9 Items Every First Time Boston Terrier Owner Needs!

7 Items Every First Time Boston Terrier Owner Needs! Boston Terrier Society.
Me and Bella.

Are you getting a Boston Terrier for the first time?

Or really any dog for that matter here are the basics you will need to get before your dog comes home. 

Items Every First Time Boston Terrier Owner Needs!

When Emily and I bought Bella back in 2009, we had to drive two hours one way to go get her.

We had done research on the breed we wanted. And through our research, we realized a Boston Terrier was going to be the perfect fit for our new family.

However, in all our research, we never went out and bought the things we needed.

We ended up stopping by a Walmart, and I think PetCo right before we picked Bella up.

I mean like right before we got her. We drove two hours to get Bella, and once we arrived in the city to pick her up, that is when we bought our pet supplies.

Save Money On Basic Items

If we had bought these items ahead of time, we could have saved money buying them online rather than at Walmart and PetCo.

Here are all the items we purchased with prices from Amazon. This is the basic stuff you will need to get started all of it costing under $300.00. 

However, there are things we have now that we could not do without. Check out Bella’s must-haves for a complete list and description of what we have now for Bella.

9 Items Every First Time Dog Owner Needs (The Basics)

Once again, these are the necessary items to get you started when your Boston arrives.

You will, of course, need more things like clothes, flea/ tick medication, vaccines, poop bags, and more.

This essential item list will at least get you set up for success. 

7 Items Every First Time Boston Terrier Owner Needs! Boston Terrier Society.
Bella next to her food bowl. This is a 10-year-old bowl.

1. Food Bowl

I recommend getting a food bowl that holds both dishes. This will help you keep your Boston’s feeding area nice and neat.

If we had gotten individual bowls, Bella would move them all over the house, she is a bit aggressive when eating.

Bella likes to eat all her food in about 15 seconds.

Check pricing on Food Bowls on Amazon, Food Bowl Pricing.

2. Food

I do not recommend buying food for your Boston until you find out what they are currently eating.

Once you go and pick up your new Boston ask the breeder, rescue, or pet store what the Boston is presently eating. 

Whatever your Boston is eating, keep them on that diet. Once home, you can slowly transition them from that food type.

3. Stuffed Toy

There are a lot of different stuffed toys out there, but I’m only recommending Bella’s favorite. Bella’s pet monkey.

We bought this pet monkey at Walmart the day we went to pick her up, and we still have it to this day! However, I could not find this money anywhere.

Check out other stuffed monkeys and pricing on Amazon, Stuffed Monkeys For Dogs.

Yes, your Boston will tear out its insides, but don’t worry. Your Boston will still love its stuffless animal. 

4. Bed

Boston’s love their sleep. Any large bed will work as long as it is fluffy and soft. 

Check out a list of great dog beds for your Boston as well as prices on Amazon here, Dog Beds.

5. Crate (Cloth)

I recommend getting a cloth crate at first. We used Bella’s crate for the first two years as a way to travel with her in the car, we placed her in it when we left for the day and used it for her bed at night in our room.

Once she turned around two years old, she tore through it, so it only worked as a bed in our room.

Once Bella tore up her cloth crate, we switched her to a metal crate. After three years of using the metal crate, we had to get rid of it.

Bella had gnawed at the metal crate so much she had lost a number of her teeth.

Check out pricing and crate option on Amazon by clicking here, Cloth Dog Crates.

6. Blanket

Any blanket will do. We simply gave Bella one of our blankets we already owned. Boston’s love to burrow, so having a blanket is crucial for them.

Use an old blanket you love 🙂

7 Items Every First Time Boston Terrier Owner Needs! Boston Terrier Society.
Bella next to her leftover puppy pads.

7. Puppy Pads

This is optional. As of two months ago, we stopped using puppy pads, Bella is 10 years old.

However, before then, we always used puppy pads. These pads are a great way to potty train your dog, especially if you live in an apartment.

Check out pricing for puppy pads on Amazon here, Puppy Pads.

8. Leash

When Bella was a puppy we used a retractable leash. Now, that she is older we use Cesar Milans leash. I think using a retractable when they are younger is perfectly fine.

9. Harness

When Bella was a puppy we used a harness rather than a collar. I think this is best when it comes to puppies because they have such little bodies and necks.

Save Money On Veterinarian Visits

If you are looking for ways to save on veterinarian bills check out Pet Assure here. 

If your vet participates in this veterinarian savings program you immediately save 25% on routine wellness exams, sick visits, vaccinations, dental cleanings, spay or neuter, and much more. 

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Final thoughts…

Doing your research on these items beforehand will help save you some money.

Buying these items online usually will save you a few dollars per item.

Once again to get a complete list and details on what we have for Bella these days check out this page, Bella’s Must-Haves.

Donnie Gardner

Donnie Gardner is the owner of the Boston Terrier Society. He has been raising Bella the Boston since 2010. He resides in Kansas with his wife, daughter, and Bella. His favorite activities are hanging out with family, traveling, running (but has bad knees), and reading non-fiction books.

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