The Buying Process: Boston Terrier Breeder Exclusive Interview

In today’s interview, I talk with Gabby Vogler to discuss her process for selling Boston Terrier puppies.

The goal of this interview is to help someone learn what a breeder will expect of them when buying a Boston Terrier. 

One Breeders Boston Terrier Buying Process Explained: Interview

Also, knowing the process can help you avoid the numerous online puppy scams.

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The Buying Process: Boston Terrier Breeder Exclusive Interview

I spoke with Gabby about her process for selling Boston Terrier puppies. 

Gabby’s experience with Boston Terriers starts all the way back to the age of 10 when her mom bought Gabby her first Boston named Patty.

In the early 1990’s Gabby’s mother began breeding Boston Terriers, and Gabby shortly followed in her mother’s footsteps around 2005. 

In addition to breeding Boston’s, Gabby has also shown her dogs in the American Kennel Club shows.

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Could you walk us through the process of someone buying a Boston Terrier puppy from you?

I have the potential puppy family fill out my application that’s found on my website. I have it on my Facebook page as well. 

They email that or text it to me. 

I then go through the application, and I look at all the questions that they’ve answered and the things they’ve told me. 

Next, I will then call them to get a feel for the household, and what their plans are, what other animals they have. Their family size. What kind of fenced yard they have. 

NOTE: I think this is very important to point out. A reputable breeder will talk to you on the phone before you purchase or put a deposit down for one of their puppies.

Gabby’s critical question on the application

And then, I always ask on my form, “Is there any reason you would ever have to give up your dog?” And most of the time, people say, “No. No, never.” 

I, myself, always want to make sure the dog is taken care of when the person actually buys the dog… I tell them, “If anything ever happens at any point in his life if you cannot keep this dog, I will take the dog back.”

That’s an important part that people need to understand in finding a breeder. You want a breeder that is going to be there for the life of the animal. 

If it gets to the point you have to get rid of your dog, you’ve got some major stuff going on, I think.

What is a Boston Terrier broker?

Well, a broker is somebody that will acquire a whole litter of puppies. Then they will just sell it on a website for usually, a crazy amount of money. 

I mean, kind of like pet store prices, just way out of the price range of what you would think would be reasonable.

How do you personally handle deposits?

I do not take deposits for any puppies until they reach two weeks old.

And the form of payment I accept is PayPal, cash, and check.

In your experience, have you ever seen a breeder accept a Green Dot as a form of payment?


What is it called?


They are called Green Dots. It’s like one of those prepaid cards you can get from Walmart. A lot of scam artists have been using them.


I did not know. I didn’t even know about this. No, I have not accepted whatever this is, and I will not take it.

Yeah, I don’t know anything about the Green Dot. I think they’re getting craftier and craftier as they go along. 

It used to be, they would post adorable pictures of dogs that they don’t even have. And then list them for like $200. 

You would contact them, and they would say, “Oh yeah, sure. Send the $200, and we’ll work out the shipping.” And then, of course, you send the money. But never get a puppy.

Gabby’s Contact Information

If you would like to get into contact with Gabby, the best place to start would be Facebook.

Final thoughts…

Buying a Boston Terrier online for the first time should be fun and exciting. The more you learn about the buying process of puppies, the better prepared you will be to avoid any possible scams. 

If you are looking to find reputable Boston Terrier breeders be sure to check out the breeder referral page on the Boston Terrier Club of America’s website here, Breeder Referral.

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