Exclusive Interview With Champion Boston Terrier Breeder

In today’s podcast interview I talk to American Kennel Club Gold Breeder of Merit Joyce Davis. 

We discuss her breeding program, how she chooses Boston Terrier puppies, Boston puppy prices, and more.

Boston Terrier winning specialty.
The official win photo of CH DAVANE-TRADER DESPERADO JOE.

Interview With Champion Boston Terrier Breeder

Vintage Boston Terrier as a show dog.
April 1991 BTCA National Specialty 
Davane-Dunhoff Escapade at 6 months old won Reserve Winners Bitch 
Breeder: Linda Trader 
Owners: Joyce Davis and Elaine Dunhoff

Joyce is an AKC “GOLD” Breeder of Merit, bred 78 Champions and 15 Grand Champions with the prefix “Davane”.

Topics Covered In The Interview

  • How Joyce got started with Boston Terriers.
  • How she chooses puppies for her program.
  • What she does in her breeding program.
  • Discuss the pricing of Boston Terrier puppies.
  • What she looks for in someone who is buying her Boston’s.
  • What buyers should look for in a breeder.

Podcast Episode

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Interview With Joyce

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