What Happens If My Boston Eats Marijuana? A Personal Story

Did your Boston Terrier just consume marijuana? You need to stop reading this article and call your veterinarian immediately.

With pot being legal in a number of states there are going to be more incidents like this, where your dog consumes weed.

boston terrier consumed marijuana.
Bruno in rehab.

Here is a personal story from Eric when his Boston Terrier Bruno consumed some marijuana and the effects it had on Bruno…

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Boston Terrier Puppies
Bruno as a puppy.

What Happens If My Boston Terrier Eats Marijuana?

I just wanted to share a story with you. Maybe it will help keep other Boston Terriers safe. 

We are a drug-free home, having said that we have a 20-year-old son at home. He had some friends over and they sat outside at the fireplace till the wee hours of the morning. 

Our two 9-month-old Boston Terrier puppies have full access to our yard and they were out playing and about 20 minutes later my wife says “there is something wrong with Bruno”. 

He was shaking like it was -40 degrees out. 

His eyes were rolled back like a shark. 

I called the Vet and they tell me to take him to the VCA animal hospital near us. 

At the vet

We take him in and they believe he ingested something. They suspected marijuana from the symptoms he was showing. 

I told them no one in my house smokes it. 

They do a drug test and sure as the day is long he tested positive for THC.  

They said it only takes a little to really mess up a small dog like a Boston. 

He spent the nite in the hospital. We picked him up the next day and the bill was $1,400.  

The price didn’t matter I was very worried about my boy and told them whatever the cost I didn’t care. 

Boston Terrier puppies
Eric, Bruno, and Frank

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Please be careful

As embarrassing as it is to tell this story I really want to warn others that just because you don’t do drugs make sure others who come to your home don’t bring it in. 

With the edibles it’s even scarier. Because if someone dropped even a small piece or crumbs fell, I don’t know. I want everyone to be careful when others come to their homes. 

I’m not passing judgment but we have new rules at our house that I didn’t even think I had to have.  

Be well and stay safe.

Final thoughts…

I could not imagine Bella going through something like this and how scared Eric must have been seeing Bruno shake like that.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation be sure to contact your veterinarian immediately.

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