the Missing Animal Response Network

With this organization, you can not only find help, but you can learn to help other pet parents as well. 

To find a pet detective near you, visit their directory page here, Pet Detective Near You.

Other Organisations That Will Help You Locate A Lost Pet

Don’t Give Up Looking For Your Lost Boston Terrier

When a pet is lost, it can be challenging to remain hopeful in your search. It is a lot of work to find a lost dog.

If your Boston Terrier has gone missing, the most important tip is not to lose hope. 

Your Boston wants to find their way home to you. They just need a little help!

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